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Importance of Sleep



Do you know it is vital to spend 1/3 of our lives unconscious. And here we mean good unconscious state of mind – your SLEEP. Without sleep, our normal life, as we know it now, would be impossible. That is due to our evolution process our body and mind and all of our systems, including neurological, psychological, immune, emotional, have been going through for the past few million years.

As the Holiday Season rings its bells, and we are off shopping and to get-togethers, let’s remind ourselves of the importance of sleep. Just a slight interruption in our dosing hours has an avalanche effect on all of our major systems in the body. And with the years of no-good sleep habits – that is totally undermining our health overall.

Look at the discussion points to rip the best benefits you and I can just by allowing ourselves a good night’s sleep.


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  1. Laura at AMCoffee says:

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    Today, we’ll cover some Sleep topics, and draw lessons for ourselves what we need to do in our own lives based on the data of the conversation and research.

    Thank you for being here!

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  2. Laura at AMCoffee says:
  3. Laura at AMCoffee says:


    How Sleep Affects Our Entire Body

    Robert Stickgold, a sleep researcher, explains the interconnectedness of sleep and our output in life, our success or not. Yes, SLEEP plays the key role how sharp and focused we are in hours when we do not sleep.

    “Dozing is involved multitude of biological processes—from the inner workings of the immune system to proper hormonal balance, to emotional and psychiatric health, to learning and memory, to the clearance of toxins from the brain.” Losing a few hours of shut-eye depresses various functions, reducing our cognitive and memory powers, souring our mood, even reducing our body’s ability to defend against infections. If we did not snooze at all, eventually we would die.”

    importance of sleep

    • oh i know this feeling all to well i tell you when i don’t t get my sleep i am moody

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says:

        When I do not take my normal sleeping hours, I feel OK before I go to bed. I can work 24 hours back-to-back.
        Yet when I take a few hours to snooz and get up – Wow, everything just feels inside my body, the head is heavy and thinking just doesn’t do justice to what I need to accomplish.
        Now, I just leave all stuff for early morning and go to bed. Works wonders, really.

    • I love sleep right now. Sadly, getting a good rest is months away.

  4. Laura at AMCoffee says:

    am coffee

    Another valuable point to take into account is How DARK our rooms need to be in order to get good sleep?

    Researchers found out that bright blue light in the evening decreases the quality of sleep compared to an evening of dimmer, longer wavelength light. The blue light comes from smartphones, computers and some kinds of light bulbs all day, and for a good chunk of the night. Our pre-industrial counterparts may stay up late, too, but it’s in the dark or in the light of a flame.

    In pre-industrial era, sleep occurred within a much longer period of circadian dark; in the modern world it does not. Dark is restricted only to the sleep period, if even then; many people do not sleep in a truly dark bedroom. Seven hours of sleep embedded within 11 hours of circadian dark may be far more restorative than seven hours with bright, blue-containing light preceding it in the evening.

    importance of sleep

    • oh my i need it dark i have to cover the lights on the cable box that blue light driver me crazy

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says:

        Yes, I need a dark room, too. Cannot stand a bright light.
        I agree that those blue lights can be annoying!

    • I took out all lights upstairs (except the alarm clock, need that) it was great my son started sleeping better. However, with my new son he hates the dark so for the last four months I have been sleeping with a salt lamp on in our bedroom. Between him and the light my sleep is extremely affected.

  5. Laura at AMCoffee says:


    “Circadian effective light” – what is it?

    A useful term in the context of sleep and health is “circadian effective light” because bright, short wavelength light (blue, for instance) is much more effective than dim, longer wavelength light (yellow/red) in suppressing melatonin during the night and causing a premature transition to daytime physiology.

    There is also evidence from studies in humans that bright blue light in the evening decreases the quality of sleep compared to an evening of dimmer, longer wavelength light.

    importance of sleep

  6. Laura at AMCoffee says:


    Lack of Sleep Increases Your Risk of OBESITY

    Here are the behavior patterns that were studied and researched in the past century when it comes to lack of sleep and obesity. We can learn from it and make a difference in our daily lives.

    • Researchers linked short sleep with distracted eating and drinking
    • That’s the snacking you do in front of the TV or otherwise preoccupied
    • Sleeping less means you’re likely to have a daily extra 8.7 minutes of eating
    • It also can lead to an additional 28.6 minutes a day of weekday drinking
    • The hike in secondary eating and drinking could increase obesity risk

    importance of sleep

  7. Laura at AMCoffee says:


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