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Flawless Skin Routine
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flawless skin routine


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Flawless skin like anything else calls for action. The action that makes difference in your skin.

However, it would be wise to remember that our skin is the mirror of our entire bodily function. All that is happening on the inside of our bodies is reflected in the making of the skin.

If you exercise and eat great foods rich in antioxidants, good fats, vitamins and much more – your skin would respond with its glowing flawless complexion that it’s born to radiate for you.

Without overload, let’s journey through 6 important steps that would make a difference in your skin routine. Oh, yes, this is in addition to your daily physical activity and precious foods!


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  1. CoffeeTime says

    AM COFFEE – Sign In! HELLO, Everyone!

    – Are you thinking about your skin when you do your daily cleansing and face washing?

    – What would you like to learn about skin routine, products, skin procedures?

    sign in am coffee

    • Hello and Good morning to everyone.

    • Katrina A. says

      Hello. I am at a lose with my skin. It used to be blemish free and porcelain white and smooth. Now it’s beet red. One side has a weird acne type thing and is all scared up. My rocesea has taken over. I try not to go outside or be seen because it’s embarrassing. And it seems all the different routines I’ve tried don’t help.

    • Jessica Parent says

      Good afternoon- I do not take great care of my skin and as I get older I feel like it shows

  2. CoffeeTime says
  3. CoffeeTime says

    Avoid heavy-duty cleansers

    Unlike your pots and pans, “your skin needn’t be scrubbed or squeaky to be clean,” says Jeannette Graf, MD, assistant professor of dermatology at New York University Medical Center. So don’t overdo it.

    Mild, nondetergent cleansers—milks, gels, foams, or cloths—are your best bet. Scan the ingredient labels of products to see if they contain gentle, plant-derived surfactants (the prefix coco- equals coconut, for example; gluco- equals fruit sugars).

    “The natural source is often hinted at in the name,” says Jim Hammer, a cosmetic chemist with and product-development manager at Pharmasol Corp.

    CITRUS clear cleanser

  4. CoffeeTime says

    am coffee
    Ditch the toner

    These were originally invented to restore the natural pH of skin after it had been washed with an alkaline-detergent soap. “If you’re using a pH-balanced cleanser, there’s no need for toner,” Graf says. “It’ll only dry your skin.”

    flawless skin tips

  5. CoffeeTime says

    Make sure acid-laced products are pH-balanced

    This means their pH is in sync with skin, so “they gently remove sebum (an oily substance secreted by the skin) and makeup without stripping natural oils,” Graf says.

    Look for the words “pH-balanced” on cleansers that contain glycolic or lactic acids and on exfoliators, she adds, because some have a low pH, which can cause dryness.

    phbalanced skin products

    • I had to o check the labels on my scrubs and not one of them states it is pH-balanced. So I am using the wrong products to help my skin. Have to check the cleanser aisle when I go shopping next to find one that is pH-balanced. Thank you for the useful information.

    • Katrina A. says

      I steer clear of any glicolic and whatnot now that my skin is ultra sensitive.

  6. CoffeeTime says

    Opt for fragrance-free

    Fragrance is the most common cause of skin-care-related allergic reactions. If you’re sensitive, be sure to choose products that are labeled “fragrance-free.”

    The ones that are marked “unscented” typically contain small amounts of fragrance to help mask the odors of active ingredients.

    Always avoid products that have “FRAGRANCE” as part of their ingredients list. It’s in most cases is chemically created. Opt for NATURAL ingredients like Lavendar, Camomile and other plant-based fragrances.

    aging skin

    • When I buy facial cleansers I usually buy the one that I can use a coupon on and that works on the blackheads or one the clears blemishes, My favorite is the pink grapefruit facial scrub. I think all the ones in my stock pile all have some kind of scent to them. Love the idea of the Lavender one because Lavender has a calming effect.

    • Katrina A. says

      Interesting about the “unscented” thing. Never knew. Those tricksters.

  7. CoffeeTime says

    Choose multitasking moisturizers

    A good day cream juggles two jobs—hydration and protection.

    Pick one that has plant-based moisturizers (natural oils, butters, and essential fatty acids penetrate skin better than man-made emollients like petroleum, Graf explains) and antioxidants (those from natural sources may also contain bioflavonoids and other beneficial compounds not found in synthetic versions, Hammer says), plus nonirritating physical sunblocks, like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

    skin health, moisturizers

    • I take it the one in the pictures are good for your skin, I see it has my pink grapefruit scent that I like but where can I find this product? I would like to start using it and give up the ones that are not good for my skin.

      • CoffeeTime says

        These are great skincare examples!
        Click on the picture or on the RED Font, they will take you to the post where you can find even more details!

    • Katrina A. says

      Moisturizer makes my face feel so nice and cool. Usually it’s on fire.

  8. CoffeeTime says

    For those of you who are using brushes for their make-up purposes, here’s a post that unscrabbles it all: Which brush to use when!


    • Katrina A. says

      When I worked in the beauty industry I learned alot about brushes. Makes you make up go on so much nicer. I stopped trying to cover my flaws. It always looks worse with make up on.

  9. CoffeeTime says
    • I have entered them and praying I win one of them…Because most of your giveaways are good for you and what we talk about in our AMcoffee. I so love our chance to learn from others and you on what is good for us and just being able hear what others are thinking and feeling is very helpful. Thank you for our daily chat, I just wish I could be apart of it every day. But I work mostly in the mornings so I can only get here on my days off or when I am on the schedule for the late shift. You have a great site and I love going to it. Thank you for all that you do for us your fans. I really appreciate it.

      • CoffeeTime says

        Thank you, my wonderful person!
        You can Always come to #AMCoffee in the evening, as all threads are being populated even more by our fans. You’ll see more discussion, too.
        I hope we’ll get more action as the Back-to-School and Labor Day would move us closer to the regular school year.

    • Katrina A. says

      Going to ease my mind and focus on some giveaways. 🙂

  10. wendy c g says

    Sorry I missed today’s chat, and I will not be here tomorrow. I’m having a minor procedure done in morning. See yall next week.

  11. Cindy Merrill says

    Now that I’m 55, I’ve begun to notice fine lines around my eyes and above my cheek bones. Is there a product on the market to prevent further wrinkles?

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