15 Foods That Belong Outside Your Kitchen #AMCoffee

15 Foods That Belong Outside Your Kitchen


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We have a lot of sources and lists of foods that are unhealthy when they form your staple diet, i.e., every day diet! To have these foods every now and then is OK โ€“ that is our life and we should enjoy all kinds of foods.

However some of the food items in that extended family simply does not belong in our kitchen, leave alone our body.

Scroll down to see both categories: Foods that simply should be waved ‘good-bye’ and foods that we could indulge infrequently.



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  1. AM COFFEE – Sign In! HELLO, Everyone!

    Before you even start your scrolling down journey โ€“ What foods do you think you need to eliminated from a permanent shelf in your kitchen?

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    • Virginia Rogers says

      Good Morning!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Jessica Parent says

      Good morning-I need to eliminate the over abundance of convenience foods (specifically hamburger helper,chef boyardees)

      • CoffeeTime says

        I tried that famous Chef Boyardee stuff, and it was to mushi and untastful. I threw away all the cans I bought at that time. I tested different pastas and sauces, but none lived up to the loud famouOsity of the label!

    • karen hinkle says

      good afternoon had to watch grand baby well I am excited to be here

  2. amcoffee

    #1 White Bread
    Refined flour has almost NO nutritional value when compared to its whole grain counterparts.

    What you would find on the ingredient list for white bread is a ton of ingredients that are either hard to pronounce and excess of sugar!

    You decide if you wish to eat it!

    #2 Sugary Cereals
    Always see the Ingredients list before you buy! Anything with more than 8 grams of sugar is way too much! Some cereals are no different than a candy bar for breakfast.

    You decide if you wish to “flush” all the bi-products from the night’s sleep with loads of sugar or have a quality breakfast with lots of water followed by nutrition-dense meal.

    #3 Pancakes
    Well, this is something we used to eat every now and then when I was growing up. But these pancakes were not an everyday thing!

    Also there’s a difference between handmade pancake recipe at home and the packaged pancake mix!

    Those manufactured recipes in a box is nothing but a load of refined flour boosted with excess of fat and sugar.

    Indulge every now and then, yet be mindful to your body.

    #4 Granola Bars
    What we are being fed by advertising campaigns is buzz words: “natural,” “protein-packed,” “fiber-rich.”

    Those are true statements when it comes to evaluating those bars just from those single points alone.

    However, when you investigate the ingredients list –> WOW, they may be loaded with, yet again, sugar and hydrogenated oils, and soy-based products.

    Even those good bars like Kind Bar and Luna Bar still have sugar you need to watch.

    • Virginia Rogers says

      I know these are bad, nut yet for me who does not drive and cannot get out often is hard when meals on wheels only bring sugared cereal and white bread. Would much rather have wheat myself.

    • Jessica Parent says

      I like to occasionally have a granola bar or sugary cereal but they are not staples in this house,nor are pancakes.White bread is the only kind I can get my kids to eat and is my preference too so it wont be going anywhere anytime fast (unless they prove it causes cancer or something ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

      • karen hinkle says

        well not to much cereal hear but grandson loves pancakes and sometimes I get a granola bar but them are rare but wow eye opener that is

  3. CoffeeTime says

    am coffee

    #5 Artificial Sweeteners
    Yes, those sweeteners like in diet sodas or offered as a “we-care-about-your-needs” gesture at restaurants, are the kind that make you hungrier and lead to unending munching and snacking, thus consuming more unnecessary calories.

    Skip the fake โ€“ go for real like sugar.

    #6 Sodas
    This beverage does not belong in the kitchen, i.e., for regular consumption. We’ve already talked about the culprits and unnecessary side-effects that are produced by making a soda your daily companion.

    When a sports game or when you just want to indulge โ€“ go get a serving. And then just leave it there!

    Regular consumption of soda freaks out your blood sugar levels and creates constant munching and cravings. Wanna that in your life?

    #7 Energy Drinks
    Unless you are a professional athlete exerting a huge amount of energy for her training and competing, you really do not need any energy drinks!

    If you are after sweet and caffeine โ€“ go for green or regular tea.

    If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth craving โ€“ go after water infused with citrus fruit.

    • Virginia Rogers says

      Am not “healthy” but definitely do not use any of these.

