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I got a message earlier this morning from one of my friends who shared her weekend with me. To be more precise, what was going in her life for the past few days. The emotionality, the feelings, the hurt were gushing through the roof. And even when I did not see her face directly, as she was messaging me, in my mind’s eye I could see all the cringing, the pain, a feeling of being stuck at the end of a long black tunnel.

Being connected to other people is one of the attributes we all share as human beings. Reflecting their feelings and emotions is another important trait that puts us at the top of the evolution chain.

We never think of this one little fact, as we do it automatically – thanks to Mother Nature – our skin helps us to express ourselves and communicate the state we are in. Having an impressive expressionery capabilities, skin provides us with the defensive mechanism from the outside pathogens and protects us from expressing our un-intended feelings as well.

Today’s AM Coffee is dedicated to our SKIN, its aging and staying healthy and vibrant-looking.

Aging gracefully largerly depends not only what our Mother Nature has provided to us on the gene levels. Aging is  a very personal process! It is our ability to address the outside and inside stressors that would make the process of aging more or less stressful. Here are the usually recognizable environmental stressors:

• UV radiation
• Infrared radiation
• Smoking
• Air pollution
• Dietary habits
• Sleep deprivation
• Stress
• Disease

Are you handling these with enough attention and action?

Dive into the discussion points to learn something new and remind yourself of things you already know.


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  1. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says:

    AM COFFEE – Sign In! HELLO, Everyone!

    SKIN Is Our Focus Today

    During SUMMER months, when the sun shines brighter and we need more hydration for our bodies, skin care comes up at the top of the search.

    People are looking for tips, advice, correct way of doing things and caring for their precious skin. We all DO care what our skin looks and feels like. We just frequently neglect the signs of Alarm skin gives us and silent whispers of its calling what we should do.

    Today, I’d like to focus on our skin and provide more information that comes very highly in search. We all can and should benefit from taking good care of our skin.

    If you know something about skin that works for you – PLEASE SHARE WITH ALL OF US.

    So happy to see you today here! Come over when you can. AM Coffee is for early birds and not-so, too! It is open all-day-long, as we do have different schedules we live with.

    Stay with us every morning, win prizes, but mostly, make awesome friends!

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    sign in am coffee

  2. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says:
  3. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says:


    Your Skin Directly Reflects Your Lifestyle

    The biological age and outside factors like weather, food, behavioral habits – these are the elements that add to or take away from your skin health.

    Our goal is not to beat ourselves up, rather to immerse ourselves into the learning and sharing environment that would allow each one of us to become More Aware of our lifestyle that is in direct correlation with our skin.

    Go back to the discussion and just scroll down to refresh your memories about the facts that could be a way to your way to improve your skin.

    High Points to reflect upon:

    – Vitamins C & E and its role in skin radiant glow
    – Low intake of fats and carbohydrates is associated with a cleaner, without breakouts, skin
    – Physical exertion: How you can drive your skin to benefit from it
    – Stress Reduction in Daily life: Look more beautiful as you grow wiser!
    – Changes during pregnancy affect our skin: What we do to correct and even avoid it
    – Caring for Aging Skin: A must for every one of us!
    – Myths of Chocolate and Coffee: Drink, eat? Or not?

    Aging skin is the reflection of our lifestyle. You truly could become more beautiful with age when you take care of your lifestyle. Boost your skin with vitamins and collagen-producing foods; exfoliate to remove dead cells that block production of new generation of cells; stay hydrated and out of the sun – just a few tips to remember and follow up!

    What’s your favorite points about skin? Anything that you plan to implement asap?

    skin health, women health, am coffee, amcoffee

    • I have visibly noticed a difference in my skin as I have increased intake of whole grains.

    • My two biggest downfalls, pop and stress!!! but after going sober and to quit smoking i had to find a vice ugh

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says:

        Wow, Wendi!
        POP does add to the side effects of our skin. It reacts as a STRESS on our body, and as a result, our brain releases stress hormones that circulate in the blood.
        The time for those hormones to clear can be damaging to our skin and other organs, as it is a vicious cycle that gets us in the end! It is not just one hormone circulating again and again, it is a family of them!

    • i for sure stay out of the sun i hate the heat!!! i need to drink more water and hydrate my skin

      • i love to be out in the sun but it has its benefits and downfalls but you have to adjust to it and make sure you protect your self from the rays i know i do take more time to prepare to go out in it with glasses and a hat sunscreen

        • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says:

          It’s great to be in the sun, it is what overall health could be.
          The sun can be healing and damaging. It is the right care and attitude that help us to balance it.
          And I do know how diligent you are about protecting your skin!

