What We Feed Our Children at Lunch Around the World #AMCoffee

What We Feed our Children at Lunch
Around the World Lunch Plate Tour



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The health of the nation, thus us, individuals, is reflected throughout many facets of life. And Lunches – and here we mean School Lunches – are one of the places to look at when we start our discussions on health, weight loss, and even behavior.

Obviously, every country would have its representation of culture, flavor, traditions in the food we consume at home, in public places like restaurants, and what we feed our kids at school for their School Lunch meal.

Let’s take a tour throughout the world, courtesy of Fast Co.EXIST, to see what’s on the plate for our kids to feed their growing bodies, brain, and at the end… their habits and lifestyle.

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  1. CoffeeTime says:

    AM COFFEE – Sign In! HELLO, Everyone!

    What was your School Lunch like when you were growing up?

    Please share and see where we were some decades ago!

    sign in am coffee

    • Pizza Bugers ruled, i love the grilled cheese they made, and we had pizza every Friday with apple crisp that ruled, we had salisbury steaks, lets see what else? when we got to high school we did have a salad bar that was an option, as well as milkshakes, chicken nuggets, Cheeseburgers we had as well, and chocolate or white milk!

      • hello all we had pizza hot dogs hamburgers french fries tater tots chili mac and cheese i hater them pizza burgers nuggets spaghetti and veggies and pudding

        • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says:

          That’s what our “local” nutritionists call “healthy” and calorie-dense.
          Yes, it all would fill a child’s stomach – or anybody’s stomach – in no time. But the after-affects are detrimental to our health.

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says:

        In my days, we had a two-course lunch: a soup, an entre which could be any grains cooked with any side of meat, and a drink. Yep, that was it. But it was so affordable. And after the school day, almost any food was welcome.

  2. CoffeeTime says:


    School Lunch Plate in Brazil

    Look this plate: What do you see?

    – Lots of colorful foods representing different groups: Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats.
    – Lots of fiber that comes from beans, and brown rice, and kale salad, and bread.
    – Vegetables bring antioxidants in addition to other phytonutrients and fiber!

    school lunch brazil

  3. CoffeeTime says:
  4. CoffeeTime says:

    am coffee

    A Plate with School Lunch in Finland.

    What do we get from this typical lunch plate for the kids in Finland?

    – Fiber that comes with veggies, whole foods breads, and soup (veggies!)
    – Antioxidant boost that comes from beats salad and carrots, and handful of fruit
    – Phytonutrients that feed the body with their vitamins, minerals necessary for proper developments of all organs and brain

    school lunch finland

  5. CoffeeTime says:


    Example of a School Lunch in France

    As we we see, this example of a delicious lunch has all the yummies and important builders for muscles, eye-sight, good blood sugar control.

    – Protein to build your muscles and sustain
    – Protein, Fats, Life Culture from Bree
    – Veggies and Fruit for fiber and phytonutrients

    school lunch france

  6. CoffeeTime says:


    Example of a School Lunch in Greece

    This is one of my favorite lunch plates!

    – Brown Rice with Chicken: for great sources of Protein and Fiber, and amino acids
    – Fresh Mozzarella for protein and live culture
    – Fresh salad
    – Greek cultural dish with grape leaves!
    – Wonderful garnishing with pomegranate seeds and fruit dessert to finish up the tasteful tour – tangerines!

    school lunch greece

  7. CoffeeTime says:


    Example of School Lunch in Korea.

    This is one of the potent lunch plates!

    – Great sources for Protein: Tofu and Soup
    – Colorful veggies for Fiber and Phytonutrients
    Kimchi, one of the potent fermented foods out there! Read WHY you gotta pay attention and get into your diet on the regular basis the Fermented foods!

    school lunch korea

  8. CoffeeTime says:


    What’s for School Lunch in Spain? You see it all!

    Truly a great collection of Whole Foods!

    – Brown rice and whole grain bread for fiber!
    – Tomato soup for Lycopene, a potent phytonutrient that is a strong antioxidant
    – Shrimp for protein
    – Lemon for phytonutrients and Vitamins!

    school lunch spain

    • im at a loss as to how pathetic our lunches look here in the usa compared to theirs

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says:

        These lunch foods look like a fancy restaurant meal to me!
        So delicious.
        At the same time, there’s nothing complicated in making them, isn’t it?

  9. CoffeeTime says:


    Example of a Nutritious School Lunch in United Kingdom.

    This is a great plate, too!

    – Love the Cabbage salad! Full of antiodixands, anti cancerous properties and live cultures.
    – Brussel Sprouts: High in Protein and 1 serving would fulfill your daily doze for Vitamin C and K! All Crusiferous veggies are potent antioxidants!
    – Look at those cutlets which are great for protein
    – And English oatmeal would be good for fiber and super filled with Nutrients like Manganese, Biotin, Magnesium, Vitamin B1 and ton of other important elements.

    school lunch uk

    • i think im going school hopping for lunches they look amazing wow!!!

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says:

        That would be a very happy hop!
        I’d love to taste all those options from the International cuisine menus. So delicious and nutritious. Wow!

  10. CoffeeTime says:


    Example of a School Lunch in the Ukrainian School.

    Great foods on this plate, though it may seem very simple at first glance!

    – Beets soup: Beets are Nature’s potent veggies! They have for your health: Potassium, magnesium, fiber, phosphorus, iron; vitamins A, B & C; beta-carotene, beta-cyanine; folic acid, to mention a few.
    Fermented Cabbage Salad: Fermented foods are high in pro-biotics, the food for your good gut bacteria that are responsible for your entire immune system! You’d better eat fermented foods on the regular basis!
    – Whole grain thin pancake
    – Some National Cuisine meet links with mashed potatoes. Though, I would not add mashed potatoes to the food, but it’s cultural!

    school lunch ukrain

  11. CoffeeTime says:


    And Here’s a Typical School Lunch in the majority of schools in the United States.
    See the difference?

    – Green Peas are great, but not enough to get the nutrition the growing bodies need on the daily basis.
    – Mashed Potatoes: Hmm, it’s know for blood sugar surgies, “fast sugar,” that does not do good if consumed regularly.
    – Ketchup? I bet it is not Organic and has “other stuff” beyond tomatoes!
    – Cookies: It’s OK to have a cookie, but not make it a habit to accompany every meal.
    – Orange pieces: Loaded with syrup and sugar. There are options with light syrup, but still, it’s not a good fruit substitute. There’s nothing that brings Nutrition Density and contributes to the feeding of a child’s brain.
    – Chicken fingers: fried and often uses not the good white chicken breast meat, but the remnants of the meat.

    It is a good picture to compare with other School Lunches around the world!

    What do you say?

    school lunch united states

  12. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says:
  13. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says:

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