    • Jessica Parent says

      I hate all the artificial sweetners in everything these days. We don’t do energy drinks here and only get soda for special occasions (I look for the ones with “real” sugar in them though when we have soda)

      • karen hinkle says

        I an a diet coke addict I know but that’s my drug by choice I need to stop but I cant I need help don’t do energy drinks

  4. CoffeeTime says


    #8 Microwave Popcorn
    Did you know that microwave popcorn contains insane amounts of fat, sodium and calories in the form of butter and flavoring?

    If you truly want a popcorn treat โ€“ air pop it! Keep it simple.

    #9 Chips
    Oh, yeah, those chips are addictive! You start with a few, and then you find yourself punching the bottom corners of the bag that held a lot of chips just recently! Hmm, an average chips product on the market โ€“ even now โ€“ is high in fat and calories.

    Even those healthier options that are available in the store offer no consolation when it comes to calories.

    The majority cannot stop just at one serving of chips! People consume several servings at a time making their regular indulgence a source of empty calories.

    • Virginia Rogers says

      Do like these but only get once in great while when get taken to store as a treat. Of course who does not like the stuff not good for us, lol.

    • Jessica Parent says

      but microwave popcorn is so yummy ๐Ÿ˜‰ We only get it on rare occasions -same with chips (birthday parties and about twice a yr outside of them)

      • karen hinkle says

        we eat chips and popcorn but you are right you just cant eat one serving I have been watching my intack on these low carb diet here

  5. amcoffee

    #11 Packaged Cookies
    Who would have thought, ah?

    You know those small servings that claim only about 100 calories a pop? They are so deceivingly SMALL! Many are loaded with sugar (about a quarter of the daily amount), and many would not, probably, stop at just having one!

    #12 Ketchup
    Watch the High Fructose Syrup as the major ingredient besides the tomatoes!

    Now, you can actually find Ketchup that has only tomatoes + natural preservatives. Look for those brands!

    • Virginia Rogers says

      Yes have definitely learned the difference even though 100 calories to watch sugar content. Do not care for ketchup. Did not know about so high in sugar though.

    • Jessica Parent says

      We occasionally get packaged cookies but they don’t last long with 5 kids and my hubby tearing into them (each person ends up with about 4 every few weeks) I have one kid addicted to ketchup but lucky for me its in small amounts a few times a month (when he was a toddler he had to eat it with “everything”)

  6. amcoffee

    #13 Margarine
    Oh, my, this is the worst fat anyone could put into the body! Trans Fat affects your health dramatically raising cholesterol levels.

    #14 Vegetable Oil
    What is it? Vegetable Oil is processed fat in a jar!

    Try healthier alternatives like Coconut oil and Macadamia Nut oil for cooking and baking.

    #15 Frozen Yogurt
    Oh those indulgencies every night with a cup of frozen yogrut… The word “yogurt” does not make it a lot different from ice-cream. These frozen treats are loaded with sugar โ€“ could be as high as 25 grams per 1/2 cup like in Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked Fro Yo!

    Just go someplace else if you gotta have a cup of yogurt, but keep your freezer light on yogurt.

    • Virginia Rogers says

      Definitely guilty on the oil and margarine, is very sad they are worse for you but cheapest to buy.

    • Jessica Parent says

      Yup these are the 3 I use quite a bit of (I like butter better but the quantities I use I cannot afford it) A gallon of Vegetable oil tends to expire before I use it all but I knew that ones not healthy ๐Ÿ˜‰ Frozen yogurt is an occasional treat here but I did not know it had so much sugar in it

  7. amcoffee

    Try these alternatives for your home pantry:

    โ€ข Omega-3 and Omega-6 for Your Health

    โ€ข Go For Foods With Real Nutritional Value

    โ€ข Have you tried Coconut Sugar? I Have It Daily! Read up my quick interview with SaraJean Cameranesi, the Founder of Coconut World.

    • Virginia Rogers says

      Have never tried coconut sugar but sounds really good will have to look for it next time I get to a store.Thank you!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Jessica Parent says

      Never tried coconut sugar but I am intrigued and will make a point to get my hands on some to change that.Always a battle here to try and make small changes to eat /be healthier.thanks for all the info

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