Pasture-Raised Hens Have More Nutritional Eggs #AMCoffee

Want A More Nutrition-Packed Eggs In Your Life?


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Eggs are some of the best sources of protein. Why many athletes and body builders go after eggs in their daily diet is because of an optimal combination of protein and its components like Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins E, D, Beta-carotene, choline, and more.

Protein is a building block for our muscles and is vital to our health and well-being throughout our life. In fact, during our growth as children and during our older age, our bodies need more protein during the day than ever. Eggs provide a good quality of protein in a fairly big amount.

Egg protein is considered to be full protein along fish and meat. However, egg protein is rated as of highest quality and given number 100, as compared to milk which is rated at 93 and fish and beef rated at 75. One egg has approximately the same protein content as 30 grams of cooked meat, fish or poultry.

Many people focus on the white part of the eggs, the protein-packed one. However, the yolks are a gem storage of good fats our bodies need on the daily basis. In addition, these brightly yellow suns contain vital fat-soluble vitamins A, D, and E, and the essential amino acid Leucine which is integral in our muscle growth and recovery.

Eggs are packed with some of the nutrients that are integral to our eye health. Lutein and Zeaxanthin are potent antioxidants that fight free radicals and play important role in the prevention of macular degeneration, the diseases that hasn’t found the best cure yet. Protecting our eyes by supplying our daily diet with foods that do it is essential and powerful in our preventative measures.

Knowing all the goodness of having eggs in our regular diet, here are the findings from Mother Earth News that compares pasture-raised hens to the caged ones, specifically their eggs. Here are the results of these findings. They show that eggs from pasture-raised hens:

• Contain 2 times more Omega-3 fatty acids
• Contain 3 times more vitamin E
• Contain 6 times more vitamin D
• Contain 7 times more Beta-carotene

Buying eggs from your local farmer’s market could be much more beneficial and two-fold: best in quality and in cost. Besides, we are supporting our local economy that allows us to eat locally and benefit greatly from the locally-grown fruit, veggies and other products that we use in our lives.

What do you do this season to make sure you and your family take advantage of all things around you?

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  1. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says


    Eggs promote healthy hair and nails

    The hair and nails reflect many biochemical imbalances and shortages in the body. Eggs can help to promote healthy hair and nails because of their high content of sulphur-containing amino acids and the wide array of vitamins and minerals.

    Many people report faster growing hair after adding eggs to their diet, especially if they were previously deficient in foods containing zinc, sulphur, vitamin B12 and vitamin A.

    am coffee, amcoffee, eggs, organic, protein

    Source: health24
    Madeleine de Villiers, Registered Dietician

  2. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

    am coffee

    Eggs help to promote brain health

    Choline is a nutrient that facilitates brain development in the fetus and newborn as well as memory function even into old age. Eggs are an excellent dietary source of choline, and one egg per day will provide 28% of a pregnant woman’s choline requirement.

    Choline is of extreme importance during pregnancy and lactation when the reserves can be depleted. At the same time, it is the critical period for fetal brain development and lifelong memory enhancement. In experiments with rats, memory function in the aged rat was in part determined by what the mother ate. Mothers, the message is clear – make a lifelong investment and eat your eggs!

am coffee, amcoffee, eggs, organic, protein

    Source: health24

    • yes eat them they are good for us

    • We are egg eaters as well!! my son is a workout freak and tries to eat eggs at least every other day! I have always been told that the egg is the perfect food!! WE have only done farm eggs a few times BUT! I will say when my grandma had her restaurant we went to the farm every weekend to get eggs for the weekend business Man did we go through eggs LOL

    • Katrina Angele says

      I never realized how good they were for pregnant ladies.

    • Eat what we should when we should especially during the critical pregnancy time for the baby.

  3. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says


    Eggs can help to promote weight loss

    Eggs with toast have a 50% higher satiety index than regular breakfast cereals. Several studies have reported that starting the day with an egg breakfast increases satiety in overweight people and may help with weight loss.

