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Oral Health & Foods 4 Healthy Teeth
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oral health

Our Teeth Are What We Eat, Breath, Do

Teeth is the first people see when they meet you, ask questions from you, discuss business or daily stuff. Teeth could easily set a false expectation about you in the other person’s mind, if the teeth look less than spectacular.

I understand that the beauty lies deeper than skin. And too keep that aligned with your teeth, we gotta think about our oral, i.e., teeth health. Hence we are touching upon this sensitive, yet very important subject – Oral Health and Your Teeth Health.

Today’s Discussions:

  • Oral Health if your mirror of an overall health
  • Foods for Teeth to keep them healthy
  • Nutrition & your child’s teeth

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  1. CoffeeTime says:

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    amcoffee prize winners

  2. CoffeeTime says:

    AM COFFEE – Sign In!

    • Comment and Say ‘Hello’ to all who will be here with you
    • What challenges do you have with teeth of your own or in your family? What would you like to learn about oral health?

    sign in am coffee

    • thia beniash says:

      Gooood Morning Ladies! It is going to be a fabulous Friday! the sun is shining and its suppose to be around 80 today. South Carolina has a busy weekend. We have the Flowertown festival which brings 250k people and the Bridge Run which brings even more!

    • michelle passwaters says:

      Good morning all its a gloomy day today but I’m determined to make the best of it!

    • Wendi Watson says:

      Hello and Good Morning! Going to be rainy but we are going to hit the 63 mark here in Ohio! hwooooo hwooo

    • Good morning, Its pouring down the rain here in West Virginia,But that’s OK, need rain to make the flowers grow.

    • Hello. I would like to know how to strengthen my teeth.

    • Jessica Parent says:

      Good morning!!! Gloomy and overcast up here in NY with some rain as well and looks like more to come 🙂 Its making me tired despite the Coffee my Daddy just showed up with a few minutes ago 😀 (Going to bed at 5 probably didn’t help either 😉 )

    • CoffeeTime says:

      Working on how to make them better. One step, one breath, one more #AMCoffee at a time!

      Let’s have a blast!

    • Jessica Parent says:

      Bad teeth run in my family and an array of health issues like gingivitis and gum disease (I suffer from this)

    • Rebecca Swenor says:

      Good morning all. I have never had white teeth ever. Since I can remember my teeth have always been discolored.

    • Brianna Ketchum says:

      Hello and good morning

    • Suzanne C says:

      Good morning!! We are obsessed with oral hygenine but my baby somehow missed the memo. I have to practically headlock him to brush his teeth…any suggestions to make it more fun?

    • Amanda Alvarado says:

      Morning! I thought I was actually going to make a weekday AM coffee but it looks like I won’t be. Instead of going into work at 12:30CST I now have to be there by 10! 🙁

      • Karen Hinkle says:

        good morning ladies well I see we have a mix of weather we have rain and gold but I am warm and toasty hanning with you all

    • Virginia Rogers says:

      Here but late, first time made on before noon, Good Morning all!! 🙂

    • Goodmorning

    • kelly Hubbard says:

      Good morning Stretch and yawn I am bring Brie with me from Saving my sanity.. I am looking forward to this discussion..

    • Carol Yemola says:

      HELLO and Good Morning! Both hubby and I are coffee drinkers. Well obviously I am if I am here at coffee time! LOL Anyway, they are discolored due to it especially my hubby. I would love to learn inexpensive ways to whiten them.

    • Cynthia Dubuque says:

      Hi! Good morning everyone! The only real challenge I have with oral health is teeth stains. I drink a lot of tea and AM coffee.

    • melissa renee augustus says:

      good moring everyone

  3. CoffeeTime says:

    AM COFFEE #1
    We all start with teeth that are given to us by our moms and dads –> hereditary teeth!
    What we can do though is to change the manifestation of the hereditary features with proper treatment of our teeth:

    – Food
    – Care
    – Lifestyle

    Here are some Reminders what keeps our TEETH zinging white and healthy.

