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Why do we eat strawberries?

First, for taste of course. Then, knowing the benefits that hide inside those plump beautiful individual fruits, we go after strawberries with ardor!

Raw or in a smoothie, the strawberries bring us an amazing gamut of health benefits. From being an amazing supply of Fiber and Vitamin C alone, you are encouraged to eat strawberries to take advantage of that! Today, we’ll tackle down the top 10 benefits WHY we gotta have more strawberries in our lives.

A FUN FACT: There are over 600 varieties of strawberries that differ in size, color, taste.

Musts To Know:

– Strawberries decrease inflammation in our bodies that is a precursor to chronic diseases. What’s for you here? Watch this clip and load up on strawberries!
-Strawberries make the EWG Dirty Dozen Foods list every year. What ‘s for you here? Eat organic!

And even if you are not a big fan of strawberries, take a chance to taste them and appreciate the delicate arrangement of vitamins and benefits they burst with. Do something to bring in to your table and to your body the Natural abundance of phytonutrients to boost your health and enjoyment of life!

Celebrate National STRAWBERRY Day Today!

Scroll Down for some most Exciting Information on Strawberries and Your Body that Could benefit from them!

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  1. CoffeeTime says

    AM COFFEE – Sign In!

    • Comment and Say ‘Hello’ to all who will be here with you
    • What is YOUR relationship with STRAWBERRIES? Anything you love about these magical fruit?

    sign in am coffee

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      Good morning all. I love strawberries with lil sugar and whip cream Whip them together for a strawberry moose. Yummy.

    • wendy c g says

      Good morning, we had strawberries in angel food cake for dessert last night.

    • wendy c g says

      I use them in my salads, smoothies, juices, salad dressing, in fruit salads. So many ways to use them. They are delicious.

      • Karen Hinkle says

        good morning well my strawberries are blooming right now they should be ready in a few weeks just go to my garden and pick away I love that I can just go out my door and pick them fresh and we love strawberries shortcake

    • constance ralph says

      Good morning. .I love strawberries

    • strawberries are my favorite! they are in fierce competition with kiwi and peach. or i combine them…

    • Virginia Rogers says

      Good Morning all!!! I love strawberries in all forms, plain, smoothies, on cakes, yogurt!! 🙂

    • Jessica Parent says

      Hello!!! Strawberries are my favorite fruit! I had NO idea there were over 600 varieties though!!

    • Mandi Gilliam says

      Good morning ladies! I’m late lol!! Just woke up! But I love strawberries! My grandpa used to take us to pick strawberries in the summer every year!!

    • Good Morning I just made a batch of strawberry jam yesterday. And my sister is saving all her strawberrys to me to make more.

  2. CoffeeTime says

    This is for EARLY BIRDS to Enjoy!



    LOSE WEIGHT cry for rene

  3. CoffeeTime says

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  4. CoffeeTime says

    am coffee
    vegetable fiber


    Fiber is not only good for making us more regular. It is a vital ingredient to keep our blood sugar at check, thus preventing us from overeating and eating junk. It allows us to lose weight more successfully as a result.

    If you haven’t seen this short intro to Fiber, it’s a MUST to see and to know!

    Strawberries, being low in calories (about 54 calories in a cup), provide fiber for our bodies to function with more efficiency. Adding this fruit to your diet could only add a variety to your diet and boost to your well-being, as you will be partaking from different sources of vitamins and minerals.

  5. CoffeeTime says

    strawberries ease inflammation

    Strawberries lower blood levels of C-reactive protein (CRP), a signal of inflammation in the body.

    In a study, women who ate 16 or more strawberries per week were 14 percent less likely to have elevated levels of CRP. (Harvard School of Public Health.)

    Watch this informative clip on INFLAMMATION that could be an eye-opener to you.

    What causes Inflammatiom?
    – Persistent Stress, Poor gut health, Food allergies
    – Diet high in simple carbohydrates, refined sugars
    – Lack of exercise
    – Excess alcohol
    – Too many animal products
    – Sugary drinks (including fruit juices), HFCS
    – Excess body fat

  6. CoffeeTime says

    strawberries better memory
    Photo: sheknows


    STRAWBERRIES are filled with hundreds of thousands of phytonutrients. One of them is ANTHOCYANINS. This naturally occurred chemical boosts short term memory by 100 percent in eight weeks. (The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry)

    The LESSON HERE –> Eat More Strawberries!