    In one study where a breakfast of bagels, cream cheese and yoghurt were compared to a breakfast of two eggs, toast and jam (same amount of kilojoules), the latter group stayed fuller for longer and reduced their kilojoule intake at lunch by 29%.

    At 315 kJ per large egg, eggs actually add few kilojoules for all the nutrients they provide. When teamed up with whole grains (for example whole-wheat bread) and fruit or vegetables they are a complete meal, readily available, easy to prepare and inexpensive, making them a useful tool in weight-loss programs.

    am coffee, amcoffee, eggs, organic, protei

    Source: health24

    • my hubby has been retired for 8 years now he cook breakfast almost every morning and we have eggs it is a nice treat that he cooks to

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

        We don’t realize the benefits of all the foods – especially those that come from the FARM or your OWN GARDEN – until we start seeing other people who feed off the store shelves.
        Huge, huge and visible difference when it comes to FARM-GROWN!
        And you are an epitome of all things organic.
        I buy organic whenever it is possible, and grow herbs by the house.

        • Laura
          it is called back to basic because we do not know what is in our foods these days and it is a shame to much processed foods yes i agree the more we can eat from us or a farmer is better for us

          • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

            What I learn from all the readings and research, that going ORGANIC is CHEAPER on a Massive Scale!
            The power of lobbyists and big corporations who want to scale it and get the best buck for all their crops and foods is DAMAGING.
            But there are companies who care and do push the Organic into a Main Stream. Just not enough.
            That is why these chats are REMINDERS TO Us All that it is OUR RESPONSIBILITY to feed ourselves and our families the best we can get.

    • we always buy our veggies corn fruit etc from the farm stands here that are local!! Nothing better that HOMEGROWN!!!

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

        All locally grown produce, meats and honey are tuned into our bodies.
        For some reasons, our bodies digest better that which is grown locally.

    • I just reading yesterday about egg and weight lose. Reminds me of something some one says years ago. It it didn’t grown in the ground or have a mother DONT EAT IT.

    • Katrina Angele says

      I love how healthy eggs are for you. Something yummy you are still allowed to eat while trying to looses weight.

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

        Oh my, I am happy I love eggs. I got my kids hooked on eggs, and we make sure we have a couple of omelettes or hard boiled eggs every week.

    • So I guess getting our egg in a nice piece of coffee cake doesn’t count? Just Kidding.

  4. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says


    Eggs do not increase blood cholesterol

    In the 1990s, eggs received a lot of bad publicity due to their cholesterol content of 210mg per egg yolk. Numerous studies have clearly demonstrated the lack of a relationship between egg intake and coronary heart disease.

    To put things into perspective, it is important to realize that foods high in fat, especially saturated and trans fatty acids have a far greater impact on heart health than cholesterol in food. Eggs should be recognized as an inexpensive, versatile and easily digestible source of protein.

    am coffee, amcoffee, eggs, organic, protein

    Source: health24

    • i know for a while the eggs were getting a bad wrap but us country folk we keep eating them my grandpa eat them every day so i know they are good

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

        Living my whole childhood summers in the country, I had a truly magical era of growing up with all things natural and organic. I know where all that stuff in stores is coming from. From dirt, from earth, from loving care.
        Having a ton of chickens and ducks in my grandma’s yard, who were roaming freely out there and getting their food from grasses and dirt that wasn’t contaminated, we had some awesome brown and white eggs, and little chichonettos and a lot of fun.
        I still can sense the “living-in-the-country” smells, the sounds and textures, and emotions.
        Wow, it is way too emotional to me. Good emotional.

        • Laura
          we were raised different back them if we wanted some thing we just went to the garden the pasture and the hen house and sure we did know what we were eating i was raised on a farm and we still do live of the land and grow our food as much as we can and we have the grand kids get involved so they can see how it grows and come to the table

          • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

            It is so rare these days to do what you are doing.
            I wish I could do it to my kids, as I was raised naturally!
            I take them to the farms and ask then to raise their own mini crops by the house.

