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Copper is one of my favorite nutrients that is not talked much about. This trace mineral plays an important role when it comes protecting our cells from free radicals. Healthy cells are necessary for our body to ensure all reactions in the body go well, thus providing the body and its systems well-being and good health. Vitamins, trace minerals, fats, proteins, carbohydrates and many other nutrients are the variables that we feed – or don’t feed – our bodies on the daily basis. The quality of food, water, air do contribute to the ecosystem we live in, and ultimately to a the quality of life we are living.

Copper is a great trace mineral that is a potent antioxidant. It defends the cells from damage. Skin benefits a lot from such protection. Fine lines, age spots, wrinkles can be postponed with good care and whole foods nutrition. Scientists even say that copper could have its influence on preventing macular degeneration, a serious eye disease that affects people as they age.

Copper is part of the energy system in our body. It is necessary to produce the energy molecule called ATP. Without sufficient amounts of copper, cell’s mitochondria’s are unable to generate enough energy for us to feel vibrant and … energetic. Instead, we are bound to feel tired, exhausted and thinking we need more coffee in our life. Nope, what we need is the fuel that is supplied to the cells to produce quality energy to feed our body – foods rich in copper and other nutrients.

The truth is that Mother Nature has given us many abundant options of foods that boast of copper trace mineral. Everybody can reach out and enjoy them, be you a vegetarian or not! Eating from the variety of sources, we “collect” the richness of vitamins and trace minerals from different sources, thus making it easier for the body to synthesize them all in a “magical” bodily fashion.

Here are top foods that have copper in them with the Daily Value in the parentheses. I have seen many sources and they may vary, but the fact remains: eat abundantly and you will get the nutrition your body seeks and needs for optimal functioning.

Copper must stay in balance with ZINC and IRON in the body. If you consume too much of one, it can throw the others out of balance.

The RDA for copper is 900 mcg/day. The Daily Value (DV) is 2 mg.

Feed your kids these foods! Copper is known as a brain trace mineral, as it assists in developing certain neural pathways. What it means for a child is better brain development when he or she gets enough of this nutrient. Lack of it during a child’s growth may result in incomplete brain and nerve development. We want the best for our kids. Then why don’t we start feeding them the foods that feed the brain and other organs – the entire body will benefit!

1) Beef liver
3 oz: 14 mg (over 100% DV)

2) Sunflower seeds
¼ cup: 0.63 mg (31% DV)

3) Lentils
1 cup: 0.5mg (25% DV)

4) Almonds
¼ cup: 0.4 mg (20% DV)

5) Dried apricots
1 cup: 0.69mg (34% DV)

6) Dark chocolate
1 square: 0.9 mg (45% DV)

7) Blackstrap molasses
2 tsp: 0.28 mg (14% DV)

8) Asparagus
1 cup: 0.25 (12% DV)

9) Mushrooms
1 cup: 0.43 mg (20% DV)

10) Turnip greens
1 cup, cooked: 0.36 (18% DV)

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  1. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

    AM COFFEE – Sign In! HELLO, Everyone!

    Today we are talking about COPPER.

    It is a key nutrient to our bodies when it comes to some of its important functions:

    – Energy
    – Brain health
    – Antioxidant powers

    Copper is especially important for our children’s health. Not enough copper in a child’s diet can effect her or his brain development in a way that it would be much more difficult to learn and to make decisions in life. Seems like important functions for you? You bet!

    Food is our source for this trace mineral. Let’s check out it and learn more about it. With more facts in our arsenal, we are more equipped to make wiser decisions for ourselves and our family.

    So happy to see you today here! Come over when you can. AM Coffee is for early birds and not-so, too! It is open all-day-long, as we do have different schedules we live with.

    Stay with us every morning, win prizes, but mostly, make awesome friends!

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  2. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says
  3. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says


    Copper And Tissue Integrity

    Copper is required to manufacture collagen, a major structural protein in the body. When copper deficiency becomes severe, tissue integrity—particularly bones and blood vessels—can begin to break down.

    Luckily, it appears at the present time that a very severe and prolonged dietary deficiency of copper is necessary to lead to overt problems. For example, premature babies with immature gastrointestinal tracts can develop bone problems related to copper deficiency.

    At least one recent author has speculated that the marginal copper status of the diets of about one-quarter of adults in the U.S. is related to eventual development of osteoporosis in some members of this group. For adults with borderline copper intake from food, deficient intake of nutrients like calcium and vitamin D is still likely to put them at greater risk than borderline intake of copper. Still, this low copper intake may be increasing their risk of osteoporosis and is very likely to be the subject of future research.

    • mary taylor says

      I eat lots of dark chocolate and lots of almonds, hope that counts 🙂

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

        It definitely counts. More than counts – your supplies of different vitamins and nutrients collect in your body and are being utilized in the daily synthesis and other bodily “operations.”

  4. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

    am coffee

    Energy And Energy for Our Bodies

    Copper plays two key roles in energy production. First, it helps with incorporation of iron into red blood cells, preventing anemia. Second, it is involved with generation of energy from carbohydrates inside of cells.

    Each of these uses of copper also requires iron, and for this reason, the symptoms of copper deficiency can mimic those of low iron intake. Lentils, and sesame seeds are just a few examples of World’s Healthiest Foods rich in both iron and copper.

  5. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says


    Copper And Cholesterol Balance

    Animal studies have demonstrated that copper-deficient diets lead to increases in blood cholesterol levels. In humans, this appears to be true in some situations, but not all. This should not be a surprise, as human diets are much more varied than those of laboratory animals.