  4. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says:

    am coffee

    OXIDATIVE Stress

    Aging is inevitable in our human universe. The first signs that show aging is our SKIN.

    There are two environments that affect the aging process: Internal and External. And one of the most powerful agents is OXIDATIVE STRESS.

    Oxidative stress is damage caused to cells from the build-up of toxic reactive oxygen molecules, most notably free radicals – the fundamental cause of premature skin aging. Free radicals cause damage to cell structures, accumulating over time and expressed as the outward signs of aging: fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tones, and loss of skin elasticity.

    Antioxidants are essential in skincare anti-aging therapy, which is why they are the basis for many skincare products. Vitamins A, C, E & Pro-A are all utilized for defense against oxidative stress.

    In addition to antioxidants, some skincare products utilize Advanced AHA, which works by improving skin health through internal moisturization and surface cell exfoliation. Because both skin moisturization and exfoliation decrease with the natural aging of skin, Advanced AHA helps to “normalize” skin function, promoting it to a more youthful healthy appearance.

    OXIDATIVE STRESS, skin health, women health, am coffee, amcoffee

    • How can I know what products containing alpha hydroxy acid have the concentration needed to fight for my skin?

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says:

        Good and quality products have the concentration listed on the container or the box.
        As any acid, you need to test how your skin reacts to it. As my skin is very sensitive, I use lower concentration of AHA.

        Though AHAs are safe to use on skin, there are some guidelines set forth by the Food and Drug Administration for its use. They include the stipulation that the product containing AHAs contain a concentration of 10% or less of the AHA. You can find products with 3%, 4%, 5% AHA in the product. The higher the %-tage, the more action you should expect from the product.

        Alpha hydroxy acids (or AHAs) essentially originate from milk and fruit sugars. The most common alpha hydroxyl acids are lactic acid and glycolic acid. These two acids in particular penetrate the skin very well and are often used in skin care products. As well, there is a good deal of scientific data on both acids, both on their effectiveness (how well they actually penetrate the skin to give the desired result) and their relevant side effects.

  5. i have some eye cream that has AHA in it i may have to pull it out and give it a try!!! i dont want my eyes to look tired or aged

    • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says:

      Eyes need our daily pampering and sustainable food!
      I was born with very thin skin. Now, I have a bit darker circles under my eyes as the result of thinning skin.
      I have to pay attention to my stress on the daily basis, as my eyes do show it!

  6. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says:


    Skin Treatments You Can Use At HOME or In Professional Salons

    I’ve been doing my own skin regiments for years. I utilize both approaches: Facial Masks, Srubs, Toning applications and Gentle Skincare Tools.

    Here are some options you may consider for yourself to try either at home or at a reputable skincare salon.

    When going to the salon, check out their menu, talk to owner and those who work there, ASK questions. The more you ask, the more informative your decision will be whether to use them for your skin.

    I’ve also researched the TIME duration for the offered treatments.


    : When I Make These Treatments at Home, I go from anywhere from 2 to 20 minutes, depending on what I am doing.
    So, be mindful of the TIME they offer at the salon! More time does not necessarily is better!

    Brightening Skin Treatment — 30 Min
    This “lunchtime” peel treatment utilizes the power of Idebenone Complex and AHA’s to combat pigment with powerful antioxidant properties to brighten and illuminate dull skin. Excellent post-holiday or as a course for more stubborn brown marks. Skin will be radiant with a healthy glow.

    Delicate Skin Treatment — 30 Min
    An excellent treatment for sensitive skin conditions to help calm and soothe the skin, while rebalancing it with a gentle peeling system. Helps to improve barrier function of the skin and nurture it back to normal.

    Hydrating Skin Treatment — 30 Min
    Indulges dry, dehydrated skin with essential fatty acids, ceramides and humectants to improve both texture and hydration. This treatment is suitable whenever skin feels devitalized, as it will leave it with a plump, dewy finish.

    Problem-Prone Skin Treatment — 30 Min
    When skin needs rebalancing and in need of deep cleansing, this peel combines the benefits of both AHA’s and BHA’s to help normalize and control shine. Suitable for congested, problem-prone skin to improve blocked pores and acne conditions.

    Resurfacing Skin Treatment — 30 Min
    This ultimate age-defying skin resurfacing treatment utilizes advanced peeling techniques to smooth and banish the signs of aging. Excellent for sun-damaged and environmentally affected skins. Peel to reveal a youthful skin at its best!

