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• How To Say NO In Any Relationship
• I need More of My Self-Esteem
• Best Friends: Are They For Life?

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  1. CoffeeTime says

    AM COFFEE #1, 2 WINNERS –> Drawn at 10:35AM EST



  2. CoffeeTime says

    AM COFFEE #2
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    Wendi Watson
    Pamela Sims

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    Cynthia Dubuque
    Roxanne Debord

    #4 11:25am Winner
    Sandra Hurt

    #5 10:55am
    Amy Stonger

    #6 11:05am Winner
    Julie Ferguson Gould

    #7 11:15am Winner
    sheNna frame

    #8 11:30am 2 Winners
    Michelle Passwaters
    Carol Yemola


  3. Carol Yemola says

    Ready to see my name!

  4. CoffeeTime says

    AM COFFEE #3, 2 WINNERS –> Drawn at 10:45AM EST




  5. stephanie lippy says


  6. CoffeeTime says

    AM COFFEE #4, 1 WINNER –> Drawn at 11:25AM EST
    What To Do?

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    RETWEET #2
    RETWEET #3


  7. CoffeeTime says

    AM COFFEE #5, 1 WINNER –> Drawn at 10:55AM EST

    Here’s a shared story from our fan, “I’m a person who always gives in. I’m afraid you say “no.” It stems back to an abusive father. So, how about ways to be confident to say NO!”



    • you have to believe in your self and get you some help find some one you feel comfortable talking to and practice saying no it helps i always help other people but never help myself and when someone ask me for help i’m there but when i need help i dont ask you will be okay you just have to put you first you matter .

    • Pamela Sims says

      Learning to say no and set boundaries takes practice. If you are in an abusive relationship, you don’t have time to practice or build your self esteem. Get out now! Talk to friends, don’t keep silent. Get help and get out!!!

    • It’s difficult, it took me 7 years to learn this lesson for not only my self but my children as well. I learned to love my children and myself enough to say no.

    • Carol Yemola says

      If you have difficulty doing it by yourself, seek help! There are resources out there but you have to take the first step and contact them.

    • Amy Stonger says

      I’m still learning how to say no! It’s very difficult for me because I don’t want to disappoint others. I find myself doing everything I can to please others, even if it’s at my expense. It’s something I work on everyday.

    • sheNna frame says

      Its not that hard to say no. Just remember the consequences if you don’t listen to yourself. The choice has to be made, sometimes we give in to temptation, and that’s ok..

    • Just Run, get yourself out of the relationship. At the point you decide to get out, words don’t matter anymore, they only lead to another argument. So why say anything. Just pick your self up and RUN..

    • julie ferguson gould says

      Being in an abusive relationship when I was young due to poor self esteem and other things. I had a VERY hard time breaking away. The abusers have a way of making sure that they keep you down. Without the self PRIDE I thought I didnt deserve any better for myself but luckily when I met my kids Dad at 20 yrs old He put me up on a pedestal and told me that I WAS worth it I was Worthy of being Loved for everything I am!! I still Thank God that I met him! Unfortunately he passed away when I was 26 but those 6 years taught me a great deal………….. I met another person at 36 that I have been with and Loved by since I am Lucky to have 2 Great Loves in my Life 🙂

    • Shameka Barnes says

      Sometimes you have too, if you don’t want to be taken advantage of. Many people can’t say so because they have a good hurt. But you can’t always help everyone. You have to think about your self at some point. Then with the relationship question, not sure about that.

    • Suzzanne says

      The hardest thing you will ever do is say “no” in an abusive relationship and suffer the consequences – fear, hiding , child stealing, jail. But you will be much stronger for it.

  8. HI! I’m new to this but this looks like it could be a ton of fun. I’ve never been in an abusive relationship so I won’t touch that subject. I do know that I have a hard time to saying “No” to anyone. I’m not sure if it stems from my “need to please all” personality or if I just like to help people. I’m gonna guess from the former rather than the latter.

    • Karen Hinkle says

      I to have not been in a abusive relationship but I know some who have its not good and you must fix the problem nip it in the bud but I guess it is hard for them to say I am worth it and I am going to do something about it you need support from other to help you

  9. goodmorning

  10. CoffeeTime says

    AM COFFEE #6, 1 WINNER –> Drawn at 11:05AM EST

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  11. CoffeeTime says

    AM COFFEE #7, 1 WINNER –> Drawn at 11:15AM EST
    – What Does Self-Esteem Mean for you?
    – How Do You “TEACH” Self-Esteem to your Children?
    – Do you think You have Strong Self-Esteem?
    – What Do You Do To Develop A Strong Sense of Yourself?
    – Do You Think Today’s Generation Of Girls and Boys has Higher Self-Esteem?

