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Today, we’ve decided to offer some facts from research that could be taken on board, contemplated upon and remembered by you. Things like:

Sleeping Cleans Your Brain
– Advantages of Bringing Up A Bilingual Baby
– Why Our Brain Loves Curvy Architecture
Which Lipstick Causes Cancer , plus
– On Toxic Tampons

What we all need to keep in mind that life and the world around us are changing, constantly “upsetting” the balance of factual data: what was what is. Keeping ourselves educated and informed would make our daily life more joyful and more efficient, if you want to be on a practical side.


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  1. CoffeeTime says:

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  2. CoffeeTime says:

    Chemicals in Lipsticks you Gotta Be Watching for!

    Read Labels on all cosmetic products. Look for these cancer-causing ingredients in lipsticks:

    Chemicals like
    – butylated hydroxytoluene
    – octinoxate
    – formaldehyde-releasing preservatives and
    – parabens

    … have been linked to breast cancer, endocrine disruption, allergic reactions, developmental and reproductive toxicity, and premature aging.

    Yes, the text is tiny and hard to see on the labels, but you gotta know and educate yourself what brands play NOT safe for us.

    • Jessica Parent says:

      Lipstick used to be the ONLY make up I wore but all these kids and years later must admit I don’t even bother with that either (Never wore it enough to not feel like I was wasting money when it came time to toss it. If I ever get more I’ll be looking at labels

    • Virginia Rogers says:

      Good to know for all, am not a lipstick wearer myself but this is true of any product as far a reading labels, I hope true but heard anything containing a lot of words that are big and can’t pronounce are normally not good for you.

    • Rachael Roberts says:

      Thank You I will check the labels so much more, I try to get ones not tested on animals & have natural ingredients.

      • Karen Hinkle says:

        oh I am a all natural gal no make up for me on a daily bases only rare occasions for me but good to know will let my children who were it know

    • Rebecca Swenor says:

      I did not know about that. Thanks for the info. I usually use lip gloss only on special occasions. My grandma didn’t go a day without her bright red lipstick.

    • Wendi Watson says:

      i really think that that is why we should rely on our natural beauty God have us instead of all these harsh chemicals

    • I hardly ever wear lipstick..its lip gloss for me

    • wendy c g says:

      Wow, I don’t use lipstick anymore

  3. CoffeeTime says:

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    am coffee

  4. CoffeeTime says:

    – Unlike pads and tampons, feminine wipes and washes are not considered medical devices and are instead categorized as cosmetics.
    – A lot of the chemicals we are concerned about are listed as a fragrance
    – According to the WVE report, many feminine hygiene products have been found to contain quaternium-15 and DMDM hydantoin, which in turn release formaldehyde — a known carcinogen
    – As dioxin is a byproduct of chlorine bleaching and most sanitary napkins and tampons contain chemically-bleached cotton and rayon, it’s likely that most of these products on the market contain at least some levels of dioxin residue.

    What to Do?
    Use the brands that have organic, unbleached cotton in their feminine products like MAXIM Higiene.

    Take A Look at a Dirty Dozen chemicals found in our life that need to be eliminated out of it!

    • Virginia Rogers says:

      Can see why going natural and organic becoming so important, that is a long scary list.

      • Karen Hinkle says:

        wow scary the commen thing we use can hurt us read lables I don’t have to worry about this any more I had the novasure done about 6 yr ago and no need for pads no more the best ting I ever done

    • Rachael Roberts says:

      I prefer natural & organic it is just safer!!

    • Wendi Watson says:

      it seem that all products do have something that cn affect our bodies in some way organic i hope is the answer but I’m sure they will find something wrong with that as well

    • Rebecca Swenor says:

      Wow that is scary. I am in shock at that one.

    • Jessica Parent says:

      Bummer!! I love Summer’s Eve feminine wash ! I ran out a while ago so I can’t check but I can almost guarantee its got a bunch of those nasty chemicals in it (maybe even half the dirty dozen) .My bank just switched to thermal receipts ,I hated them cause they wear off too easy ,didn’t know they had BPA (Yuck!!)

    • Scary

    • wendy c g says:

      Wow, scary

    • wendy c g says:

      I’ve never understood why they must use so many chemicals in everything. There are companies that don’t use it, safer options. Why can’t all companies do that.

      • Amanda Alvarado says:

        Bottom line – It costs more money to make things without chemicals and the big companies are only looking at how much money they can make!

  5. CoffeeTime says:


    Gene Expression… have you heard of this term? If not, it is the ability of our genes to change their function based on the outside factors like our lifestyle that includes diet, physical activity, habits.

    Studies on Gene Expression have been revealing to us a Universe of possibilities of how we could change the quality of our living for the better.

    Here are the examples:

    Researchers have evidence of specific molecular changes in the body following a period of mindfulness meditation.

    One short excerpt from the study reads:

    “After eight hours of mindfulness practice, the meditators showed a range of genetic and molecular differences, including altered levels of gene-regulating machinery and reduced levels of pro-inflammatory genes, which in turn correlated with faster physical recovery from a stressful situation.”

