From Marvel Graphic Tees To Disney Princess Accessories

DelSol Color Changing Kid’s Apparel Fascinates!
and Engages Kids

You can easily find COLORFUL Disney Princess Accessories and Marvel Graphic Tees in the ever updating DelSol online kid’s boutique. Whose little girl would love to have a set of hair accessories that is stylish and yet has a “magic” inside like changing color?

These little things, like Tees and personal care accessories, play a huge role in every child’s every day role playing and asserting themselves as a Hero among her or his peers. It is of utmost importance for each child to exercise the power of being able to share something with others that makes their own personal brand to stand out. DelSol accessories and apparel for kids do just that!

Disney Hair Accessories TeesWho said kid’s clothes has to be boring? DelSol is one of the innovative companies that combines color changing technology with the ever popular Disney and Marvel, and mixes it with an ongoing trend of children’s interests.

Boy’s Tees are remarkable age-grouped and represent the up-to-date trends in movies and gaming worlds.

Marvel Graphic TeesGirl’s Tees show off the Princess side of every little mama and papa’s angel and add traditional pink and white backgrounds to the color changing technology for each Tee.

DelSol Graphic Tees GirlsGirl’s Accessories range from hair kits to hair bands and clips and culminate with press-on nail sets. A lot more variety for girls indeed. We’d love to ask DelSol to expand the variety for our boys, too!

Disney Princess Accessories DelSolIf you’d like to add some Party time or mood to your child’s life โ€“ head over to DelSol to take a look at their collection of Marvel Graphic Tees and Disney Princess Accessories. You’d be fascinated yourself and who knows what your shopping cart would look like!

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  1. Rebecca Swenor says:

    I would like to see any animal prints for both children and adults. Who does’t love animals. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. thia beniash says:

    I love del sol! every time I vacation I get a del sol shirt. we also have hair clips and a travel bag. I am loving the princess designs for my girls! I am so getting one for my princess for her upcoming birthday in may!!!

  3. Carol Yemola says:

    I think flower prints for adult women would be really neat! And for little boys I think that cars and trucks would be cool. My little granddaughters would love butterflies!

  4. Wendi Watson says:

    I would love to see some collegiate apparel as well as major sports apparel

  5. I would love to see different causes on both adult and children clothes.. like breast cancer awareness (my mom died from breast cancer) autism awareness, aids awareness, sids, and so on….

  6. Jessica Parent says:

    My boys are Ninja turtle and anime fans (my hubby loves anime too) .I love shirts that say funny and witty things (so do my boys) ๐Ÿ™‚ Also really love animal shirts for myself and the kiddies. Big/little brother sister shirts would be super cool too

  7. Elicia P says:

    I would love to see shirts with no trademarks associated such as construction or dinos for boys and butterflies and just any princess for girls.
    I like clothing that does not have trademarks attached to it.

    For adults. I am a plain ole girl that really doesn’t wear prints except for strips.

  8. How about sports themed and car themed.

  9. Cynthia Dubuque says:

    I would like to see childrens’ show shirts like Sesame Street, Thomas & Friends, maybe Caillou, etc.. Wild animals would be cute too. Color changing lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

  10. Karen Hinkle says:

    some Cars stuff and Nascar would be great thanks

  11. Mandi Gilliam says:

    My son loves Japanese anime so seeing some shirts like dragonball z would be great. And my daughter loves anything princess related. I would like to see some plaid pajamas or animal print! I think that would look really cool with the color change!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Suzanne C says:

    My boys would love Star Wars options!!

  13. Brianna Ketchum says:

    animal prints

  14. Karen Hinkle says:

    still love to see some cars stuff

  15. Rebecca Swenor says:

    I think it would be great to see shirts with a cause like childhood cancer. Carmen had a great idea.

  16. Elisha Cook says:

    I would like to see something with bling/rhinestones. I would also be interested in jackets and backpacks!

  17. Brianna Ketchum says:

    Sports apperal and maybe animal prints I love that kind of stuff lr the walking dead apperal

  18. lauramroque says:

    Markers, purses and bracelets my daughter favorite things

  19. Carol Yemola says:

    I think color changing sneakers would be so neat!

    • CoffeeTime says:

      I would HI this idea! Love it!

      I would make it all white turning into the design with different colors!

  20. Wendi Watson says:

    I would love to see color changing socks for team sports and for everyday! how cool would that be! if you could make them to change to school colors! WoWsa

  21. I would like to see brite colors for little boy and girls

  22. Mandi Gilliam says:

    You know, I would like to see onsies and baby outfits for children age 0-12 months!! That would be amazing!!!

    • Jessica Parent says:

      I’d love to see an infant / toddler line (funny sayings or mommy’s/Daddy’s girl/boy,animals) I’m with Mandi on the onsies-maybe even color changing tie dyed ones.

  23. Rachael Roberts says:

    Frozen characters,Cars,Avengers in not just clothes but bracelets purses ect

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