Your Body is Already Perfect – #AMCoffee Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks for the Perfect Body I Am HASHTAG: #AMCoffee It is amazing how different every body is…as in EVERY BODY. No two bodies made the same. The only ideal bodies are manufactured, cut, filled, and photoshopped. Nothing real is perfect. … [Read more...]

Top Prevalent Reasons You Don’t Lose Weight #AMCoffee

Top 5 Reasons You Don't Lose Weight HASHTAG: #AMCoffee 'Tis the season to lose weight, the one that is unwanted. Millions of people are on their way to the gym, implementing a certain diet and doing all they can to shed those stubborn pounds of … [Read more...]

Women and Unique Difficulties to Lose Weight #AMCoffee

Our Unique Difficulties to Lose Weight HASHTAG: #AMCoffee Dick Talens a renowned professional in the fitness area who coached many hundreds of women to success shared his perspective on the uniqueness when it comes to weight loss for women. … [Read more...]

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