    WOW Factor Facial — 60 Min
    A treatment with the wow factor that provides dramatic and visible results while achieving skin rejuvenation with improved elasticity, texture, tone and clarity. Visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while brightening the complexion. Relax and lose yourself in a wealth of massage plus unique innovative skincare results for radiant, refreshed, youthful-looking skin.

    Botanical Enzyme Treatment — 50 Min
    Revitalize and brighten a tired, dull, sallow complexion with potent pumpkin and papaya enzymes. This nourishing enzyme peel will gently dissolve dead, dull skin cells to reveal a healthier looking complexion. The skin will feel smoother and appear more even in tone with a luminous glow. This treatment may be performed once or twice weekly and is recommended as a series of 6 treatments for optimal results.
    With Anti-Aging Hand Treatment — 75 Minskin health, women health, am coffee, amcoffee

    • home remedies i would like to have some of them to try at home i need to take better care of my self but i dont go to salons

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says:

        This will be my next task – Collect and showcase what we can always do at home: Masks, Scrubs, Compresses, Exfoliaition and other cool treatments that do not cost an arm and a leg!

        • I’m looking forward to seeing this as I could use some home remedy advice. Skincare cost can get out of control.

          • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says:

            I agree, Lisa.
            However, depending on our aspirations and what we want our skin to look and feel, we need to invest into it.
            Today, I have my own skin regiment that I update every 4-6 months, depending on the care I do.
            I use natural, but effective products. They cost more than 20 bucks, but are EFFECTIVE, I SEE RESULTS.
            Powered with my in-home spa, the results I see – I love what I see!

        • oh i cant wait love the home ones i can do them myself

    • Im not a girly girly so any help in this catagory will be very appreciative!!

  7. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says:


    Beauty And The FEAST – Diet Is Our Top Friend Or Foe

    With food being so plentiful, our skin remains under-nourished in majority of cases.

    People tend to go after starchy and fatty foods, which in place reflect in our skin health and look.

    Going after the foods that are nutritionally FULL and NOURISHING is the way to do.

    As we all have different allergies – including food allergies – we still need to seek and find sustainable dietary forces that give our skin a powerful boost in a variety of nutrients.

    Check this post where I emphasized Foods that

    – Purge Exzema
    – Serve as Edible Botox
    – Protect Us Against UV
    – Starve ACNE

    skin health, women health, am coffee, amcoffee

  8. I make sure to focus on eating fruits and veggies I like. Keep them available fresh and the motivation is to eat them as they will spoil if I don’t.

    • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says:

      You are great!
      With aging we may need some extra supplementation to keep our skin condition tip-top.

  9. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says:


    Side Effects from AHA Products

    Having AHA-based products is great. However, be MINDFUL of the side effects and irritation and SUN SENSITIVITY.

    TIP: NEVER Wear AHA-based Products When Going into the Sun!

    There are two major side effects to using AHA products: sun sensitivity and irritation.

    Though we have already discussed sun sensitivity, it’s important to reiterate that point. AHA products can increase your sensitivity to the sun by as much as 50%, so it’s essential that a good sunscreen is used.

    Irritation is another possible side effect of Alpha Hydroxy Acid use. Some of these symptoms might include redness, burning and itching. If the symptoms continue after you have used the product for some time and your skin has had a chance to adapt, try using a product that contains less of the AHA concentration.

    skin health, women health, am coffee, amcoffee

  10. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says:


    Face Mapping

    I’ve been into this subjects for many years. I’ve got some books for my own facial massages and facial mapping techniques.

    It would be a fun day to dive into some details of this amazing process.

    Have Any Interest In Doing It?

    Face mapping is a holistic tool that has been practiced for centuries. According to the teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, a breakout can offer insights to the root cause of that pesky pimple.

    face mapping, skin health, women health, am coffee, amcoffee

  11. Reminders are always necessary. I have people say yes you told me that already. I think then why did you just do opposite of what I said then?

  12. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says:


    Primrose and Black Currant Oil –> Healthier Skin, Hair, Nails

    “Consider supplementing with gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), a fat that helps promote healthy skin, hair, and nails and is very hard to come by in the diet,” says Prevention advisor Andrew Weil, MD, clinical professor of medicine at the University of Arizona.

    “The best sources of GLA are evening primrose oil and black currant oil. Take 500 mg of either twice a day and expect to use them for 6 to 8 weeks before you see results.”

    Check this

    Black Current Supplement on Amazon


    • What about biotin? I have notice a great difference after adding this supplement to my regimen.

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says:

        Biotin taken orally is a great and fairly a quick way to improve the quality of our hair, nails and skin, too.

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