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You Need Fat to Benefit from Vitamin E
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Fat is a sing-along friend for vitamin E to be absorbed by our body and benefit from. Your eyes, immune system and nerves need this vitamin to provide you with the proper functioning and reactions.

Vitamin E can easily be found in many foods. The Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) for it is 15 mg per day for women and men.

Here are some top foods for Vitamin E when it comes per its concentration. However do keep in mind that other foods have good allowances of Vitamin E: spinach, hazelnuts, peanut butter. It is when we tap into a diverse food options, our body benefits most.

1) Almonds
1 oz: 7.3 mg (27% DV)

2) Spinach
1 bunch: 6.9 mg (26% DV)

3) Wheat germ
1 ounce: 4.5 mg (17% DV)

4) Sweet Potato
1 Tbsp: 4.2 mg (15% DV)

5) Sunflower seeds
2 Tbsp: 4.2 mg (15% DV)

6) Avocado
1 whole: 2.7 mg (10% DV)

7) Palm Oil
1 Tbsp: 2.2 mg (11% DV)

8) Butternut squash
1 cup, cubed: 2 mg (7% DV)

9) Trout
3 oz: 2 mg (7% DV)

10) Olive oil
1 Tbsp: 2 mg (7% DV)

Our skin and hair could benefit from Vitamin E consumption. Lotions and potions to keep inflammation down and provide dermal support to our skin and strength to our hair.

Do keep in mind that Vitamin E can come in synthetic form when it comes to supplementation and skin care products. Obviously, there’s no way we can determine if skin care has a synthetic form. But look at the ingredients! Those companies that use natural, plant-derived vitamin E do put it out there for us to know.

FYI: Those taking Vitamin E as supplementation to their regular diet need to take it with Vitamin C to increase absorption.

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  1. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

    AM COFFEE – Sign In! HELLO, Everyone!

    Without Vitamin E, our eyes, nervous system, immune system would not function. Our skin, nails, hair would be dull and brittle and unhealthy inside-out.

    However, good news is Vitamin E is a very wide-spread vitamin that exists in many daily foods. Both vegetarians and vegans can get it from plant sources.

    Take a look at the discussion threads to update your memory and learn something new about this vitamin to live your life more abundantly and be ready to tackle decision-making with more facts and confidence.

    So happy to see you today here! Come over when you can. AM Coffee is for early birds and not-so, too! It is open all-day-long, as we do have different schedules we live with.

    Stay with us every morning, win prizes, but mostly, make awesome friends!

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  2. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says
  3. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says


    Any RISKS of Taking Vitamin E?

    Source webMD

    Do Keep In MIND –> Supplements We Talk About Here, not FOOD!

    The risks and benefits of taking vitamin E are still unclear. Long-term use (over 10 years) of vitamin E has been linked to an increase in stroke.

    In addition, an analysis of clinical trials found patients who took either synthetic vitamin E or natural vitamin E in doses of 400 IU per day — or higher — had an increased risk of dying from all causes, which seems to increase even more at higher doses. Cardiovascular studies also suggest that patients with diabetes or cardiovascular disease who take natural vitamin E at 400 IU per day have an increased risk of heart failure and heart failure-related hospitalization.

    Vitamin E supplements might be harmful when taken in early pregnancy. One study found that women who took vitamin E supplementation during the first 8 weeks of pregnancy had a 1.7 to nine-fold increase in congenital heart defects. The exact amount of vitamin E supplements used by pregnant women in this study is unknown.

    A large population study showed that men using a multivitamin more than seven times per week in conjunction with a separate vitamin E supplement actually had a significantly increased risk of developing prostate cancer.

    vitamin E, amcoffee, am coffee, vitamins

    • Amanda Alvarado says

      So then you don’t want to take high doses of it! Now is this just ingested Vitamin E or also topical application? I use it (when I remember) for scars on my legs from surgery.

      • wow this is interesting i dont remember taking it while pregnant but my daughter had had to have open heart surgery at 1 year old that is interesting to read

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

        I do not think you can overdose on the topical products! Skin can absorb so much, plus a lot of product is being wasted on being taken off the skin.

    • pretty sure no vitamin E during my pregnancy and i have not ever taken he supplement ! Vitamin here and there yes! but I will just carry on and if its in something i eat fine other than that not a priority

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

        For those with bad nails, hair, skin, Vitamin E can drastically improve the condition and health of those.

