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Feeling fatigued is a huge issue. In this country, with a ton stressors being present every day of our lives, with a crazy speed of living, and the economics of marketing the products to us – wow, we’ve got quite a complex issue on hand! The market economy pitches to us their products to “resolve” and “solve” our fatigue and sluggish levels of energy. Energy drinks, chews, powders, coffee and all are offered as a panacea to this detrimental condition, if we endure it for prolonged periods of time.

However, energy products offer only a temporary fix. They may become even dangerous to use when used like food or water on the daily basis.

What we could do in addition to those energy drinks is to explore the real issues behind fatigue and low energy levels. Lifestyle and environmental factors are the areas to dig into! Just start with this list, and you can certainly can go deeper and wider in pin pointing your real culprits that cause the energy drain:

Your living conditions
Pesticides and toxins pollution
Heavy metals… and a ton more

Every single one of the above items has its value and power to affect us and how we feel. Learning more about those factors, keeping up with your self-education is a must to be the best advocates for our own well-being.

One of the biggest culprits that can be easily overlooked is stress. Stress takes a huge toll on us all and can be experienced through headaches, stomach pain, sleeping problems, illness, and depression. Sometimes if stress is not released regularly and managed in a wise manner, it can manifest itself through a serious disease or even death.

Stress releasors can be very affordable: journaling, meditating, exercising, talking to others, or engaging in a hobby. Doing something to engage our soul and let our mind wonder and rest during those activities can increase our resilience and strengthen immune system, thus making us less vulnerable to the negative side-effects of stress.

Let’s remind ourselves about a few factors that could lie behind the low energy levels. Scroll to the discussion points to participate and learn more.

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  1. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says:

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  2. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says:
  3. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says:



    There’s a TON that we could cover here, including what, when, and how much you eat. Having said that, when we’re dealing with nutrition for energy levels, there are a few standout nutrients that are often probable suspects. Even marginal deficiencies in any of the following can leave us feeling fatigued

    B vitamins
    Vitamin C
    Vitamin D
    Essential fatty acids like omega-3 fats

    feeling fatigued, am coffee, amcoffee, health, diet

  4. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says:

    am coffee


    It may seem a bit counterintuitive because physical activity requires energy to complete; however, exercise is one of the most effective, reliable, tried and true natural solutions to boosting energy levels and improving mood. When fatigue is an issue, it’s important to incorporate “graded exercise,” which simply means gradually increasing physical activity over time.

    For instance, if you’re not currently exercising, then start with 5 minutes (or even less), increasing the amount of time and/or intensity of exercise as the weeks progress.

    In your case, you’ve already been exercising, which is great news. So, it may be helpful to have a better idea of what you’re currently doing to provide more accurate recommendations.

    The take-home point is to progress your physical activity over time, little by little, without overexerting yourself.

    feeling fatigued, am coffee, amcoffee, health, EXERCISE

  5. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says:



    SLEEP could be a huge culprit and the behind-the-scenes foe of yours causing low energy levels. When you do not get enough sleep, all our systems shut down and operate on minimum to conserve the resources. Besides that, our body does not get the rejuvenation during the REM cycle that occurs only during the deep sleep.

    In any case, when you feel really concerned about your sleep habits, consult your doctor! DO NOT WAIT for bettering the conditions, just go and talk to her.

    Check out AM Coffee with Chia Chia Sun who has given us so much information about sleep in our 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. The physical changes our bodies are going through are so dramatic, that there are a lot of things to be taken into account.

    Check out the SLEEPING Post and TIPS from Chia Chia HERE.

    sleep, feeling fatigued, am coffee, amcoffee, health

    • I really sleep a lot I have to nap daily or i dont function properly that is for sure whether i sleep 5 hours or 10 hours I have to nap

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says:

        I bet there are the undergoing issues you do not want to admit to yourself or not willing to look after.
        Water is the most basic and simple solution to bring our energy levels up.
        Look at my response to your WATER comment at the bottom of the discussion thread!
        I think – just my guess – your lack of water in your organism does not complete all the rejuvenation reactions that must be done during the REM stage of sleep.
        Drink water – start noticing a difference.

  6. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says:



    Stressful lifestyle is just one of many factors for our body to respond with its lower energy levels.

    Fatty foods, sugar-loaded foods and drinks, dissatisfaction with life, pollutants and many other factors contribute to the low levels of energy.

    WebMD offers some helpful tips to lower the stress in life. Check them out.

    Find out what creates stress for you.

    Try tracking your stress to record stressful events, your response to them, and the coping strategies you used. If you have a smartphone, you can download a free stress-tracking app to help you monitor your stress. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can use a spreadsheet on your computer. Or pencil and paper work, too. The important thing is to keep track of your stress so that you can both learn what is causing it and work toward managing it.

    Think about WHY you want to reduce stress.

    You might want to protect your heart and your health by reducing stress. Or maybe you simply want to enjoy your life more and not let stress control how you feel. Your reason for wanting to change is important. If your reason comes from you-and not someone else-it will be easier for you to make a healthy change for good.

    stress, feeling fatigued, am coffee, amcoffee, health

    • And there iS THE BIGGEST ISSUE in my life!!! Runs me down

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says:

        STRESS is a huge issue for everyone, I may humbly assume.
        For me, for instance, no matter how well I manage, exercise, do my inner work, eat very well – stress on the daily basis makes its mark.
        I learned with years that stressing about things we don’t have control over is useless. THAT was a huge A-ha moment for me, and I practice it in my own living.
        I change my routine to try new things or old things with a new twist!
        Thank you for being here!

  7. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says:



    LOW ENERGY LEVELS can easily come from dehydration. Not enough WATER, rather than high-energy drinks and sugary drinks, can easily contribute to low energy feeling.

    Make it a habit to drink regularly when you work, workout, rest. Water MATTERS!

    Just adjusting this element in your life could produce quick effects on how you feel during the day.

    Choose Your Water Sources WISELY!


    WATER, hydration, feeling fatigued, am coffee, amcoffee, health

    • i do but probably not enough! I dont like it

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says:

        It’s not about liking or not liking it.
        Think about the water as your Life Line.
        Because it is YOUR Life!
        Without water – and it’s a proven, given, tested a million times on clinical level – your body deteriorates faster. The looks become faded and not that young-looking. Most importantly, the chemical reactions that take place inside your body – and especially during the night’s REM sleep – won’t have enough water to complete their cycle and leave a ton of toxins inside your cells and inside your organs.
        With that, onset of aches, pains, diseases, lower immunity response and ton of other things start crowd your life.
        Grab your own small water bottle and have it in your purse, on your table, in your kitchen. Have a few small drinking water bottles around the house and your office, if that helps.

        • i to did not want to drink it but once you start to cooperate it into your system them you will start to crave it believe me i just started to and i am down 19 lbs in 2 weeks

  8. i meant 10 lbs

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