    • Please Comment, Reply, Support your Fellow Women In This Important Understanding of the Self-Esteem
    • REFRESH Your Screens Frequently to See New Comments


    • Carol Yemola says

      Self esteem is the feeling of worth that you have of yourself. It is when you embrace who you are and want to share it with others. As far as children, they learn by example. If you demonstrate a sense of positive self esteem chances are that they will follow. If there comes a time when they seem to be losing it, lend support and steer their focus to positive aspects of their personality.

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      I feel self esteem is very important in a child. My youngest is 17 and is having trouble even talking to class mates. Anyone got suggestions. I know I am not a very good role model for self esteem but over the years it has improved.

    • julie ferguson gould says

      Ive always taught my Children that they are Perfect in Gods eyes and that they can do anything.

    • sheNna frame says

      My children are young (6,4,1) and its hard to teach them self esteem. My middle is great, she does everything she wants, keeps her head held high, and smiles. My oldest, whom is ADHD, gets bummed out pretty quickly. He never feels he does anything right, we struggle with him and his self esteem since he started school last year. Were hoping things get better. We re assure him he is wonderful and we love him; to do your best.
      I have a great self esteem, unless it comes to my body image. Then, lets just say, I’m saddened

      • CoffeeTime says

        My dear sheNna,
        First, what a great MOM you are! 3 kids is a lot to do on the daily basis.
        Second, about your older baby. What could be even more stimulating and Encouraging is asking your Middle child to support and encourage your Older boy.
        When it comes to peer-to-peer relationship (other than Parent-to-child), the effect could be quite astoundingly profound.
        I’ve observed the cases when kids with good self-esteem helped other children to rise and shine to the occasion.

        That would support your Oldest child’s belief and form a new point of view in his mind that people are
        – Reliable
        – Trustworthy
        – Helpful

        Step-by-step, such encouragement and interaction would do wonders for him and for you!

        Keep doing it.

        There’s a Magic in forming Relationships, with siblings included!

        • sheNna Frame says

          Thank you so much. My middle child does her best to support him in many ways. They make perfect best friends. Next year she begins school and I’m really hoping we have his self esteem levels up, because she makes friends extremely easy, and I can see some jealousy and depression approaching if we don’t get a grip on things. Fingers crossed.

    • Mandi Gilliam says

      1. self esteem,is eveything, its my confidence when doing an interview for a job, its my guiding light for any healhy relationship, whether its your friend, boyfriiend, family, and even your children. 2.to teach your children self esteem, is rather difficult , if you dont provide the role model of having high self esteem, yourself. you have to teach them and get them to understand their self worth. its also equally important to teach them how to treat others. best method? by example. i fortunately have great self esteem, now, by realizing that no one is perfect, and by doing what i can to always self improve, but be happy with who i am.and

    • Amy Stonger says

      To build my children’s self esteem, I give constant encouragement, praise, and support!

    • self esteem for me – means not compromising my beliefs and morals while trying to boost myself up.. I have a decent self-esteem.. it could be better but I’m working on it!!

    • Sandra Hurt says

      I used to have a problem with self esteem a long time ago. At some point I just put myself out there. You have to learn to like yourself 1st and just enjoy being who you are.

  12. jennifer capin says

    Good morning! Is your party open to Canadians? TY

  13. Pamela Sims says

    Self esteem to me means a positive sense of who we are and our self worth. Teaching self esteem to children by raising them in a loving safe environment, praising them and allowing them to try new things. Also, by avoiding negative and hurtful remarks. I think I have a strong sense of self esteem in some areas of my life, but not all. I do not think today’s generation of boys and girls have higher self esteem. I think that the percentage has pretty much remained the same, even with the advent of “positive parenting.”