    Tips to Reduce the Risk of Tooth Decay

    – Read food labels in order to identify and limit foods high in simple sugars and carbohydrates. Look for words that end in “–ose” such as fructose, glucose, lactose and sucrose.
    – Meats and foods high in fiber such as fresh fruits and vegetables, help clean the teeth of food particles and sugars during the chewing process. These foods promote saliva flow, which helps rinse the teeth of food particles. Saliva also acts to neutralize the acid.
    – Though eating three meals a day is important for adequate energy and nutrient intake, snacking between meals presents special dental health problems especially if the snacks are high in simple sugars. Choose nutrient dense snacks that do not harm teeth, such as cheese, yogurt, meats, plain nuts, peanut butter, fresh fruits and vegetables, unsweetened breads or cereals, and popcorn.
    – Foods that contain calcium and phosphorus may act to re-mineralize teeth, a process that replenishes minerals after they have been removed by acids.
    – Beverages without sugar (fluoridated water, milk, tea, coffee) are the best choices to prevent tooth decay. Avoid sugar sweetened beverages such as soda, juice, or sports drinks.
    – Using artificial sweeteners in place of real sugars does not contribute to tooth decay.
    – Thoroughly brushing one’s teeth after meals and snacks is the best way to remove sugars and food particles from tooth surfaces.
    – Brush teeth at least twice daily with fluoride containing toothpaste, preferably after meals and snacks. Floss and use mouth rinse, once daily.
    – Chewing sugar-free gum is another option that will increase saliva in the mouth and remove food particles that cause tooth decay.
    – Frequent visits to the dentist and regular cleanings from a dental hygienist (at least 2 per year) are very important.

    oral health

    • thia beniash says:

      Oh there is more benefits to fiber again! This is a great day to talk about teeth. We just visited the dentist the other day. Did you know that kids as soon as they start brushing their teeth should be flossing? One thing I learned from child to child, water their juice by 50% when they are little. I didn’t do that with child one(poor little learning curve) and she has had many cavities. Child two is now 7 and has never had a one! That truly is the only difference between the two of them. Hope that saves someone a dentist bill and a toothache. If so I have done my job. lol.

    • michelle passwaters says:

      I was lucky to get my dads healthy teeth. I’m hoping my kids get that same gene. So far my kids have healthy teeth and no cavities yet! As beniash said it is good to water down their juice I have always done this and I don’t allow my kids to eat candy often, maybe I piece a week. Also we are a big milk drinking family oh the wonderful things milk can do for u…lol unfortunately that’s all I really know about having healthy teeth so I’m thankful for all the info u posted I didn’t know any of that except the dentist visits

    • Wendi Watson says:

      it is so true on the hereditary note on the teeth i am very fortunate that my family has good teeth and vey strong and healthy My husbands side has weak and messed up teeth well my boys received their teeth from their dads side they both have to have braces and they get cavities easy! no matter what we do or give up its a struggle for them

    • Hereditary plays a major part in dental health. Some people can fight a good fight against dental problems and still lose.

    • I do love my morning coffee. I have tried cutting back on sodas and that has seemed to help.

    • Jessica Parent says:

      Now if only my coffee did not stain my teeth! Lol -I’m luckily not a fan of sugary drinks (and strictly control/limit sugary foods) but my dentist has told me my chewing gum addiction is not good for my teeth either (I can’t have sugar free gum…so he’s probably right)

    • Rebecca Swenor says:

      I have always hated my teeth but the dentist said I was seeing as a child always said I had beautiful teeth. Even though at the age of like 12 or 13 I had a root canal done which discolored my front tooth. I am thankful that both of my children have beautiful white teeth. The have always been great about brushing and flossing. I never was much of a pop drinker or any sugary drinks. When my kids were younger I always told them if they drink to much of something sugary like pop or kool-aid their teeth would fall out. I do have to admit I am a coffee drinker which can be very bad for staining but I do chew a lot of sugar free gum and always have since I can remember.

    • Brianna Ketchum says:

      I love drinking my coffee and stuff and been cutting back on sodas which has neen cut down to one or so but its been really hard

    • Suzanne C says:

      I should brush more often after each meal but I always forget. I’ve also heard that brushing throughout the day reduces snacking 🙂 that’s a double bonus

    • Amanda Alvarado says:

      So I’ve been hearing and reading a lot on fluoride not really being as important as we have been led to believe as long as you are eating right and brushing and flossing daily. Myth or fact or is it in the eye of the reader?! 🙂 I know I have started using more natural toothpastes for our dd that don’t don’t contain as many chemicals.

    • Virginia Rogers says:

      love the fluoridated water, I need to practice myself, although I do not do sugared drinks I do too much black coffee and unsweetened iced tea both caffeine and have dehydrated myself several times, have been trying to push more water in between myself 🙂

      • Karen Hinkle says:

        I go to my dentist every 6 months I don’t want to have any thing happen to my teeth so I keep up with the visits to ensure good hygiene thank goodness I can do that it real important to I love all your great advice to help me keep them that way

    • Carol Yemola says:

      Lots of great tips. Love the one about eating fresh fruits and veggies that are high in fiber. Once again a jab at processed foods.