  7. CoffeeTime says

    strawberries stong bones

    Strawberries contain Potassium, vitamin K and Magnesium which are important for bone health.
    You can experience muscle cramps when you have insufficient stores of any of these elements.

  8. CoffeeTime says

    strawberries cancer fighting properties


    Naturally full of vitamin C, folate, and the flavonoids quercetin and kaempferol, strawberries are part of our diet that helps to boost our immunity and fight cancerous cells and their formation.

    Wait NOT for another reminder of eating more fruit and veggies! Start with a strawberry Today!

  9. CoffeeTime says

    strawberries anti-inflammatory



    Vitamin C in strawberries is vital to collagen production. Including foods rich in Vitamin C, like Strawberries, we support collagen production and make our skin more clear and prevent from premature aging.
    Decrease and slower the aging process and formation of those fine wrinkles by Eating Strawberries and Smothering them all over the face and neck areas for a more beautiful you!

    Check out our FACIAL MASKS HERE!

    • wendy c g says

      Yum, i use strawberries in my smoothies.

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      Shopping tomorrow and getting a bunch of strawberries and going to have fun. I am going to do the facial and eat them well doing it. 🙂

    • constance ralph says

      Yum..have a snack and get a facial

    • Virginia Rogers says

      Usually with the price of strawberries just like to eat them when do get them, not sure if could stand smelling or wasting on my face, lol, probably a good idea though even though no wrinkles yet. 🙂

    • Mandi Gilliam says

      Wow!!!! I gotta try that!!!! I will do this!!!!!

    • Jessica Parent says

      Im going to start smearing the “ugly” berries nobody wants to eat (and the less ripe ones) all over my face -have to try the mask as well! I can never keep them in the house long enough to to try new things with them and we have so many people in the house they are usually gone as fast as I get them

      • Mandi Gilliam says

        Lol!!!! That’s how it is at my house Jessica LOL

        • Jessica Parent says

          Its like that with most of my fruits (Im probably one of the few that do not have bananas readily on hand too (If I buy enough to last more than a day-they don’t get eaten before going bad If I buy 7-8 they are gone as soon as the kids get home from school )Same with strawberries, any form of dessert/snacks, and any other “yummy” food

    • hm, I’m not worried about aging yet (I’m 25) but since there’s no chemicals involved, there’s nothing better than prevention!!

  10. CoffeeTime says

    sliced strawberreis folic acid
    Photo: businessmediasite

    Pre-Natal Health And STRAWBERRIES


    Folate is a B-vitamin recommended for women who are pregnant or trying to conceive, and with 21 mcg per serving strawberries are a good source!

    Folate is necessary in the early stages of pregnancy. Folic acid in strawberries may help to prevent certain birth defects.

    Obviously, the sources of good nutrients should be from different sources, i.e., fruit and vegetables.

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      I got to share this with my sister but don’t know how she will feel about having another child after she has her first in couple months. 🙂

    • wendy c g says

      I will share this information with family and friends.

      • Karen Hinkle says

        well this is good to know but I am not having no more children but my daughter is in August so I will tell her to eat them but she eats all good foods

    • constance ralph says

      My mom said she craved strawberries when she was pregnant with me

    • constance ralph says

      Not planing on having anymore any time soon..I have 4 and my youngest two are 3..but good to know

    • constance ralph says

      Will be sharing this with my sister though

    • Virginia Rogers says

      yet another piece never heard of good to share even though am done with child bearing myself 🙂

    • Mandi Gilliam says

      Tubes are tied 🙁 no more conceiving for me but I will keep in mind for friends and family members 🙂

    • Jessica Parent says

      I craved strawberries this past pregnancy and ate more strawberries during one trimester than all of my other pregnancies together 😉

      • Mandi Gilliam says

        How is your little one doing jess?!? I want to see pictures !

        • Jessica Parent says

          Lol-I still haven’t posted any to FB-I have a few hundred to go through Mandi 😀 He is wonderful!!!I am enjoying every precious second with him.Still a Peanut but almost 3 weeks old now (Thurs night he will be)I think he is 6 – 6 1/2 lbs now almost 20″ long-still does the newborn frog legs (Which I adore) .William has truly blessed me and even though I didn’t want to “start all over” I am so glad I did and that I was blessed with such a “good” (relaxed) baby . If all babies were as easy has he has been everyone would have 10 at least…No complaints (sleeps pretty good too about 6 hr stretch at night-eats and goes right back out for another 4-5 🙂 )

    • just another reason for me to eat them. I hope to have at least one sibling for my Shmuch

