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Skin + Exercise = Younger Looks


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Skin, skin, our precious skin. What wouldn’t we do to make it younger-looking, brighter and healthier? As a matter of fact, we do a ton of things that, according to our humble opinion, help our skin to remain longer on the longitudes of youth. Yet, frequently, we avoid the simplest ways to incorporate into our lives that could change it.

One of such simple things is exercise. And we are talking about regular exercise, with sweat and perspiration, that improves, and even per some studies, reverses the effects of skin aging.

That is a FACT: exercise appears to keep skin younger and also even reverses skin aging in people who start their exercise routine much later in life.

Isn’t that FABulous to know? Even MORE FABulous to do?

Here’s what we all are going through as we age. Our gorgeous skin ages with us. It protects us. It nurtures us. It gives us our looks. Yet after 40 or something, the most outer layer of the skin, called ‘stratum corneum,’ – which mostly consists of dead cells and some collagen – starts to harden and grows in thickness.

The opposite process is happening to the dermis, the layer of skin which is beneath the epidermis. The dermis starts to lose its cells and elasticity – it begins to thin faster and faster. As a visual result of this process, we start noticing how our skin may give us a saggier appearance, and even become more translucent. The older we are, the more visible these two direct effects of skin aging show up in us.

younger skin through exercise

Please notice, that the above dual effect happens independently of the damage our skin experiences from the sun, from our lifestyle (like smoking, drinking, working a hazardous job and more), and from the products we use on our skin.

There was a visual experiment on mice, where one group led a sedentary lifestyle, and the other group was given a chance to use running wheels to exercise daily. The effects were shockingly amazing.

The group with a sedentary life, grew older not only in appearance like grey fur and balding, but also became frail, ill and demented.

The group of mice who were active and exercised, were vivacious and never got the signs of aging like greying fur! Besides, they maintained their brains, hearts, muscles and reproductive organs in tip-top shape. Isn’t that awesome?

Similar thing happens to human’s skin. Those individuals who exercise regularly enjoy bright-looking skin with healthier skin layers.

One of the researches done at McMaster uncovered that those individuals who exercised moderately to vigorously for about 3 hours a week had the skin composition much closer to that compared to the individuals in their 20s and 30s, even if the volunteers in the study were past age 65! That is something we cannot ignore!

More interestingly, the researchers at McMaster took the sedentary volunteers from the first part of their research and had them exercise aerobically for about 30 minutes twice a week. After 3 months, the skin composition has reversed its quality of that of a 65-old individual to the 20- to 40-old individual. That is remarkable!

Researchers do not have a complete understanding how such a reversal – anti-aging – works. They do know that the changes that exercise brings to ‘myokines,’ certain substances created by working muscles, start taking place on the cell levels far from the muscles themselves.

Just looking at these results on how moderate to vigorous exercise changes our skin composition is uplifting and noteworthy.

What are you doing to your skin these days to keep it younger looking and healthy?


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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    I do workout a lot, but I also eat right and drink lots of water. I think that is why I have great skin.

  2. This is such a great idea! It only makes sense that if you want healthy looking skin, it should actually BE healthy.

  3. That is very informative! I am exercising but this is more motivation to keep it up!

  4. There are so many factors and elements that affect your skin, sometimes it’s hard to stay on top of it all. But if you don’t you age before your time. And you can’t turn back time! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I actually use a nice scratchy glove in the shower to ex-foliate the skin on my face. I only do it once in a while and I am gentle with it. It quickly removes the dry skin and with a little moisturising cream afterwards, it makes a world of difference.

  6. I didn’t realize that exercise had such a huge impact on your skin! I guess that’s one more reason for me to get outdoors and more active!

  7. Exercise makes a big difference. That’s the reason I regularly exercise, not just for my skin, but for my health.

  8. My skincare routine is such a necessary part of my day and night. I feel terrible if I skip it. I have seen many changes since I started caring more.

