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We’d love you to join us in this curious and eye-opening review of issues like Gray Hair, Wheatgrass, and Heels Height.

They may seem unrelated. And may be they are. However, #AMCoffee is all about Exploring, Keeping minds and hearts open to Discoveries that may be missed, and even avoided, in the daily running race for …living.

Have fun making your discoveries today and comment your thoughts away! That’s what it’s all about – sharing space and thoughts and feelings in the moment of time.

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  1. Hello Everyone! AM COFFEE is ready for you!
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    As we are in a busy Thanksgiving week, let’s have some fun today and check out these amazing reminders that at the end do make a huge difference in our well-being, our looks, and how we FEEL about ourselves… then, reflecting it onto the world around us.

    So happy to see you today here! Come over when you can. AM Coffee is for early birds and not-so, too! It is open all-day-long, as we do have different schedules we live with.

    Stay with us every morning, win prizes, but mostly, make awesome friends!

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  2. am coffee
    Who has gray hair? I could hear your voices, galz!

    Putting highlights, dying hair, even using natural dyes to conceal the grayish color – well, it’s work in progress, as we need to do it regularly for the rest of our lives. Unless you choose to go bald one day.

    You may guess what’s coming –>

    It’s been researched and brought up to the surface again from ancient Chinese cultures that wheatgrass can reverse SIGNIFICANTLY the gray color into your original hair color.
    Isn’t that exciting or what?!

    The research says that “regular consumption of the young grass of a common wheat plant can recolor grays so that you can enjoy your natural color into the senior years!”

    gray hair
    Source: Spirit Science And Metaphysics

  3. am coffee

    The process behind this miracle granted to us by Mother Nature is several layers deep:

    – Wheatgrass Slows Down the aging process
    – Detoxifies our entire body
    – Fights tumors
    – Tightens loose and saggy skin

    I LOVE the effects this widely spread wheatgrass can do for us!

    wheatgrass drink
    Source: Spirit Science And Metaphysics

  4. amcoffee

    Let me quote this:

    “Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) links hair pigmentation to the quality of your Blood and the strength of your Kidneys. […] gray doesn’t mean old as much as it points to weak Kidneys and Blood.”

    Wheatgrass is made of 70% of Chlorophyll restores the health of our kidneys and blood.

    Chlorophyll helps to oxygenate the blood, thus building more strength to it.
    Chlorophyl transports nutrients and oxygen to the our cells, tissues and organs —> rejuvenating and protecting them.

    wheatgrass rejuvenates
    Source: Spirit Science And Metaphysics

  5. amcoffee

    Nutritionist Dr. Bernard Jenson has been studing wheatgrass and wrote several books on its power and rejuvenating process.

    He cites that consuming wheatgrass and other green juices on the regular basis boosts red blood cell count.

    You can easily grow Wheatgrass at home to add to your salads, soups, smoothies and juices.

    Here are quick facts about Wheatgrass:

    – Grows in 8-12 days
    – Harvest only Once
    – Keep the harvested grass in the fridge for about a week, when needed
    – Harvest when a 2nd blade of grass appears on the grass blade
    – Plant your new seeds for a new harvest!

    You don’t need a LOT of wheatgrass every day!

    If you noticed, healthy bars where they cell different juices and drinks, offer Wheatgrass Shots. Mix your wheatgrass shot with your favorite fruit and feel refreshing!

    Let’s Drink It to Our Health, GALZ!

    wheatgrass shots
    Source: Spirit Science And Metaphysics

  6. amcoffee

    On an interesting note… GILT, the giant online retailer of all things fashionable, has a person on their staff who does nothing but researches the trends in different consumer markets. This person’s official title is Principle Data Scientist. Quite a title!

    What they found out is that women in different parts of the USA tend to wear Shoes with different, yet prevalent, Heel Height.

    Take a look at the map below that lists different states with different shoe sizes.
    gilt heel height
    Source: GILT

    Obviously, this trend helps them to see what to supply to which market and tighten the marketing campaigns and looks and offerings.

    – Kansas, Nebraska and Maine aren’t exactly shattering expectations with their sensible 1.80-1.97 inch heels.

    – New York average 2.09 inches

    – Texas and Florida come in at 2.35 inches and 2.46 inches, respectively

    – Arkansas is on the high spectrum of heel height: 2/36-2.9 inches!

    What are you wearing? Check the map to see if your State is a good representative of what Heel Height you wear!
    Have FUN!

  7. amcoffee


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