Crashlings And Rabbids Easter Invaders

If you haven’t heard of an army of Crashlings and Rabbids, you’ve been sleeping too long and need to open up all windows and smell Spring! So what if it’s a bit frosty outside. The world is ready for Spring, and Crashlings and Rabbids are definitely the ones who make us feel it! Join our #AMCoffee daily with prizes galore like these funny-looking toys!

These absolutely hilarious and interactive figurines and toys have opened a Spring season of developmental play and fun for our children.

Crashlings are aliens who are a bit on the Monsters side. But it’s only in their looks. Inside they are worriers for good and peace in the Universe. Traversing the Galactics in their cool meteorites, these awfully kind-hearted creatures need you to help them build peace everywhere they go.

Crashlings on Mars

These Crashlings Just Landed on Mars. What’s Next?


This Little Creature Has Probably Lost His Course or Has Ended Up Not At the Right Place!

crashlings pensil topper

This Crashling Has It Easy! He Landed on Top of a Pensil.

crashlings meteor tic tac toe

Crashlings Love Playing Tic Tac Toe!

Rabbids are a race of wacky creatures that do a lot of bwaahing and being mischievous most of the time. Each figure comes in so many variety of behaviors!  They can attach to coats, zippers, backpacks, purses and what not? Just give them a chance!

rabbids drill starfish

You See, Look at these Two! They ARE Wacky!

rabbids sound and action figures

Rabbids Sit Not for a Minute! Always Up To Something!

Mini blind bag figures group_01

There Are 7 Rabbids In the Family

Aren’t you in love with them all, both Crashlings and Rabbids? They’re everywhere you go! Check your Toys “R” US for amazing selection and variety.

Happy Spring, Everyone! Bwaaa, bwaaa! (it’s not me, I promise!)

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  1. These are too cute! I know my son would love either one and I have to say the Crashlings look too cute.

  2. Mandi Gilliam says:

    Thank you crashlings and RABBIDS for sponsoring our AM COFFEE this week! You guys are amazing and I LOVE your toys/video games/tv shows hahaha!!

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