Ginger Your Life With Real Ginger Root! #AMCoffee

Ginger In Your Life of Well-Being Reminders that Make A Difference HASHTAG: #AMCoffee Ginger root benefits go back into the centuries. Yet the plant keeps offering us the magic Mother Nature keeps in store for us in its flora world. For me … [Read more...]

Things To Know About ADHD In Women #AMCoffee

Anti-Aging Comes With Proper Care Skin Care Reminders HASHTAG: #AMCoffee Thinking the ADHD is only prevalent in children would be a misconception. As the medical science knows it, ADHD develops in childhood and is the result of GENE … [Read more...]

High Cholesterol Can Be A Good Thing #AMCoffee

High Cholesterol Can Be Good? HASHTAG: #AMCoffee Cholesterol is one of the widely discussed subjects these days. You hear it all the time: high cholesterol, low cholesterol, bad and good cholesterol. Wow, you can swim in the subject of … [Read more...]

Hormones And Personal Health With Chia Chia Sun from Damiva #AMCoffee

Hormones And You Reminders That Rule Your World HASHTAG: #AMCoffee Hormones are a power that nobody can deny. Our breathing, living, sexual desires are controlled by the chemical substances – hormones – that make us who we are. Made in the … [Read more...]

Why Do I Need Magnesium In My Life? #AMCoffee

Magnesium Benefits & Foods Daily Reminders HASHTAG: #AMCoffee Magnesium plays a crucial role in our bodily functions. It is a key ingredient for protein synthesis, blood sugar control, nerve function, energy metabolism and take part in … [Read more...]

More About Vitamin K And Why You Need It #AMCoffee

Why Do We Need Vitamin K? Daily Reminders HASHTAG: #AMCoffee As vitamin K is known for its ability to assist in blood clotting by activating the protein that clots the blood, you may think that you don't need it in your life. But you … [Read more...]

Saturated Fats In Coconut Oil Are Great For Humans #AMCoffee

Do You Eat Coconut Oil? Saturated Fats Reminders HASHTAG: #AMCoffee Not all fats are created equally. We use fats in our food prep, in cosmetics, in car and equipment maintenance and many other places to keep things run smoothly. Our body … [Read more...]

Get Your Sunshine Vitamin D Into Your Body! #AMCoffee

Anti-Aging Comes With Proper Care Skin Care Reminders HASHTAG: #AMCoffee Vitamin D is know under its bright name – a Sunshine vitamin. Our bodies can churn this vitamin out only when our skin is exposed to the sun. We don't need hours to … [Read more...]

How to Get and Maintain a Firm Buttocks #AMCoffee

Want Firm Buttocks? Here We Go! HASHTAG: #AMCoffee     Toned Muscles Give You More Energy. No Exaggeration. If you’ve been wondering how to lift and tone your buttocks or are looking for ways to keep your firm buttocks in top … [Read more...]

Popular Essential Oils And Their Use #AMCoffee

Essential Oils Reminders HASHTAG: #AMCoffee Essential oils have become a big par of our lives. We use them for skin, for cooking, for disinfecting our gym bags and shoes, to freshen up the bedding and many other uses. Still there are a lot of … [Read more...]

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