    • melissa renee augustus says:

      that great to know

    • Cynthia Dubuque says:

      Wow! I didn’t know a lot of that. I knew there were certain foods that cause oral problems but didn’t realize there were some that help. I have been fortunate with my teeth, so far. I’ve made it 34 years without a cavity. I’ve taken notes and am going to be increasing my intake of fiber after yesterday’s and today’s AM coffee and switching up some of my snack choices.

  4. CoffeeTime says:

    AM COFFEE #2

    RETWEET #1
    RETWEET #2
    RETWEET #3
    RETWEET #4
    RETWEET #5
    RETWEET #6

    am coffee

  5. CoffeeTime says:

    AM COFFEE #3

    FOODS That Would Keep Your Teeth Healthy – Anything of this on YOUR Table & DIET?

    – Calcium-fortified juices, milk and other dairy products are rich in calcium and vitamin D and help promote healthy teeth and bones, reducing the risk for tooth loss. Adding powdered milk to cooked dishes helps those who don’t like milk or cheese to get some of the calcium needed to protect teeth and jawbones.
    – Cheese unleashes a burst of calcium that mixes with plaque and sticks to the teeth, protecting them from the acid that causes decay and helping to rebuild tooth enamel on the spot.
    – Crisp fruits and raw vegetables, like apples, carrots and celery, help clean plaque from teeth and freshen breath.
    – Antioxidant vitamins, such as vitamin C, and other nutrients from fruits and vegetables help protect gums and other tissues from cell damage and bacterial infection.
    – Recent studies indicate that fresh cranberries interrupt the bonding of oral bacteria before they can form damaging plaque.
    – Folic acid promotes a healthy mouth and supports cell growth throughout the entire body. This member of the B vitamin family is found in green leafy vegetables and brewer’s yeast.

    – Foods that take a long time to chew or that you hold in your mouth (such as cough drops) can damage teeth as they hold sugar against teeth longer than do other foods.
    – Instead of snacking on sugary, carbohydrate-rich or acidic foods throughout the day, eat these foods just during meal times in order to minimize the amount of time teeth are exposed to acid. In addition, the body produces more saliva to help digest larger meals, which washes away more food and helps neutralize harmful acids before they can attack teeth.


    • michelle passwaters says:

      We are big on dairy! And also I love leafy greens! I don’t think there is one leafy green I don’t love! And cranberry juice?Really? I had no idea tthat’s awesome! And I never though about cough drops damaging teeth. I am retaining some great info this morning thanks!

      • michelle passwaters says:

        Has anyone tried oil pulling?? It is said to strengthen teeth and gums and makes teeth extra white!

        • CoffeeTime says:

          I have not tried “oil pulling.”

          For others: Oil Pulling is when you swish coconut oil around your mouth for about 20 minutes!

          Anybody ready and up to this task?

          • Jessica Parent says:

            20 minutes is a long time-lol. I’ve never tried it but if it was proven to help and or to reverse damage -I’d be willing to 😉

        • Rebecca Swenor says:

          That would be something I am willing to try because either way it can’t hurt. Ty 🙂

      • CoffeeTime says:

        Not JUICE, just berries!
        Usually, cranberry juice has sugars added. It’s the benefits that is inside the SKIN of berries that provide benefits!

    • Goos Information to know , Thanks.

    • I like cheese, milk, fruit, and some vegetables. I really need to start taking vitamins though

    • Rebecca Swenor says:

      When I was younger my mom always told me I was allergic to milk so I hardly ever drink milk. Which thinking about it now I don’t think I was because I would eat cheese all the time. Being Italian we ate cheese with a lot of foods.

    • Brianna Ketchum says:

      Really big on dairy and cheese and fruits and veggies I also take vitamin D

    • Suzanne C says:

      Wonderful! Alot of these foods surprised me! Thank you!!

    • Virginia Rogers says:

      Great tips as just had 3 rd jaw surgery in 3 yr. period is very important, the surgeon said besides mine being dislocated was loaded with old scar tissue. I share this with everyone how important it is to start good diet young as jaw health is so important for an entire lifetime.

