Summer Celebration Is Brighter With DelSol Color Changing Nail Polish

DelSol Color Changing Nail Polish Giveaway
May 1, 2014
Open to US
Will Last Only for 6 Hours – 6pm to 12 Midnight, Eastern Time

DelSol is one of my favorite nail polishes this season. And the reason is very simple. It is a non-toxic alternative with one unique detail – in the sun the base color changes into a different hue of the colorful palette. We would love you to win not one, but three bottles of the amazing DelSol color changing nail polish tonight.

Bringing You Moments To Celebrate

DelSol-nail-polosh-Color-ChangeSponsored by DelSol
Organized by Celebrate Woman Today

Summer is filled with fun activities, vacation and new things to try out. If you haven’t discovered a color changing nail polish from DelSol, you gotta see it, wear it and share with your friends.

Every bottle of nail polish is a bright duet of colors. One  is a base color that we see when the bottle is not exposed to the sunshine. Once you’re in the open, your nails with a DelSol polish on them will turn into a different color within seconds! It’s a fun process to watch. Kids especially get a kick out of it!

We are giving away 2 bottles of DelSol color changing nail polish to one winner. This giveaway event is quick and will be gone in a flash!

Prize – DelSol Color Changing Nail Polish, 3 of Your Choice

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Ends at 11:59pm EDT on May 1, 2014

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  1. Cynthia Dubuque says:

    Lots of Love, Fire & Ice and Calypso are my 3 favorite!

  2. Janice Dean says:

    I would choose the Girls Night Out, Electrick & Believe in Pink! Thanks

  3. Angela Vaught Montgomery says:

    I love the first 3, very pretty colors!!

  4. Steva Spottswood says:

    Last Dance, Smoke and Mirrors and Girls Night Out

  5. April Laxton says:

    Pretty In Pink, Foxy Out, & After Party are my favorites!!!

  6. jamie hernandez says:

    I would be happy with any colors! Pinks, purples, and silverish colors are my fav

  7. christa m. says:

    Am coffee

  8. Thank You For A Chance To Win In This Awesome Giveaway !!!! Pink,purple,Blue

  9. I love all those colors and would be tickled to win any. thanks for the oportunity!

  10. Glitz and Glam, Smoke and Mirrors, Electrik

  11. TJ Eans says:

    They’re all super cute, but if I had to pick , Here Comes the Sun, Electrick! , and I Believe In Pink are my favorites! <3

  12. Jill McKelvey says:

    Purple red and green

  13. Dezraei says:

    I want them all!

  14. I love the colors!!

  15. Kathryn King says:

    After Party, Foxy Out and Pretty in Pink!

  16. Alison says:

    Glitz and Glam, After party, and Starry Night

  17. Julie V says:

    These are so awesome. I would like Spike, Green with Envy and Electrick.

  18. Raye Wiedner says:

    I love Crazy Cool, Superhero, and After Party.

  19. Caryn Knudsen says:

    After Party, Glitz Glam & Electric are my favorites!

  20. Vicky D says:

    I like Lots of Love, Crazy Cool and Last Dance!

  21. Susan Maggiulli says:

    I Like The Purple ‘ Orange And The Red Pretty Thanks

  22. Gail Davis says:

    Pink, blue and purple are my all time favorites.

  23. Christina Kagarise says:

    I would love any color. I’m not picky

  24. Francine Anchondo says:

    Electrick!, Love Me For Me, and Foxy

  25. Sonya Parks says:

    I usually only wear purples and pinks, so any shades of them 🙂

  26. Jessica Locastro says:

    purple red green ones 🙂

  27. lavender and light pink but i will try anything at least once

  28. Mary Ann Dilloway says:

    I like the Pinks andPurple’s. Great spring colors

  29. Brandi B. says:

    The first 2 colors in the picture and the orange one would be great to try!

  30. I love them All thank you for the chance

  31. chrissy haddadin says:

    Electrick, green with envy, and crazy cool!

  32. angel gomez says:

    pinks !

  33. Lori Beaney Tobin says:

    Reds, purples and pinks are what I wear.

  34. Smoke and mirrors, green with envy and starry night! But any would be awesome!

  35. Melissa A. says:

    Calypso, girls night out and pretty in pink

  36. Marcia Pasilas says:

    pink, pale blue, and peach

  37. Marj Dickey-Dobie says:

    It’s to hard to pick I LOVE them all!!!!

  38. Love the colors.

  39. Carrie Perialas says:

    This is a wonderful giveaway! After the harsh winter we’ve had any bright color would be a bonus! Pink, green, blue . . . Anything but white!!

  40. velma murphy says:

    blue red green

  41. Christa Lopez says:

    I love pinks and purples the most! Beautiful colors!

  42. Diane Elizabeth says:

    I like Here Comes the Sun, Electrick and Green with Envy.

  43. Elaine Powell says:

    nudes, pinks, soft colors

  44. Sharlene says:

    These look fun! Like them all!

  45. Nora C says:

    I like Electric Out, Foxy Out, and fire-an-ice the best.

  46. Rachael Roberts says:

    AM Coffee

  47. Karen Cochrane says:

    Any of these I love bright colors like pinks purples glittery lime greens and oranges

  48. Roe Clark says:

    peek a boo, sweet sixteen, & don’t be jealous

  49. robyn donnelly says:

    I would choose the first three colors shown purple, red, and light purple.

  50. Nancy Wray says:

    I love these colors so much!

  51. Patrice says:

    I like After Party, Foxy, and Elecktrik. I might have spelled the last one wrong. 😛

  52. Rebecca Swenor says:

    Pink, purple, and mint green. Spring colors. 🙂

  53. Kim Avery says:

    All of them look amazing! I would love any 🙂

  54. Misty Edwards says:

    I would choose Girls Night Out, Pretty In Pink, and Fire and Ice!

  55. Sara Golden says:

    How fun are these?! I love Fire and Ice, Sweet Sixteen and AM Coffee:)

  56. ruby reis wade says:

    fire and ice, ruby slipper and crazy cool

  57. Fire and Ice, Glitz glam, After party

  58. Terri Carsten says:

    Electric Out, Foxy Out, After Party

  59. Rose Lewis says:

    I would like the pink, purple and gold colors.

  60. Diana C says:

    I like the first 3 from the left.

  61. Donna Peterson says:

    Pretty In Pink, Elecktrik, Sweet Sixteen

  62. i love these pretty colors

  63. Daletta says:

    I’d love to try the green ones! And the dark pink!

  64. I love Foxy, Electrick!, and Love Me For Me.

  65. Britt S says:

    I love believe in Pink, smoke and mirrors, and glitz and glam.

  66. Annette Cruz says:

    I like Believe in Pink, Don’t be Jealous, & Last Dance. Love all the colors though.

  67. charity dwight says:

    Red, blue, and purple would be my picks.

  68. They are all so cool! We get tons of sun too here in FL

  69. Electrick,Fire & Ice, Foxy

  70. Michelle S says:

    They are all so pretty! I can’t pick!! Would love to try any of them!!

  71. katrina pulido says:

    omg I love purples blues and pinks 🙂

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