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If you only look at the nutrition facts of an apple, you may think it’s an ordinary fruit. True that apples are a very good source of fiber, both soluble and insoluble called pectin, and vitamin C, they do not contain significant amounts of other vitamins and minerals. However, what apples lack in those micronutrients, they more than make up for in their fat-fighting phytonutrient content!

Take A Look:

• Flavonols, including quercetin
• Catechins, including epicatechin (which are also found in tea)
• Anthocyanins (which are also found in berries)
• Chlorogenic acid (which is also found in coffee)
• Phloridizin and more

Also, we do need to keep in mind that scientist did not identify ALL nutritionals inside any plant or fruit or vegetable. The synergies that exist inside every single plant make each one of them a “magic” that feeds the cells of our body and powers those cells up to be resistant to diseases, internal and outside stressors they encounter in life through a natural living process.

Apples and polyphenols in them have been found to possess some invaluable features when it comes to fat burning. It is  not burning per se, rather, polyphenols benefit carb blocking and control blood sugar, which is responsible for all those hunger pains and munches.

Quercetin, the polyphenol, inhibits digestive enzymes – alpha-amylase, alpha-glucosidase – responsible for breaking down carbohydrate into absorbable sugars. We do know that excess of carbohydrates “floating” in our blood is converted into fat! Thus, quercetin reduces blood sugar after a meal, meaning less fat conversion will be happening.

The Phenolic Acid and Tannins – other types of polyphenols – alongside with other Polyphenols and Quercetin, have been shown to reduce the absorption of carbohydrates in the small intestines. Food is broken down throughout its journey through our body, starting this process in the mouth with the help of saliva. What happens at each stage of food digestion depends your body’s well-being.

The polyphenols in apples have shown to reduce insulin sensitivity, reducing insulin resistance. That means that the body needs less insulin to take care of free sugar molecules floating in our body. We know that those people whose insulin has been exhausted get Type II Diabetes. A great preventative measure against this disease is to control blood sugar. That is done by eating balanced food diet with a lot of leafy green vegetables that have high fiber content and physical exercise.

The polyphenols in apples have been shown to change the flora in the gut, improving the good gut bacteria vs the pathogenic ones! The good flora does lie as the base of our immune system. The stronger gut flora is, the stronger immune system becomes. It’s that basic.

The fiber in apples brings one of the top satiety levels, meaning that when you eat an apple your hunger and cravings go down significantly.

EWG, the Environmental Working Group, rates apples at the top of most pesticide-contaminated produce items. As the majority of the nutrients in apples are concentrated in their skin, opt out for ORGANIC options and clean the surface well before eating. Eat Cleaner is the solution that has wipes and liquid which kills any microbes and pesticides with a natural formula. Check it out and keep those wipes handy.

Eat Apples Every Day to add multiple benefits they bring to the body’s systems!

• Slice apples into your green salads
• Dice apples into greek yogurts or oatmeal
• Roast apple slices in the oven!
• Eat apple cored rounds with your favorite nut or seed butter

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    • Good Morning to all!!!

    • We just love apples here. We eat apple slices everyday just about. I do like them in my oatmeal with just a touch of brown sugar and crushed almonds.
      The changing of flora in the gut with apples is good to know.

    • Amanda Alvarado says

      I like them cooked and they have to be organic. Apples are always one of the top 10 of the dirtiest fruits/veggies!

      • good afternoon oh we love apples i have 3 apple trees i k=love to make a fruit salad and just eat them plain jack loves his apples he eats them every day i like to make apple cake and apple bread and i make apple zucchini bread to

  2. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says
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