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Healthy Eating Has Consensus


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You may be surprised, but the scientists, dietitians, doctors and all who are in this or that way connected to food and health actually do get together and discuss what is ACCEPTABLE and appropriate for our bodies to consume to be healthy. Then they publish their discussions – summaries – in the consensus reports. And yes, they do discuss them again and again – on a more detailed level – in various media outlets.

I’d like to pull some of the memorable CONSENSUS items that directly effect yours and mine – OURS – Health.

These consensus items do effect what the food industry does and takes into accounts as well. The products we receive – or don’t – in the near future are partly effected by this consensus. Go down to AM Coffee Comment Items and see what they are and form your own opinion on them. We won’t be able to cover all of them, yet some that are really interesting or long overdue.

Download the full Consensus-Healthy-Eating 2015.


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  1. Laura at AMCoffee says:

    AM COFFEE – Sign In! HELLO, Everyone!

    CONSENSUS or Not, what are your thoughts on the state of FOOD industry now: Do you think you are getting enough healthy foods in stores?

    Thank you for being here!

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  2. Laura at AMCoffee says:
  3. Laura at AMCoffee says:


    #1 Consensus is about More Plants, Nuts, Legumes and Seafood

    Here’s what they said:

    “The overall body of evidence examined by the 2015 DGAC identifies that a healthy dietary pattern is higher in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low- or non-fat dairy, seafood, legumes, and nuts; moderate in alcohol (among adults); lower in red and processed meats; and low in sugar-sweetened foods and drinks and refined grains. Additional strong evidence shows that it is not necessary to eliminate food groups or conform to a single dietary pattern to achieve healthy dietary patterns. Rather, individuals can combine foods in a variety of flexible ways to achieve healthy dietary patterns, and these strategies should be tailored to meet the individual’s health needs, dietary preferences and cultural traditions. Current research also strongly demonstrates that regular physical activity promotes health and reduces chronic disease risk. (Source: 2015 DGAC summary wording)”

    Check out these posts on Weight Loss as not just a once-a-year resolution, rather as an enjoyable lifestyle. Yes, it can be happy and joyous to eat foods that actually keep us alive and well-functioned.

    We discussed then at our AM Coffee’s – great way to refresh the memory!

    High Protein from Food Sources

    5 Nutrients Lacking in Our Daily Diet

    Energy Dense Foods

    consensus on plants, nuts, legumes, seafood

    • karen hinkle says:

      i agree we can eat in moderation and watch what we eat and it is a life style change i love this ideal

    • mary taylor says:

      I’ve been trying to make as much heathy food as possible . The man I’m devoted to has DVT so I am trying to get him to eat heathier

  4. Laura at AMCoffee says:

    am coffee


    What this Consensus point means is that mankind cannot go forward without sustainable ways of growing food and managing its distribution.

    Without developing and caring about such processes for EVERY SINGLE food chain operation, we will WILLFULLY LEAVE OUR FUTURE GENERATIONS without proper food supplies.

    I am so applauding this #2 item on the Consensus list about Healthy Living, that I’ve literally danced for a moment around my desk! Yep, doing that dance. Dancing is good for healthy living, too!

    The scientists “agree that food systems (production, manufacture, food waste, etc.) should align with priorities for human and planetary health while supporting social responsibility/justice and animal welfare. Diverse, localized/regionalized solutions, that reflect site-specific priorities and capabilities are more resilient and democratic. Each of us has a role to play in ensuring a healthy and sustainable global food supply.”

  5. Laura at AMCoffee says:


    To support you and your aspirations this year – we are brining The UnDiet Project with real people information that is the opposite of a “diet.”

    You will be inspired. You will be supported. The process starts with your heart and mind.

    Check out the Tuesday post for the UnDiet project roundup.

    undiet project

  6. Laura at AMCoffee says:


    #3 From Rules to Practical Tools

    This Consensus point means that all structures – from Educational to Political to Legislative – must ACT towards the implementation of these goals in a TIMELY MANNER!

    Basically, they say that we will have all these points confirmed and written down, but without ACTION they will remain useless and forgotten.

    Instead, we need working towards their implementation in life as soon as NOW. And all action steps need to me monitored and evaluated as to quality and consistency.

    All agencies need to carry out any Federal food, nutrition, or health program, including food assistance programs. As we know that people without adequate income do suffer the most when it comes to quality of food they receive. They buy the cheapest or something they can afford, rather what is good for the overall healthy body functioning.

  7. Laura at AMCoffee says:



    Education is everything. And Food Literacy is one of the most powerful components when it comes to individual’s health and well-being.

