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Each person faces the challenge of losing weight permanently differently. Each person faces their issues in a sequence that is different than others.
But, a successful weight loser has to begin somewhere. Until they find a track that keeps them focused daily, until they adopt the changes as something they enjoy doing and can keep doing for the rest of their lives, they need to be constantly experimenting with a variety of different things. And the number one way they need to do that, the beginning point they need as a constant anchor…to which they will come back to often, even daily, is their heart.
Long before a diet, or eating strategy, or approach to lose weight can take root in a person’s lifestyle, each person needs to have a deep sense of their why. They need to know all the things that can become obstacles, and find solutions they believe in.
The entire context of “HEART PLAN – WEIGHT LOSS SUCCESS Begins in the Heart” is to give people a new way to look at themselves, a new inventory of thought, a new recipe each day of who they really are, and how they need to transform their exterior lives to realize the expression that they truly are…that they are already deep inside.

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  1. CoffeeTime says:

    AM COFFEE – Sign In!

    • Comment and Say ‘Hello’ to all who will be here with you
    • Do you know anyone who is overweight? Do you know how to support someone when they need your help in helping them to lose weight?

    sign in am coffee

    • constance ralph says:

      Good morning. I know several people that are really overweight.

      • How do you encourage someone who doesnt care to get healthier

        • we have the same issue. we’re constantly pulling food out of a relative’s mouth, but he doesn’t care. 🙁 His family is obnoxious and even say things to him like “I hope you have a will” . It’s nasty.

          • Karen Hinkle says:

            we had a BBQ this weekend I have a brother who really needs to watch his weight and he was eating like a pig and he has diebitic he don’t care to listen

            • My sister is the same way..she says she wants to get healthy but when I try to encourage her and have her go for walks with me she wouldnt. .and she thinks she is smaller than what she is..some of the clothes in her closet look like they would fit my 5yo

        • CoffeeTime says:

          Encouraging someone who DOES NOT CARE after you repeatedly made attempts is not gonna work.
          What works in these cases is to ACCEPT a person and not push any weight loss down their way.
          But that is different than being INDIFFERENT to their situation.
          Be on alert, listen what they really lack in their life.
          As you may know from all those posts in our HEART PLAN series, people start not to care or overeat due to something else going in their lives.
          When you listen to those people and help them to figure out WHAT it is, you’ve got 10 our of 10!

    • wendy c g says:

      Good morning, yes I do. I believe being there for them emotionally is key.

    • Hi! Yes, I know some. I think the best way to support them is not to tempt them with things that I might be able to (but probably shouldn’t anyway) eat…

    • Rebecca Swenor says:

      Good morning all. Anyone who is trying to loose weight needs support physically and mentally from friends and family.

    • Karen Hinkle says:

      good morning yes I am over weight I get great support from you all here

  2. CoffeeTime says:

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  3. CoffeeTime says:
    • wendy c g says:

      Very interesting article, gives a prospective I never thought about. Change is very hard and scary.

    • I lost 20lbs last year and was doing really good. Then my best best friend for 22 years developed calciphylaxis due to battling kindney diseases since she was 17. They gave her 6 month to a year to live. But it progressed so fast she only lived a month. I went back to my home town to be with her, her last couple weeks.

    • Rebecca Swenor says:

      There is always underlined problems that cause you to be over weight. It could be physically or mentally. When I get really depressed I tend to gain a few pounds. When I am feeling really depressed I make myself go visit people or start an old hobby. It helps me get out of my depression.

  4. CoffeeTime says:

    am coffee

    Are you TRYing to lose weight?

    Being a huge fan of Star Wars, as Master Yoda said to Luke, “TRY is the language of failure.”

    Be ready to be confronted by some facts and then finding that which works for you.

    1. Most weight loss programs suck.
    2. Most weight loss programs are based on partial-science.
    3. Weight loss companies want you back as a REPEAT customer.

    STOP for a moment and ask yourself a very personal question:
    The failure cycle repeats because you are not in “weight-loss-success” mode. You are in “weight-loss-TRY” mode.

    How Do I Get Out of this Mode? There are ways to do so. Peak into them here when you have decided to step onto the path of success in your weight loss process.

  5. CoffeeTime says:


    Are you dieting, or have you dieted?

    Diets Cause Weight Re-GAIN – Here’s How


    Feeding your body just 50% of your Basic Metabolism Rate for days on end, sets off your body’s alarms. The first thing it does is…
    – IT LOWERS YOUR METABOLIC RATE! Watch this short video that explains what happens in your body when we put it through Low Calorie Starvation.
    What they never tell you before you buy a weight loss program.

  6. CoffeeTime says:


    What are your roadblocks?

    Here are some you may be familiar with like in this Butterfly Wings with Rebecca who needs to face her husband.

    Or maybe you feel sometimes like hanging your hubby on a clothesline? Check out how it may happen.

  7. CoffeeTime says:


    What is your body image?

    Acknowledge The Size Of Your Body
    An important step in the consciousness raising process necessary for you to achieve permanent weight loss is acknowledging the size and dimensions of your body. How far it is from where it ought to be – where it can be – if you worked at it steadily? Check out this amazing post with many value points that support us in successful weight loss.

  8. CoffeeTime says:


    The emotional reasons and impact of weight loss:

    Love Can Hurt, and Love Can Heal

    How Do You Finally Lose Weight? Cry for Rene

  9. Rebecca Swenor says:

    Sometimes mine is myself with motivation when I am sore.

    • Me to Rebecca. But I have realized that sitting around makes me hurt worse. When I get up and move the soreness goes away faster

      • CoffeeTime says:

        In many cases, it is contr-intuitive: More moving, More pain.
        Actually, movement and stretching can do wonders.

        • Karen Hinkle says:

          I to some time feel depressed lacking in the social field and no being able to just leave when I want to with my grandson but I have you all now so I feel so much better after I leave here I just want to thank you all for being here and having a social life its important to me you all don’t know how much

          • CoffeeTime says:

            You are not alone feeling down and in the dark hole sometimes. I do, too, at times feel like this is the worst ever. But what I force myself to do is to get out of this hole and get back on the path of my Dreams and into the Light.
            I pull myself literally into action: take a walk, do 10 crunches, jumper-jacks, smile even I don’t feel like.
            These mini diversions are the best to put us back on track and spring into action.

            • Karen Hinkle says:

              and Laura I am getting out with the help of you all you are inspring me

              • CoffeeTime says:

                We are here to support each other. It is one of the most Powerful things ever.
                I love our group!

              • Rebecca Swenor says:

                Karen here is a lil advice, set one goal to do one thing a day and complete that goal. Each day you do this you will find it build confidence in yourself because you set the goal and completed it.

          • I too have very little adult social interaction. Its hard for me to make friends and im a stay at home mom. So love my amcoffee

        • wendy c g says:

          Yoga has really helped me.

      • Rebecca Swenor says:

        The answer above was answer for #3. Anyway I love the story about Rene. It was such an inspirational story. I did tear up too. Thanks so much for sharing that story.

      • getting back into my daily walk routine has done wonders for me.

      • Rebecca Swenor says:

        I 100% agree Constance. That is what keeps me going. 🙂

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