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Today’s Discussions:

  • What Is GMO? Its consequences on our health.
  • Products we celebrate: Kids, Women, Family
  • Skin Care Pledge – What are you going to do about your skin health this season?
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  1. CoffeeTime says

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  3. CoffeeTime says

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  4. CoffeeTime says


    What is GMO? How to Avoid it?

    GMO = Genetically Modified Organisms

    What To Do?
    • You may be interested to find out how Wheat & Poison are related in this article. Simply stunning. Watch a quick video there as well!
    • Come over here and share what you think.


    • yes

    • Annette H says

      Anything that is genetically modifies is not good!

    • Shameka Barnes says

      GMO(genetically modified organisms) are foods that has been inserted with genetic material from another species in order to give them certain desirable properties. Then how to avoid them by buying organic foods, look for no- GMO certification, and avoid processed foods.

    • GMO’s are scary, and I 100% support any responsible company that puts customers health first

    • I now understand what GMO is and why it’s not good for you. Wheat and poison I had no Idea kind of scary.

    • Victoria Dattilo says

      gmo’s are bad and my son has eczema so its hard to find products for him that wont irritate his skin

      • amy stonger says

        I have a niece with similar issues so I am hoping to identify some solutions or alternative products for her to use!

    • Shameka Barnes says

      This is crazy i never knew about this. I respect they are thinking about the health of people. I hardly eat wheat bread. You would be surprise on the things they put in foods and don’t tell you. This is important to know because we as a whole country is trying to stop or find ways to stop obesity.

      • It’s not just in wheat it is in corn as well. There are tons of products on the market that contain corn in it and they too can be GMO.

    • charity dwight says

      This is really scary, I always assumed that wheat was better for you. Now I definitely have to think twice about what I feed my family.

      • amy stonger says

        Definitely shocked by this! I always thought wheat was the healthier option but maybe not!

      • It is not just in wheat it is in corn as well!
        Heck, there was just a article out recently that GMO alfalfa was approved to be sent out even though it was not test properly. The alfalfa is to given to the animals that we the people consume.

    • It’s very scary to learn how many products that we use and consume are effected by GMO’s. Very eye opening 🙁

      • Karen Hinkle says

        yes it is so scary what they put in our food and products that we use everyday I have to say I live where we can have our own garden and plant our own food and we stay away from all the pesticides but you can always avoid the GMO they are in every thing I think the health of our children has changed from all this bad stuff they put in our food think about autism 1-88 of kids has autism not saying this is causing it or not but it sure is on the rise

        • There is definitely a environmental factor in children being dx with problems you rarely saw 30 years ago, even 20 years ago.

    • With all my health problems I avoid anything that is not good for me.

    • Carol Yemola says

      Just the name GMO sounds scarey! Never realized how many products, especially corn based, are GMO!

    • sarah renee harter says

      Oh wow i did not know that that’s crazy and here i thought wheat was healthy fir you i need to cut out the weay in my house

      • Sarah,
        It is not just in wheat it is in corn as well and some fruits and veggies are GMO. Your best bet it to buy organic when looking at veggies and fruit. The other stuff just be careful because even though it may state organic it may contain GMO’s.

        • sarah renee harter says

          What about the fruits and veggies by local farming found at your local markets can i gwt gmo free things thete or do i have too look somewhere special i always thought by buying from the growier i was safe

    • Mary Fagans says

      I never knew much about GMO, till last year. I was shocked to find out about it. I guess I shouldn’t be though. I try to buy foods that do not have GMO’s in them. I don’t want my kids eating stuff with that crap in it. I wish I could my own food.

    • That is scary!. I want to try the 30 days wheat free. That would be difficult though.

    • Brianna Ketchum says

      I really didn’t knoq what gmo was till someone told me recently its really scary I try to avoid by buying stuff without gmo

    • Cynthia Dubuque says

      We’re trying our best to avoid GMOs

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      The video was very knowledgeable. Did you notice how much info has been coming out about a lot of supposed healthy things now?

      • CoffeeTime says

        This stuff is scary. With all the years those huge industries were trying to come up with a “sturdy crop” of grains and vegetables and fruit and what-not – only to find out that –>
        • BEES are dying –> no pollination, no food, no life
        • PEOPLE developing diseases that cannot be treated with available means

        And that we may end up on the tip of extinction

        • sarah renee harter says

          Have you noticed cancer was rarelly hard of untill recently now its like an epidemic could some of the forms of cancer have to do with what we are eating think about it its really scary

        • Rebecca Swenor says

          It is just awful what they have been doing all these yrs. too and a lot more mental issues if you think about it.

    • amy stonger says

      GMO’s are genetically modified via insertion or modification of the normal (wild type) genetic makeup. Long term effects are not understood and ultimately these food items should undergo further testing before they are released to the public. I am not completely against their use, just wish there was more information available on their long term effects.

    • One word MONSANTO!!!

    • Definitely an eye opener!

    • A little scary, every time I think I’m making the right decisions for my family I see something like this.

      • DarcieN,
        The best way to make the right decisions for you and your family is to educate yourself. But remember you are doing what you think is best for your family not anyone else.

    • Here is a list of the Scary Seven to avoid:

      1. High Fructose Corn Syrup

      2. Trans Fats

      3. Artificial Flavors

      4. Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

      5. Artificial Colors

      6. Artificial Sweeteners

      7. Preservatives


    • Rebecca Xavier says

      It is scary what we put into our bodies that are bad for us.