  11. CoffeeTime says

    strawberries high fiber


    – Folklore states that if you split a double strawberry in half and share it with the opposite sex, you’ll soon fall in love.
    – There are more than 600 varieties of strawberries that differ in flavor, size and texture.
    – Strawberry designs are carved in medieval stone masons as the sign of perfection and righteousness. These designs are often carved on altars or around the top pillars in cathedrals and churches.
    – The strawberry was a symbol for Venus, the Goddess of Love, because it’s often heart-shaped and has a rich, red color.
    – Madame Tallien, known as the pronounced figure at the court of Emperor Napoleon, was popular for bathing in the strawberry juice of 22 pounds of strawberries.
    – Legend has been told that strawberries were named by English children who picked, strung it on grass straws and sold them as “straws of berries.”
    – Strawberries belong to the family of rose, along with apples and plums.
    – Strawberries are not classified as berries. Blueberries and raspberries have seeds inside while strawberries have their seeds outside.
    – Strawberries were once thought to be an aphrodisiac and were served in soups to newlyweds in 13th century France.
    – Ancient Romans used strawberries to alleviate symptoms of fainting, fevers, throat infections, kidney stones, halitosis, attacks of gout, and diseases of the blood, liver and spleen.
    – At Wimbledon each year, strawberries and cream are eaten between tennis matches by properly attired English.

  12. CoffeeTime says

    organic strawberries



    Non-organic strawberries are reported to be covered with over 60 pesticides that cannot be safely removed from the fruit.

    Strawberries always make the EWG’s (Environmental Working Group) Dirty Dozen Foods list. Read the list to get familiarized with other foods that harbor a huge amount of chemicals.

    • wendy c g says

      Yuck, I try to buy organic when possible.

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      Wow did not know this. You gave us all great info this morning and thanks for that. Keep up the great work you do for us Laura because that is why others and my self keep coming back.

    • constance ralph says

      Eww I try to buy organic when I can afford to..really cant wait for the farmers market to open

    • constance ralph says

      I really need to build a raised bed so I can start growing more

    • constance ralph says

      Thanks laura for all the new information

    • Virginia Rogers says

      any fruit or vegetable best organic without the pesticides 🙂

      • they are, but there are a few that are specific ally notorious for he amounts of pesticides used. So for those who can’t afford to get everything organic, strawberries are one of the top to start with.

    • Mandi Gilliam says

      Oh wow!!!!! I need to start eating organically then! Yuck! Did not know that!

    • Jessica Parent says

      I cant afford the extra cost of organic (the strawberries are literally twice as much !) I always wash my fruits and veges and thought that was enough to get the pesticides off (Wish they would just ban the darn pesticides!) A lot of my favorites are on the dirty dozen (but see a few favs on the clean 15 as well!) Thanks

  13. wendy c g says

    As always great and useful information. Thank you Laura.

    • Karen Hinkle says

      that’s why I grow my own fruits and vegtables I know what are in my stuff and I don’t have to leave home to get fresh foods just walk outside and grab them

  14. Libbi Cooksey says

    Wow love this and learning new stuff every time I join in the conversation!! Thank you Laura!

  15. Mandi Gilliam says

    As always I love learning new information!!! I’m going. To go read that story and watch the video now. thank you laura for teaching me something new and how to live healthier everyday! And a thanks to our sponsor Carihola for being so amazing!

  16. CoffeeTime says

    We are all winners when we learn and keep our minds and hearts open to new information, new practices, and new connections.

    Prizes by Cariloha Go To these people in the form of… Bamboo Socks!
    – Mandi Gilliam
    – Constance Ralph
    – Jessica Parent

    • Fill out the form below by 10pm EST today.
    • Add any information on Color, Size, Style where and when it is appropriate.

    amcoffee prize winners

    • Mandi Gilliam says

      Awe yay!!!! I needed some socks!!! Thanks #amcoffee and congrats Constance and Jessica!!!

    • wendy c g says

      Congrats winners

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      Congrats girls 🙂

    • Mandi Gilliam says

      Hey laura I messed up when filling out the form and forgot to put the city state and zip and only put my street address so after I submitted I hit page back and added the missing shipping info. Could you please let me know if you got the form filled out correctly please? So sorry about that!

    • Jessica Parent says

      Thanks Ladies ! Huge Thanks to Laura for another informative chat and bringing us awesome prizes and new friends and Cariloha for providing the amazing prizes 😀 Truly grateful for morning coffeetime (with or without the prizes but they are always a sweet bonus)

  17. Karen Hinkle says

    congrats ladies

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