    • Jessica Parent says:

      I love cheese (my grandma used to let me have cheese as a child before bed (and after I brushed) claiming it “cleaned my teeth” .My mother yelled at her and she stopped (when the dentist told my mom it “sticks” to my teeth and can contribute to cavities, I needed to have it before brushing )

    • Amanda Alvarado says:

      We LOVE cheese! Dd also loves eating raw carrots – won’t eat them cooked but she’ll eat then raw any day!

    • Carol Yemola says:

      Not only great tips for my teeth, but also for the waistline. A win win situation!

    • melissa renee augustus says:


    • Cynthia Dubuque says:

      I can make a meal plan out of all the foods that have been listed today and yesterday. Thanks!

  6. Wendi Watson says:

    well are definatley not from wisconsin but wow are we cheese heads up in there! and we always make sure there is a veggie with every dinner (except pizza night) or a fruit i do try to maintain that healthy atmosphere and try to instill it upon them for future reference

    • Karen Hinkle says:

      I also heard if you chew sugar free gum after you eat it will help a lot to and get some of the partical of food stuck between your teeth

      • CoffeeTime says:

        It is TRUE – use sugar free gum when you can. Just watch out for the fillings, if you have them. But I know you have the perfect teeth!

      • Carol Yemola says:

        My hubby has a gap between his teeth that collects food after eating. Chewing gum is the only way he can get it out!

  7. CoffeeTime says:

    AM COFFEE #4

    How To Keep Your Kids Oral Health In Check

    Start Early
    Early preventive care saves you grief and money and gives a great chance for your child to grow healthy teeth. –> Get her or him to the dentist before the 1st Year of Age!

    Avoid Baby Bottle Decay
    Take away that bottle when you put your child to bed. Juice or formula or mikl – all have sugary agents that provide good environment for bacteria to multiply and trigger tooth decay.

    Skip the Juice
    Limit your children to no more than 4 oz of juice a DAY! It has been linked to childhood obesity and tooth decay (facts by WedMD!)

    Sippy Cup Syndrome
    Prolonged use of a sippy cup during the day promotes tooth decay in the back of your child’s teeth! It’s great to use and transition your baby to a more natural drinking, but limit how long that sippy cup stays in your baby’s hands!

    Long-term use of a pacifier strongly affects the lining of the teeth and can affect the shape of the mouth. Have you seen the kids with a weird “bite?” Parents “helped” to form that shape by allowing babies to suck on a pacifier 24/7.

    Teach Good Oral Health Habits
    By showing by your own example how to clean, floss teeth and what foods to eat! Do it together with your children!

    amcoffeeoral health

    • michelle passwaters says:

      I must admit my son still takes a bottle at night and is a little to old for it but during the day he uses a sippy or big boy cup. They both have regular dentist appts and love brushing their teeth I got them toothbrushes that has a light timer on them and they love it!

    • I was fortunate that neither one of my boys took to the binky. Now that they are older it is harder to get them to brush.

      • michelle passwaters says:

        My kids didn’t take a Binky either I tried it am few times but it never took and I’m glad for that I see some kids 3-4 years old still using them it must be a tough habit to break for kids lol

    • Virginia Rogers says:

      Great info, as a pre-k teacher of 12 yrs. (until last 3) have seen so many kids with so many of these signs especially the pacifiers literally causing buck teeth on a child. Is sad and can really destroy teeth. Am very careful to tell my daughter even with my grandson who is only 31/2 mos. to hold him as soon as he falls asleep take bottle out and lay him down to not get him in any habit of laying him down holding it to fall asleep.

    • Suzanne C says:

      These are all so true! My boys drink mostly through straws which also helps prevent tooth decay.

      • Jessica Parent says:

        I’ve heard that! (I believe it too since a straw bypasses those front teeth as many children drink through their teeth)

    • Brianna Ketchum says:

      I’m glad my mom got me to start me early when I was little now I grt to help her with my baby brother doctors said hell be here in less than a week mom said he may come this weekend so excited!!!

    • Rebecca Swenor says:

      I have always thought it was very important to start the kids of right with going dentist every year. They have it easy now with the fluoride treatment at the dentist. When we were kids that was the worse part cause it tasted so bitter etc. I hated that worse than the drill. My youngest son had to wear that thingy at night for a few months because he had spaces between his teeth and maybe a little over bit. Now his teeth are completely straight and they look beautiful.

    • Amanda Alvarado says:

      We have always brushed dd’s teeth since she first started getting them! Now she’s starting to lose them! Where did my baby go?!?! And of course she goes for a cleaning every 6 months with us!