  5. CoffeeTime says


    RETWEET #1
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    RETWEET #3
    RETWEET #4
    RETWEET #5

    • Leave your Twitter Handle in the Comments below


  6. CoffeeTime says


    Do you know that organic and GMO free skin care products allow for better brain connections to form in our children?
    This is one of the reasons why BABO Botnicals is GMO free and uses only non-toxic ingredients in their products!

    We will be Celebrating at Full Swing this weekend with BABO its 4th Birthday.

    What To Do?
    • Visit BABO and tell me What You Would Like To See In your Child’s Bathtub! We will bring it to you! Name all products that you would like to have at once!


    • something to help relax at night

    • Everything in the Deluxe Baby Gift Set, I think everything in the set would be beneficial

    • I would pick the Deluxe Baby Gift set. It’s a lovely set.

    • Victoria Dattilo says

      I would like all 3 of the lavender meadowsweet products

    • Shameka Barnes says

      I will get the Deluxe Baby Gift Set. It would be great to have because babies has different skin then we do. It’s good to use non toxic ingredients to ensure that a baby has the right proper care while in the tub.

    • charity dwight says

      All three of the lavender meadow sweet products are amazing. I would love to see those and more product under that same line.

    • I absolutely LOVE the lavender meadowsweet products. I think they help to relax not only adults but children as well it is so calming LOVE it. Thank you BABO

    • Carol Yemola says

      Lavender Meadowsweet 3 in 1 Calming Shampoo, Bubble Bath and Wash, Lavender Meadowsweet
      Calming Moisturizing Lotion, and Oatmilk Calendula Soothing Diaper Cream would be great items for a new mother!

    • sarah renee harter says

      For starters the lavender medowssweet 3 in 1 it looks so benificial and lavender has calming properties

    • Mary Fagans says

      I would like the Oatmilk Calendula Bubble Bath & Wash not only for my kids but I would use it too. I would love the Babo Botanicals Family On The Go Pack.

    • Annette H says

      The Deluxe Baby Giftset would make a perfect gift

    • Lavender Meadowsweet 3 in 1 Calming Shampoo, Bubble Bath and Wash sounds good.
      Also I would like to try the Berry Primrose Instantly Smooth Detangler.

    • Brianna Ketchum says

      The deluxe baby gift set

    • Cynthia Dubuque says

      I’d like it all lol .. Shampoo, body wash, bubble bath.. The VIP family basket looks like a nice gift.

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      I would like to see the Vip gift basket. It has almost every think in it.

    • amy stonger says

      I would love the Lavender Meadowsweet Calming Moisturizing Lotion and 3 in 1 Calming Shampoo, Bubble Bath and Wash. I also like the Berry Primrose Instantly Smooth Detangler and Smoothing Conditioner.

    • Berry Primrose Smoothing Shampoo & Wash. I a little jealous because they like they would smell wonderful. I would probably have to share with my daughter.

    • Sindy Murray says

      I would like the SPF 30- Sun & Wind Protection!

    • 3 in 1 Calming Shampoo, Bubble Bath and Wash, Smoothing Shampoo & Wash, Calming Moisturizing Lotion.
      What great products!

    • I would like to see the oatmeal calendula set for newborns. I will soon be taking care of my great granddaughter while her mother is at school and this would be great to have

    • Rebecca Xavier says

      The Deluxe Baby Giftset would be awesome to have.

    • I love the Swim & Sport line. The Cucumber and Aloe Vera Shampoo & Wash, detangling spray, SPF 30 clear Zinc Sport Stick and Sunscreen Lotion.

  7. CoffeeTime says


    Are you ready to take a GMO Free Pledge?

    • If it is a YES, pledge that you are to use only non-toxic, truly natural products for your child’s skin and for yours as well.
    • Comment under this post “I Do Pledge The GMO Free Home”


  8. i Do Pledge The GMO Free Home

  9. Linda Heng says

    Hello 🙂

  10. I DO pledg

  11. I pledge to do my best at becoming a GMO free home!

  12. Hello everyone. I hope to learn more about avoiding GMO’s.

  13. I Do Pledge The GMO Free Home (I will certainly try.)

  14. hello

  15. Valerie Guerrero says


  16. Amy Otrosinka says

    Hi everyone! I love a good conversation in the am with someone besides my 5 year old daughter although I do love my am cuddles.
    I do pledge the GMO free home. I pledge to continue to use only non toxic and natural products for my child’s skin and mine as we’ll.

  17. Hi, I’m expecting to learn more about the GMO free home.

  18. Hello 🙂 good morning I will be there !!! I love all GMO free products for my family and I Is always good to have healthy skin 🙂 using this helps us have soft and shinny skin thank you

  19. Karen Hinkle says

    the am coffee club is growing its great to see all you new ppl here this is a great place to get tons of information a big shout out to Laura for doing this thanks

  20. Laura Kelly says


  21. Laura Kelly says

    I Do Pledge The GMO Free Home

  22. Rebecca Swenor says

    I do see now more and more why my oldest son is into the organic foods. For a few yrs he has been talking about it to our whole family. I have a great son that is why I love him so much. 🙂

  23. heather hess says

    hello all. hope everyone is having a good day

  24. heather hess says

    cant stay but a min, have a appt in a few 🙂 but wanted to say hello. i hope u all have a beautiful rest of the day

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