Eating Foods That Burn Fat Can Be Delicious #AMCoffee

Foods to Eat to Burn Fat HASHTAG: #AMCoffee Food is our energy, our source for creative and fully-lived dreams. Eliminating foods from our daily diet for some health issues is one thing. When a huge chunk of foods are cut out of your … [Read more...]

How To Spice Up Your Soup Mindfully #AMCoffee

Your Soup With Mindfulness HASHTAG: #AMCoffee Frequently, we eat because we have to eat and in the process leaving our mindful approach to food behind. Like anything else, food is our energy that either boosts our living or deflates it to … [Read more...]

The Laws of Practicing Mindfulness #AMCoffee

Laws of Mindfulness HASHTAG: #AMCoffee Mindfulness, when I pronounce this word, resonates within my soul, fills me with a most enjoyable emotion of joy, and sends my face to show a smile. Mindfulness happens when we are aware of it and … [Read more...]

There is a First for Everything #AMCoffee #Devotional

A First for Everything Today's Devotional HASHTAG: #AMCoffee When you reach into your deep bag of memory it is easy — and fun — to pull out your 1st’s. Your first time behind the wheel, the first time you were drunk, your first kiss, first day … [Read more...]

5 Healthy Foods to Earmark for All of Your Cooking #AMCoffee

5 Healthy Foods for Your Kitchen HASHTAG: #AMCoffee More and more people discover they may be allergic to something. Be it gluten or pollen, animal dander or milk – all these allergies call for changes in our lifestyle. And food is one of the … [Read more...]

The Wisdom of New Year Resolutions And How To Make Them Come True – Literally One-Step-A-Time #AMCoffee

New Year Resolutions And Change HASHTAG: #AMCoffee New Year is usually associated with promises and resolutions, commitments and decision-making that could truly transform individual's life for the better: to be stronger and more vivacious, more … [Read more...]

Posture Affects Your Physical Body And Outlook to Life #AMCoffee

How Posture Affects Your Physical Body And Outlook On Life HASHTAG: #AMCoffee Since my childhood, my mom was reminding me and showing by her own example that good posture is the key to a healthier living. The living without back pain, eye … [Read more...]

Daily Habits of HAPPY People #AMCoffee

Daily Habits of Happy People HASHTAG: #AMCoffee How many times we've heard that happiness cannot be bought or exchanged for any extra material good? We all know that even from our own experiences. Remember those times when you thought that a … [Read more...]

Top Prevalent Reasons You Don’t Lose Weight #AMCoffee

Top 5 Reasons You Don't Lose Weight HASHTAG: #AMCoffee 'Tis the season to lose weight, the one that is unwanted. Millions of people are on their way to the gym, implementing a certain diet and doing all they can to shed those stubborn pounds of … [Read more...]

Keeping Your Guts In Best Shape Ever #AMCoffee

You've Got Guts! HASHTAG: #AMCoffee There are strange ways that people are trying to achieve changes in their lives – without either doing nothing about it or undertaking such drastic measures that it becomes dangerous for their well-being. We … [Read more...]

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