    • Jessica Parent says:

      My pediatric dentist refuses to take my kids until they are 2-Ive cited that I’ve always been told (even by the pediatrician) that they should be seen shortly after cutting their 1st tooth (usually by 1) .The dentist said I’ve been misinformed , only if there is a problem and there is no proof that is true even though many people believe it (again including pediatricians) . Should I be getting a new dentist ?? I didn’t like it when they told me that with my last son 6 yrs ago and have another baby on the way.
      I let my kids have juice or other sugary drinks 1 time per day +3-4 servings of milk….all other drinks must be water (I keep a 2 gallon container in the fridge to encourage it as we all like ice water better)

      • michelle passwaters says:

        I was told that to for a long time but I thought my daughter had a cavity because she wouldn’t eat and I kept complaint to many dentist and someone finally took her my son didn’t go til he was 2 though

      • CoffeeTime says:

        That’s what I got in response: Wait until he’s 2!

    • thia Beniash says:

      We have a timer for the kids! Works great

    • Carol Yemola says:

      I never let my kids have a pacifier. Not only are they bad for the teeth, but they are dirty!

    • melissa renee augustus says:

      my daughter go denstin ever 6 month she has heath teeth i make sure she brush them everyday and i stop give her drink after sec time at night

    • Cynthia Dubuque says:

      Both of my kids, ages 1 (almost 2) and 3 (almost 4), love love love to brush their teeth.. My youngest has been off the binky for a week today!! As for juice, we generally don’t give them juice, we only gave them options of milk or water when they first came off formula, but when we do give them juice, it’s more like water with a small splash of 100% fruit juice. The sippy cup, we need to work on that one.

  8. Libbi Cooksey says:

    Good morning loves!!

  9. Good morning!!! Waking up to a delicious cup of Joe this morning, have a wonderful day!!! My gums are puffy and they are sore often. Would like to know how to get that taken care of?!

    • CoffeeTime says:

      Hi Keyosha,
      A lot of things can go inside your body and the mouth is the reflection of it.

      One of the major things is Overall, Body-wide, Systemic Inflammation!

      Please read up and watch a video on what it is and how to control and prevent it.

      Also, great “grinding” foods like apples, celery could add to your oral health, as they promote cleansing and strengthening effect on your teeth.

      Overall diet could be either the culprit or savior, too.

      So, take one step at a time and see what could go wrong and is not working and HOW to make small changes that would make a huge difference in your oral health.

  10. Alisha lee says:

    Good Morning, a little over cast today but on a better note i think it might finally warm up tomorrow in this snowy place they call North Dakota.

    • CoffeeTime says:

      That’s a long way from anywhere!
      But glad you’re with us here!

    • Rebecca Swenor says:

      Hello Alisha, you are not that far from me really here in the U. P. of MI but we are getting snow here.

      • Karen Hinkle says:

        well good information but I have a child who has autism and you cant even get hime to let u look in his mouth but he will brush but wont spit it out so any advice on this and he has a melt down

        • Rebecca Swenor says:

          That one is a tough one. Would he spit if he spit on something that would change it in color. There is things you can do to make boys peep in toilet on cheerio etc.

          • Rebecca Swenor says:

            Sorry I meant pee on cheerios and was using that as an example of maybe doing something to spark his interest so he might enjoy doing it.

          • Karen Hinkle says:

            we did have to do this when he was in training but I will keep trying

        • CoffeeTime says:

          A couple years ago I reviewed a product that was used by Autistic kids and had fab results, as I received a lot of responses from parents.

          Here’s the post on this Disposable Toothbrush

          Let me know if you’d like to test it with your kiddo. I have a few samples left from that time (don’t know how many years they’ve got in storage!). But I can contact the rep and ask her to mail some to you.

  11. Neko Sam says:

    Hello good morning any advise how to take stains of your teeth ?

  12. CoffeeTime says:

    AM COFFEE #5

    Who Doesn’t Like Whiter Teeth? Especially, when it’s done in a Healthy and Quick Way!

    Go to this post and let’s tell them that you NEED samples and good testing on the product!

    I got amazing results within a day. No kidding. Plus, my teeth sensitivity is Over the Board. This product did it with my Super Sensitive Teeth like anything else on the market. I stand by my personal results.


  13. Jessica Parent says:

    I just realized I commented on it twice-LOL Once in February when I first saw it posted and once today 🙂

  14. Karen Hinkle says:

    well great info today ladies nice to chat with you all but I have to leave now gota get little one ready for school and next week spring break I will see you all tomorrow for AMCoffee have a lovely day

  15. Good Afternoon!!

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