  14. Karen Hinkle says

    I think I have ok self esteem I do say what I feel even if I think I shouldn’t but in the long run you have to I teach my girls to stand up for what they believe in and with the support they are doing good proud of them I think todays kids have to mush peer pressure and that makes it hard on them but with a good family support and love we have the power to help them

  15. nicole lynn says

    self esteem is very important ti me coming from an abusive household where all you heard was negativity. I belive I have a high self esteem… if you dont the first tgung to do is remove negative things and people frim your life. No I believe tbey have a lower sekf esteem nowadays

  16. Good morning!

  17. Knowing the difference between right and wrong and being able to go against the easy way out and do what is right for everyone involved. Being self aware and feeling good about yourself and others.

  18. roxanne debord says

    Good morning, all!

  19. mandi gilliam says

    sorry i am late something happened to my iphone and now im having to use my ridiculously caveman slow

  20. mandi gilliam says


  21. michelle passwaters says

    Good morning!!! Thanks Mandi Gilliam for inviting me!

  22. sandy vanbuskirk says

    Good morning everyone.

  23. michelle passwaters says

    I try to teach my children self esteem by letting them know everyday how beautiful they are inside and out and making sure they know they are loved by many people and I encourage in everything they do or want to accomplish.. Self esteem is very important to have it gives you the drive to go farther with things in life without questioning yourself if you are good enough. I think I have high self esteem I tell my self no matter my many flaws I can do anything anyone else can.

    • michelle passwaters says

      I do think today’s generation has more self you can tell by the way people take care of them selves and carry themselves in public.

    • Mandi Gilliam says

      Awe this was beautiful Michelle! I love you! Congratulations!!!!!

  24. CoffeeTime says

    AM COFFEE #8, 2 WINNERS –> Drawn at 11:30AM EST
    Best Friends: Are They Forever?

    What To Do?
    • Is it possible to have long-lasting friends?
    • How you make such best friends?
    • Do you share everything with your BFF or just selected information?
    • Any perspective how to make Best Friends Relationships to work and last?


    • Carol Yemola says

      Some best friends are forever, but sometimes circumstances will end the friendship. I share almost everything with my BFF, but some things are just private between myself and my husband. I am not sure hot wot make BFF relationships work and last. I have had some than didn’t last.

    • Stacy Giacosa-Bauer says

      Yes, it is possible to have long-lasting friends, I have 6 that I have known since I was 10 or 11.
      I have kept in touch with them over the years when I go home to visit and on the phone, Some of them don’t get on Facebook, so we Skype each other and before that we sent care packages to each other with pictures, baked good, etc…
      I do share everything with my BFF’s, and they share everything with me. We are much older now and need each other to talk to and help get through things in life.
      The best way to make Best Friends Relationships work and last is to always be honest, caring and understanding about what they may be going through in their life!

    • julie ferguson gould says

      I have had quite a few BFFs that I have stayed in contact with for 40 yrs. Even if your unable to talk to them too often as long as you keep them in your heart they stay BFFs. Matter of fact I just reconnected with a BFF that I hadnt talked to in years and it was like we were still sitting in our bedroom as kids and chatting 🙂 Was great

    • sheNna frame says

      Friends come and go, but best friends, they are the ones you can call, text,email and actually respond right away. You can share your deepest secrets with. They are your rock when no one else is around. Best friends come clearly on connection. They can be any age too. Mine is 10yrs younger than me, she helps me, and I help her.

    • I’d like to think best friends are forever but unfortunately that’s not always possible. Sometimes people grow and change and their lives become to different for one another. It’s okay to keep a hold of the memories and good times but sometimes you have to let go and move on..

    • Amy Stonger says

      Long lasting friends are possible, but requires effort on both people! It’s work to make friendship last and depends on the level of commitment from both parties!

    • sandy vanbuskirk says

      long lasting friends are the one who stick by your side through thick and thin are there for you no matter what. that is a true friend. they love you the way you are…

    • Mary Fagans says

      Yes, I think so. I still have 2 of my very best friends, one from 1st grade and one from 9th grade. We talk to each other every couple days and get together whenever possible.

    • Mandi Gilliam says

      All of my closest friends have been long lasting. I’m 25 and my best friends go all the way back to elementary and middle school. I love you @michelle passwaters!! You may lose touch with your best friends due to long distance, or having children and a family. But that doesn’t mean that your love for them is any less, it simply means you don’t get to hang out with and see them everyday like you are used to. Maintaining a long lasting friendship is easy to do if you stand high on moral grounds. And you don’t betray your friends by two-facing them to other people, sleeping with their love interests, by always telling them everything even if its something that you aren’t proud of. It takes sucking up your pride and admitting your wrong when having disagreements and even being the bigger person sometimes just to appease them. Always call your friends every now and then, even if you are the busiest “super mom” in the world just to ask them how they are doing. If you can do that and stay loyal to your friends it will make for an ever lasting friendship. But when loyalty and communication is lost friendships will fall apart at the seams. I love my friends and I tell them daily that I love them. Because god forbid anything happen to them, I would want them to know how much I loved them. So before hanging up on every phone call or before leaving the mall and saying goodbye I always end it with I love you. These things have kept my relationships strong!