    Knowing how to read labels is one of the best things ever happened to me. My son knew to pay his attention to the labels since he’s been 4-years-old. He would, first, point on pictures of the products. Then when he started to read – we pointed his attention to the INGREDIENTS list and Nutrition Label.

    Today, the packaging still needs more context and information to make smart food buying decisions. And the packaging industry together with legislature are working on it.

    Here’s an excerpt from the CONSENSUS Summary:

    “We support the cultivation of widespread “food literacy” and believe that individuals benefit from becoming knowledgeable about the origins of their food, the conditions under which it is produced, and its impact on their health and the health of the planet. A knowledge of and respect for food traditions and the cultural context of food – health through heritage – is also beneficial, and can be a powerful motivator for better eating, as well as a means of imparting crucial life skills (e.g., cooking).”

    Download the full Consensus-Healthy-Eating2015.

  8. Laura at AMCoffee says:



    This point talks about gathering diet clinical studies and adding them to the library of our knowledge, rather than make huge sensation out of it.

    In my humble opinion, clinical studies and discoveries are very important. They need to be accumulated, the trends need to be analyzed, and the commonalities should be analyzed and studied again.

    All of that takes time, as our bodies may take time to react to any changes.

    But I do agree that slogans like “oh, this carrot diet is so awesome, it works, it’s the panacea ” should be shrugged away.

    One more point to make that is very much compatible with the topic: The more Educated people are, the harder it is to use Sensationalism on them!

    So, learn and self-educate yourself on many things. Here at AM Coffee, we doing our small share to point out to some things that are going on in the food industry and healthy eating.

  9. Laura at AMCoffee says:


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  10. Laura at AMCoffee says:


    What would you add to the CONSENSUS items on your behalf?

    What would be YOUR priority point(s) as it concerns Healthy Eating?

  11. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    That sounds like a great twitter chat. I need to start eating better for sure, so I will try to join.

  12. I wish that healthy food was more affordable! It’s cheaper to buy a bag of cookies then a head of cauliflower! Seriously, it was going for 13 bucks a couple of weeks ago. A lot of the time we end up getting frozen just to save a little bit.
    Junk food is cheap and with our economy the way it is here in Alberta people are going to eat what is cheap.

  13. I think you really only get healthy food if you pull it out of your garden or buy organic. There are too many GMOs, pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics floating around these days for my taste.

  14. I think if you can pay attention to what you’re eating you can eat healthy without overspending. You just have to sometimes make it go further. For example if I make a casserole which are usually not all that healthy I try to use different ingredients like much leaner beef or use quinoa instead of pasta.

  15. Eating healthy is a must for me. Thanks for sharing your post. My take on this is good moderation of veggies and fruits, along with protein. I prefer organic and try to go to the Farmers’ Market whenever I can.

  16. I have been eating a lot healthier this year. I have been spending less money buying fresh. I try to look for the best deals for the week and price match when i can. It does not have to cost you a ton to eat healthy.

  17. Health is truly our wealth. We are what we eat and therefore, we need to eat healthier to be healthy.

  18. I started eating healthier food mid last year. It was tough in the beginning, but it’s all worth it.

  19. MY husband used to eat whatever he wants but ever since we started eating healthier, he got used to it.

  20. Maintaining a healthy and consistent diet can be hard when you are on the go. But if you can discipline yourself and be committed to making changes in your diet, the health of your body will be one less worrisome thing you have! Thanks for sharing this, there is great info here!

  21. I think they have some decent healthy foods in stores. I think that we need more of a variety though. I honestly wish the prices were less for healthier foods instead of junk foods being less.

  22. I definitely agree that education is key! It’s important to know what’s in your food and be able to understand the label so you know what you’re buying

  23. I’m not sure how much healthy foods we really get at grocery stores. I either grow my own or buy at the farmers market when the foods are in season.

  24. I do not think we are getting enough healthy foods in the grocery stores and markets. When we do, its so much more expensive, people can’t afford it.

  25. Maggie Branch says:

    Education is so important in knowing what to buy for your family to eat. I think that there are healthy options at the grocery store but they are quite costly.

  26. Bonnie @wemake7 says:

    We started eating really healthy the beginning of this year. I can already feel way better then before.

  27. I am trying to eat healthier. This is a great post with lots of good information. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Educating yourself is very important to help you know what to buy for your family to eat.

  29. It would be great if organic food was as price competitive as the stuff that is supposedly not as good for you!

  30. I like to think I am mindful of my meals and make healthy choices, but once in awhile I do have ‘cheat days’. Gotta have them once in awhile!

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