    • PROTEIN IS THE KEY!! My Great Grandma who never had a license had thee most amazing garden every year it was her whole yard! Strawberries, raspberries, lettuce, tomatoes, broccoli, caluliflower, corn, radish you name it she grew it!! I loved going there to eat!! Work in the garden etc… she had a pear tree, elderberry tree, cherry tree, and apple trees the good ole days! I wish i had the property i would have a huge garden!!! we have had a little one but where I’m at now it does not allow it sadly

    • People don’t understand that , now days. Eggs to for on a bad food list years ago. Great source of protein, that my family loves.

    • Katrina Angele says

      Eggs got a bad wrap but are so good for you. We eat them multiple times a week.

    • I remember. Egg sales went way down at that time.

  5. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says


    Eggs can help to iron out problems

    Many people with mild iron deficiency experience vague symptoms of tiredness, headaches and irritability. Iron is the carrier of oxygen in the blood and plays an important role in immunity, energy metabolism and many other functions in the body. The iron in egg yolk is in the form of heme iron, the most readily absorbable and usable form of iron in food and more absorbable than the form of iron in most supplements.

    am coffee, amcoffee, eggs, organic, protein

    Source: health24

    • now this i did not know and i had low iron but not no more

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

        EGGS + Black CAVIAR is the best way to get one’s hemoglobin up!
        I know it from real life example.
        Works excellent!

    • Well now then why do out Drs not tell us this instead of shoving us full of pills!!

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

        Like Eggs, Not all Doctors are created equally either!
        Many are directly interested in financial rewards from the drug companies who pay them to be their disseminators of their products!

    • Another good benefit of eggs, As many eggs as my family eats, we need to raise are own chickens.

    • Katrina Angele says

      I’ve been getting tired a lot and many headaches. I’ll have to go get my iron checked.

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

        One of the reasons could be NOT ENOUGH HYDRATION!
        You gotta have a bottle with you or remember to get a sip of water every a couple of hours, depending on your day.

    • My doctor told me I have an iron deficiency.

  6. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says
  7. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says


    Eggs improve nutrient adequacy of the diet

    The nutrient density of eggs makes them a valuable contributor to a nutritious diet. A study among egg vs. non-egg consumers revealed that the diets of the non-egg consumers were more likely to fall short of vitamins A, E and B12. Eggs contributed 10-20% of folate and 20-30% of vitamins A, E and B12 among egg consumers. This study demonstrates the important role one food can play in ensuring nutrient adequacy.

    am coffee, amcoffee, eggs, organic, protein

    • well i can say i am getting my nutrition from my eggs

    • Well we are always told that we learn something new everyday! And thanks to you Laura Im on that catagory daily!! I love facts I love REAL!! i look forward to the info daily!

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

        Dear Wendi,
        This is the best motivator for me, personally, to continue with our little reminder and little facts and little somethings day after day after day…
        Do know it is a two-way-street. We learn together, and from that partnership we support each other in many ways that are not obvious, not immediately visible or perceived.
        But we do. We grow and create a community that becomes our greatest source of inspiration and feasible changes we, eventually, make to our lives, health, relationships.

    • I enjoyed the info today. The question I have is. When eating eggs to help promote weight loss. Why to doctors always say , just eat egg whites, no yolks.

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

        For no reason!
        Compared to the whites, egg yolks also contain more beneficial folate and vitamin B12. The yolks also contain far more of the nutrient choline (see the post above) than the whites, and all of the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin for Eye Health!
        Egg yolks have been unfairly vilified for decades because they contain cholesterol and saturated fat – that’s the main reason!

    • Katrina Angele says

      That’s a reason why they always offer them during hospital stays for breakfast.

  8. I loved all of this information Laura gonchar!

  9. There’s really no way to know where the eggs in a carton really came from.

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