    • Sandra Hurt says

      Yes have a hand full of best friends that I can always count on. We have many porch nights talking about many things life, family, what we are going to do in our old age. We share laughter & sadness. The years go by so quickly.

  25. Hello All not sure if I signed in to the right place??

  26. Stacy Giacosa-Bauer says

    Good Morning!

  27. If you haven’t picked up a copy of “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young do so today. We all need to stop beating ourselves up. Start your day with a conversation with Jesus. Listen and follow in his footsteps. Strength will come from God. Ask in Jesus name and you shall receive. God bless all the Moms in this world. Love you all with all my heart.

  28. Karen Hinkle says

    It is possiable to have a long lasting friendship but it takes a lot of work to keep in touch with the every day things life is so fast paced these day best friends don’t judge you and you can count on them for any thing no questions asked yes you share every thing with bf to make them work and last you have to be commited and make it your mission to stay in touch and that’s what I do

  29. julie ferguson gould says

    Good Morning Everyone Sorry Im late I had PC trouble

  30. Lindy Bee Giordano says

    You have to learn to be assertive and stop being a YES MAN to everyone. Tweeted too 🙂

  31. michelle passwaters says

    In my experience it is possible to have long lasting friends or at least a couple of them. Its very hard to find good friends these days. I’m not sure how to make such a good friend I am always cautious when trusting people I just start off as acquaintances and go from there and build on it . I dont share everything because you never really know somebody completely. My advice to a good friend is be truthful trust worthy and be there in time of need .

  32. mandi gilliam says

    1. self esteem,is eveything, its my confidence when doing an interview for a job, its my guiding light for any healhy relationship, whether its your friend, boyfriiend, family, and even your children. 2.to teach your children self esteem, is rather difficult , if you dont provide the role model of having high self esteem, yourself. you have to teach them and get them to understand their self worth. its also equally important to teach them how to treat others. best method? by example. i fortunately have great self esteem, now, by realizing that no one is perfect, and by doing what i can to always self improve, but be happy with who i am.and

  33. Rebecca Swenor says

    I have had friends for years but the only one I consider my true best friend is my younger sister whom is only a year younger than me. We were even pregnant together at one time and our kids are only about 1 !/2 months apart.

  34. michelle passwaters says

    Where are the winners posted?

    • CoffeeTime says

      If you scroll up to the very top, scroll down just a bit, look for the PICTURE with WINNERS! ALL currently drawn winners are there already!

  35. Shameka Barnes says

    Hi everyone

  36. michelle passwaters says

    Sorry I’m just not seeing it

  37. Good morning! Barely made it! Thanks for the invite Laura!
    I’ve been ill but glad I could join another of your events!

  38. It’s very possible to have long lasting friends. The relationship doesn’t even have to be continuous – i have some friends i don’t talk to for months then we pick up again like there was never a gap in time. Love those type of friendships.

  39. Pamela Sims says

    It is very possible to have long lasting friends! I have had the same best friend since high school. We share everything! The key is to be accepting and supportive.

    • Shameka Barnes says

      So true on that, that’s what you call a strong foundion for long term friendship. You built it together from bottom up, now you’re enjoying being there for one another, etc.

  40. Angela McKie says

    Good morning! Had my cup of coffee and ready for the day!

  41. Suzzanne says

    Good morning. I have my coffee and am ready to go

  42. Angela McKie says

    I think it depends on the people for best friends. Most of my friends have moved to opposite sides of the country and we are all really close. I think I’ve found all of my best friends during hard times in my life. I’ve really been lucky and found four amazing women that I’ve been friends with for 15+ years each.

  43. michelle passwaters says

    So happy I won what is the afternoon tea? Where do u go for that?

  44. Mandi Gilliam says

    Afternoon tea?! Count me in!!!! Where do I go Laura!???

  45. Linda Heng says

    Goodmorning everyone! 🙂

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