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

        Also to keep in mind that Vitamin E is STORED in the body!
        It is fat soluble and is NOT WASHED OUT with water like water-soluble vitamins.
        Eating the foods with vitamin E regularly should be OK for a healthy body to keep it going.

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

        One more thing to know about —–> where Vitamin E is being absorbed.
        The absorption takes place in SMALL INTESTINES.
        That means that people with diseases of intestinal organs may have difficulty of getting enough of Vitamin E.
        But Doctor will decide what needs to be taken as a supplementation.

  4. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

    am coffee

    Side Effects from Taking Vitamin E Supplementation

    Source webMD

    Topical vitamin E can irritate the skin. We talk about skin lotions and creams. Take a look at the Ingredients list and sources if they are listed.

    Synthetic vitamin E is used by many brands in their skin care products. But there are brands who use plant sources for vitamins in their skin care. Though, there’s also a tendency to mix up the sources for vitamins in the skin care industry, meaning that companies will use BOTH plant sources and synthetic ingredients in their products. You need to be vigilant about this situation.

    The best way to avoid the synthetics is to go with the company whose reputation is all about natural ingredients. Though, do not let your vigilance go away! I experienced several times the situations where great company substituted its ingredients in the product I have been using for a long time. But I caught the change because I ALWAYS READ INGREDIENTS LIST BEFORE BUYING!

    Overdoses of vitamin E supplements can cause nausea, headache, bleeding, fatigue, and other symptoms.

    People who take blood thinners or other medicines should not take vitamin E supplements without first talking to their health care provider.

    • Always good to make it a habit to read the label first.

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

        I remember 2 times in my life when the brand switched ingredients without changing their labels. I was so dumbfounded when I discovered it! I learned the lesson to read my labels ALL the time. Even the trusted sources can do this “switch” and substituting. Yes.

    • I ALWAYS read the labels!!! Way to much scary stuff out these days!

    • Amanda Alvarado says

      I always read the labels! I didn’t know there was a synthetic Vitamin E though! Luckily the majority of the body products I use are all natural and organic so I don’t usually have to worry about this!

  5. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says


    FAMILIARIZE Yourself with Different Names of Vitamin E Deficiency

    Source webMD

    It is important to know what names the vitamin E deficiency takes on! This short discussion will help you out and will be entertaining indeed. You will see how much medical profession has to know about each subject they deal with.


    Isolated Vitamin E Deficiency
    Familial Isolated Vitamin E Deficiency
    Disorder Subdivisions

    Ataxia with vitamin E deficiency (AVED) is a rare inherited neurodegenerative disorder characterized by impaired ability to coordinate voluntary movements (ataxia) and disease of the peripheral nervous system (peripheral neuropathy). AVED is a progressive disorder that can affect many different systems of the body (multisystem disorder).

    Specific symptoms vary from case to case. In addition to neurological symptoms, affected individuals may experience eye abnormalities, disorders affecting the heart muscles (cardiomyopathy), and abnormal curvature of the spine (scoliosis). AVED is extremely similar to a more common disorder known as Friedreich’s ataxia. AVED is inherited as an autosomal recessive trait.

    Vitamin E deficiency often occurs secondary to disorders that impair the absorption of vitamin E from fat including liver disorders, disorders of fat metabolism, and disorders of bile secretion. These disorders include cholestasis (a syndrome of various causes characterized by impaired bile secretion); cystic fibrosis (primarily a lung disorder that may also affect bile secretion); primary biliary cirrhosis (a liver disorder that results in cholestasis); and abetalipoproteinemia (a digestive disorder characterized by fat malabsorption).

    Premature infants may have a low vitamin E reserve because only small amounts of vitamin E cross the placenta, and therefore they may become deficient if fed a formula high in unsaturated fats and low in vitamin E. In rare cases, vitamin E deficiency may be caused by a poor diet. (For more information on the above disorders, choose the specific disorder name your search term in the Rare Disease Database.)

  6. I knew none of this! I am going to re read it like 4 times til i totally get it all digested!! sometimes I have to read it twice to really get it! but wow! educated today for sure

    • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

      We just need to be aware of what’s going on in that department, so we learn better, deeper and are able to apply the facts in a more informed way.
      Yes, re-reading will do us good.

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