    Just this information calls us for our frequent:

    – Taking time out and relax
    – Taking walks and 1-minute jacks if you cannot go outside and walk for a few minutes
    – Taking time to reflect on the day, events in a quietness of our mind and surroundings

    • Virginia Rogers says:

      Can see why going natural and organic becoming so important, that is a long scary list.

      • Virginia Rogers says:

        Sorry my reply for #3 went under #4 also, #4 is great though, love the advice as someone who cannot get out or exercise is very important to take time to relax and I do as can for quiet, relaxing and stretches, not only good for physical health but mental.

    • Rachael Roberts says:

      Great info Thank You!!

      • Karen Hinkle says:

        yes I love to do that take little break in the day and get to a place where I can have a few moments to just relax it is a great thing to do we all need to just take a moment to just sit and look at the bird that’s what I do I love watching my birds it relaxes me

    • Rebecca Swenor says:

      I always have a very hard time to relax my body. For physical therapy they used to massage me than have me exercise. I have to keep moving or I get super super sore.

    • Jessica Parent says:

      I knew there were benefits of meditation but thought they were all mental-Never would’ve guessed it was at a molecular and genetic level ! That is interesting!

    • wendy c g says:

      Good to know, great tips.

  6. CoffeeTime says:

    Why Our Brain Prefer Curved Architecture?

    Very interesting question and with an interesting answer. One more time it shows how this modern world uses the facts to capitalize on it.

    One study showed that we prefer Curved because it signals Less of Threat. “Curvature appears to affect our feelings, which in turn could drive our preference.” So, what’s next?

    So curved design uses our brains to tug at our hearts. Some of us cry outside great buildings as a result. Some of us reach for another brand of dental floss. Some of us, beyond all rational judgment, type in Comic Sans font.

    “Another brain imaging study, conducted several years ago by Moshe Bar of Harvard Medical School, found that viewing objects with sharp elements–once again, square watches, pointy couches, and the like–activated the amygdala. That’s the part of the brain that processes fear.

    Culture, context, and familiarity can all influence our perception of contour.”

    And yes, we often prefer non-curve designs for their practicality: like some office furniture or even trucks! But what we have in our brain and how it evolved is no less fascinating, isn’t it?

  7. CoffeeTime says:

    Our Kitchen Cutting Boards may contain drug resistant germs.

    This study appeared in the journal of Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology.

    “Swiss researchers analyzed 154 cutting boards from University Hospital in Basel and 144 cutting boards from private homes after they were used to prepare poultry, pork, beef/veal, lamb, game or fish.

    The results showed that 6.5 percent of the hospital cutting boards and 3.5 percent of the household cutting boards used to prepare poultry were contaminated with multidrug-resistant E. coli bacteria. None of the cutting boards used to prepare the other meat and fish were contaminated with drug-resistant bacteria.”

    The emphasis is on POULTRY! What it means that the chicken and other birds served on a plate are fed with antibiotics and drugs that enhance their weight mass. However, these drugs do not leave the “body” when they are offered in the store for you to buy. Very disturbing facts of which we all need to be aware of.

    What To Do?
    – If you are a meat/chicken eater, choose free-range chickens for your diet

    • Rachael Roberts says:

      I have chickens so I can have eggs that I know where they came from,what they eat & that they are happy & not in tiny cages!! Chickens make great pets & they are very useful in the garden eating bugs & fertilizing.

    • Rebecca Swenor says:

      I have often thought of the people have done these changes to our foods as mad scientist. They only care about their money and power. Thanks for all the great info you know we will all pass it along. More and more people are going organic or all natural. It would be nice just for us all to go back to the good old days when there was none of this stuff to worry about. I am afraid that this world just produces more and more selfish people.

    • wendy c g says:

      I have started getting free range chickens at my local grocery store

  8. Rachael Roberts says:

    Hi everybody!!

  9. Virginia Rogers says:

    So good to know, scary, but good info, I generally get the bagged frozen boneless chicken breast and cut up on plate after cooked but do know many that use cutting boards for chicken.

  10. Karen Hinkle says:

    yes I use to have our own chicken but we no longer have tham but I get my eggs for a farmer and I love the taste of free rangs meat so much better for you you can actually taste the difference in the eggs and meat from free rangs anial then the mass produced ones with all the junk they pump into the animal to get it to grow faster is so bad for us we get our pork from tha farmers who raise them without pumping them with anti bodies

  11. Wendi Watson says:

    cutting boards are very very dangerous when it comes to things being left inside where cuts are made etc! i love bleach!

  12. Jessica Parent says:

    Chicken is one of few “meats” I actually like….but my family is not a huge fan so we do not have it often (just a couple times a year) Cutting boards have always grossed me out a bit (I have a mostly unused glass one that gets super sanitized after rinsed,washed and then dishwashered -lol)

  13. LaKishia Wagers says:

    Good Morning everyone 🙂 well almost Afternoon all 🙂

  14. Amanda Alvarado says:

    Missed it! Lots of great info here though! Thanks again!!

  15. Good afternoon ladies!!

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