    Interestingly, the effect of copper deficiency appears to be through increased activity of an enzyme called HMG-CoA reductase – the same enzyme targeted by the most commonly prescribed cholesterol medications.

  6. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says


    Copper Is A Powerful Antioxidant

    Copper is one of the co-factors for one form of an enzyme called superoxide dismutase (SOD). SOD is one of the major antioxidant enzymes in the body. As a measure of how important SOD is, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis—also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease – is thought to be the result of an underfunctioning (SOD) enzyme.

    From recent studies where young volunteers were fed a copper-depleted diet, reduced SOD function was an early result. In fact, these changes were apparent within the first month of the experimental diet.

    In more advanced cases of copper deficiency, including people who have undergone gastric bypass surgery, this loss of antioxidant protection over a period of years can lead to irreversible damage to the nervous system. However, this does not appear to occur without the types of unusual deficiency risks detailed below.

  7. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says


    Copper In Our Diet – Food Supply

    Source Whole Foods

    Copper is a key mineral in many different body systems. It is central to building strong tissue, maintaining blood volume, and producing energy in your cells. Yet, for all its critical importance, you don’t have much copper in your body—barely more than the amount found in a single penny. And those pennies in your pocket are only 2.5% copper by weight.

    In the foods we commonly eat, there are only very small amounts of copper. As much as any dietary mineral, the amount of copper you eat is directly related to the amounts of minimally processed plant foods you get every day.

    Of the World’s Healthiest Foods, 12 are rated as excellent sources of copper, 37 are very good, and 42 are rated as good.

  8. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says


    Risks of Copper Deficiency

    Source Whole Foods

    Between one-quarter to one-half of Americans fail to reach Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) recommendations for copper on a daily basis. In fact, in experimental research where scientists intentionally created copper-deficient diets, the composition of those diets was quite similar to the average U.S. diet. These copper-depleted diets were based largely around meats, refined grains, and dairy foods.This common diet pattern was low enough in copper to cause significant detrimental effects to antioxidant enzymes within weeks.

    About 5% of U.S. adults eat a diet with less copper than was used in these studies. In fact, this 5% of U.S. adults obtain less copper from their diets on a daily basis than would be found in a single serving of navy beans—a food not even close to the best source of copper in our rating system.

    According to a statistical analysis published in 2011, copper deficiency risk has risen substantially over the past 75 years. This is probably most related to modern food processing methods, although copper depletion of soils may also contribute to some extent.

    Conditions Contributing to Copper Deficiency

    Most of the non-dietary factors that contribute to copper deficiency tend to involve somewhat uncommon medical conditions. Gastric by-pass surgery stomach surgeries are two examples. Certain cancers—like pancreatic cancer – can increase risk of copper deficiency, as can celiac disease when it is poorly managed or untreated.

    • i was unaware of those levels wow!! we are so behind on education these days not only on health but on every aspect of our lives!! we need more education!! And we need to get back to reading!! thats why i enjoy these mornings i get educated and hopefully can pass it along@

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

        Yes, education is the KEY.
        Yes, reading is so important in our self-education and self-propelling to success.
        I love learning every day with you here. I dig into already seen by me stuff and while doing it, I discover new layers of the “old” stuff. It is a magical process.
        We never know anything. The developments in science and every area of our life are so dramatic these days, we can never catch up.
        However, when we streamline our needs – like we do at AM Coffee – we dig deeper and learn better with focus on our issues here.
        Thank you for being part of our amazing AM Coffee community.

    • mary taylor says

      Ugh, that does not sound pleasant at all

    • Amanda Alvarado says

      And this is one of the many reasons why we avoid processed foods!

  9. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says


    Copper And Supplementation

    Do eat whole foods – a variety of them – to get your copper levels where they need to be. It is easily done with seeds, nuts, lentils and beans. The greens are great, too.
    When we eat this way, we allow our bodies to build the necessary resources for copper and other nutrients.

    Prolonged supplementation with doses of zinc that go beyond normal dietary intake ranges can interfere with copper absorption and utilization, leading to copper deficiency.

    • mary taylor says

      I love sunflower seeds but probably don’t eat enough of them , I like them on salads. I do eat a lot of nuts though , and I should be eating more greens

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

        Greens are adding an invaluable fiber and phytonutrients that become part of many reactions, called co-factors.

        • great information Laura i just had to read them all no time for comments i am a canning nut i will be back soon but wanted to at least read all the info have a great day my friends

  10. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says
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  14. Good morning all! I am behind this morning–fibromyalgia has been horrible with the humidity here in Amherst,Ohio–tropical conditions here all day today–I need to get outside to feed my bird and squirrels and chipmunks–they get fresh water everyday!–They are sitting in the trees looking at my house–usually feed between 10 and 11 am. Also have 4 fur babies to feed–so I will get on to my morning duties and wish you all a safe and pleasant day–Take care!

    • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

      You’ve got quite a Gymboree there! So nice to have animals that bring peace and joy into our daily lives!
      I’ve got a ton of wild birds that crowd my steps almost 24/7, excluding the night time.
      We’ve got a mama duck which we saved last year nesting in our potted outside plant. I will share the picture with you.
      She is being treated like a princess. We feed her and give her water.
      Sitting on eggs is not an easy thing.

  15. i dont understand why the whole feed does not load i will keep checking!!

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