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Giving Thanks for the Perfect Body I Am


It is amazing how different every body is…as in EVERY BODY. No two bodies made the same. The only ideal bodies are manufactured, cut, filled, and photoshopped. Nothing real is perfect. Except that what you have now, that body you are wearing and inhabiting at this moment IS PERFECT. 

Maybe others don’t see it that way. Maybe you don’t either. The wrong question is “what is perfect?“ The right question is, “How are you feeling?” 

giving thanks for the perfect body

It begins with the intensity in your eyes, the softness in your heart, and the amazing touch of your hand. This is where the perfection in your body really is. And it cannot be compared with a single other person, body or soul.


What makes you amazing is that YOU ARE YOU. No one else CAN compare. Because you are unique you cannot be compared. So quit trying to. And don’t allow others to dictate it.

Which brings us back to your body. The most important thing about it is that you have one. Think about that. Having a body is pretty amazing, don’t you agree? So, starting from that place, everything else is downhill from there. So quit complaining about what you don’t have or have too much of. 

giving thanks for the perfect body

If you want to change your body, go ahead and do it. Just don’t start from a position of complaint. Begin from a deep sense of thankfulness. Thankful even more that you can make changes to it. You and your body have been linked together for a very long time. And that intimate connection is going to last for a lot longer. So, how can you be at war with it? Why would you want to? How can you treat, or think, or feel that the embodiment of you is somehow wrong?

Go back to square one. You have been gifted with life, an amazing body. And the ability to make your life, body and soul anything you want them to be. It may take time, even concerted effort. But how can you be unhappy about that?

Celebrate your body. Make peace with it not being the way you would prefer today. With happiness flowing from your soul, sculpt the future of your body by taking one joyful step toward it today. You will be your own brand of perfect each step along the way.
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  1. karen hinkle says:

    oh what wonderful words to live by thanks this really opened my eyes thanks Laura i hope our ladies will join for all you do for us

    • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says:

      Thank you, sweets!
      We will continue with our information and #AMCoffee posts. Some days are buzzing with action, some are slower.
      Let’s keep our vision clear and pour our hearts out.
      Valentine’s Day is in the offing!
      What are you getting for your Lovely?

      • karen hinkle says:

        i think i am getting him breakfast in bed but i don’t know we will see i have not really thought about it i guess i better

  2. I totally agree that we should celebrate our bodies! I have decided to stop being critical of my body and I hope everyone gets this message.

  3. Love this! In this day and age, it can really be difficult to love your body the way it is, but we really need to look at how strong and amazing it is. I know I need to work on appreciating my body more.

  4. It’s so important to accept our bodies and love ourselves! Nobody is perfect and it’s important to remember that even those seemingly perfect models in magazines & movies have flaws, too!

  5. Love this message!! There are so many things to combat how we view ourselves in media and social media to influence our thoughts.

  6. This is an awesome message. Self-esteem is so important. We do way too much comparing these days!

  7. I’m in the process of changing my body. I just started on Monday but it is a marathon not a sprint. I’ve started working out again so I can slim out this gut in time to be extra cute during the warmer months.

  8. Well said! I don’t diet – and I never have. I eat healthy and I don’t deprive myself. If I want a cookie – I’m going to have one.

  9. Such a great message! It’s so true, no two bodies are the same, and no bodies are perfect. Love that this post celebrates individuality. Very positive words!

  10. I think every one is beautiful in their own way. I’m going to celebrate my body today with coffee and music.

  11. Such a beautiful + inspirational post! Love the message behind it and it’s definitely a much needed reminder.

  12. What a great message. I think it’s true, we all need to celebrate our bodies and embrace ourselves. I love who I am, my body has grown 7 babies and I think everyone is just beautiful, in their own way, and for many reasons!

  13. I love this, and it’s something I try to remind myself of often. It can be hard to remember that in today’s world!

  14. I love the message of this post, this is very inspirational and powerful. I love my body even if it has many scars, stretch mark and fat, it’s still my body.

  15. loving ourselves is sooo important. It can be really hard at times, but you just have to keep your head up and remember that you are amazing.

  16. I agreed that we should celebrate our bodies! I love this!!

  17. Love the message of this post. I think its very important to love yourself the way you are

  18. Self confidence and self love is so important and I make sure to let my ten year old daughter know that she is beautiful and that she is who she is and not what anyone else wants her to be all of the time. I don’t think there is too early of a time to start telling our daughters and even sons these things.

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