  9. Yes, exercise does keep your skin looking younger. A healthy diet and plenty of water helps too.

  10. I notice a difference in my skin when I workout, its healthier,more radiant and full of life.

  11. I have gotten to the point that I want my skin to be soft and not damaged looking. I think my wrinkles and lines define me and as long as my skin is healthy, I’m happy!

  12. I can testify that exercising will keep your skin more youthful. When I’m not on my regular excersise regimen my skin breaks out and I becomes dull. Once I get back to my 3-4 days a week routine, I begin to glow and the world is new again.

  13. Yes exercise keep us look younger. I need to back on my workout routine

  14. Ron Leyba says:

    What a revelation. Gotta hit the gym soon. For real!

  15. Bonnie @wemake7 says:

    I can’t wait to exercise more if that is true. =) Thank for sharing this. Great post.

  16. My mom and me don’t workout very often but we both have skincare issues, so maybe this is true. I like that ad for skincare you have on here, we may need to try those products!

  17. Of course younger skin would be amazing – but I’ll jsut settle for healthy looking skin, even in the winter.

  18. Yup, exercise can make the skin healthy and look younger. This is great information.

  19. As we age what we see in the mirror is so important. Good skincare products can be tough to find! Thanks for sharing!

  20. I have noticed since i have been drinking a ton of water that my skin looks and feels healthier. I like to exfoliate three times a week in the shower. It has helped diminish my sun spots

  21. I have seen a post a week ago or so about a certain exercise for your face that helps eliminate wrinkles.

  22. This is the first time I’ve heard of those products before. I try to stay hydrated, eat right and exercise daily to keep my skin looking healthy. So far everything seems to be going good. I personally try to stay away from skincare products, but I’ve found some that are really nice too.

  23. I am so paranoid about aging now that I am reaching my late 30’s! I suppose if the research is true I need to start exercising a WHOLE lot more lo!

  24. I have noticed that many people just try and cover up the problems instead of taking care of there skin! You have to keep your skin your whole life, better treat it right!

  25. My skin is really bad. I know I don’t drink enough water, I don’t exercise and I drink way too much sugary coffee. Oh, and I almost don’t sleep. I know all the things I need to do but I just don’t have time. I have been trying to drink more water lately though!

  26. I am looking to try a new line of skin care products and this line looks awesome. I am a about ingredients these days. I need to exercise more seeing this definitely motivates me.

  27. Exercise does wonders! If people would only get it. I exercise regularly and so does my husband. We are both middle age and always get from people that we look younger, however, when you tell them, exercise is the key they totally stop listening. Too bad for them!

  28. It has been ages since I have used Luminesce, but they do have wonderful products! I’ll have to try out their new products for sure.

  29. I do believe that being active will help you look younger and healthier! I don’t work out much but I try to keep my skin looking healthy by moisturizing at least once a day!

    • Mandi Gilliam says:

      love all of these tips and working out is definitely a must and i also believe its never too early to start a beauty routine with products like the above to keep up with your skin no matter how young you are <3

      • Woo Hoo i was late and look at all the gals that came and i missed it well i have to say just turned 50 a few weeks ago and ppl say i have not changed i look the same except for my sagging under my eyes looks like i have not slept and i get my exercise in but the water part i need to work on

  30. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says:

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    Skin is our precious and largest organ. Exercise is one of the ways to get our SKIN in SHAPE. Yes, you can get significant results in how your skin looks, feels, and gets older with you. Older does not mean looking worse. Older means becoming wiser and smarter about how we treat our skin.

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  33. To keep my skin looking young, I always keep it clean – absolutely no going to bed with makeup on. Also, lots of water and a good skin care regimen suited to my skin’s age.

    • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says:

      This is the way to go! Every day doing this awesome routine will pay off.
      I’ve discovered that the makeup left overnight on the skin has an immense propensity to irritate the skin. And even all kinds of microorganism can live on the skin and irritate it.

  34. I believe exercise & just staying Active brings healthier skin because it increases circulation!

  35. Thank you for sharing. I will show this to my daughter. She will be interested in this product.

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