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Smart Girls Who Surf

smart girls who surf sunscreen

Sunscreens should be safe to people and to the environment, especially the marine environment. We leather sunscreen all over our body and jump into the water to enjoy the cooling and healing effect of the salty sea water. What many don’t realize that ingredients in the majority of sunscreens KILL the reef life. And without reefs, there are no oceans.

Smart Girls Who Surf has made it their theme to trumpet all over the planet that time has come to protect our reefs like we protect our skin from the harmful effect of the sun. They were the first to come to the market with the sunscreen branded and acted as the REEF Protector and a Natural way of protecting your skin as well.

Eco-friendly all over, Smart Girls Who Surf sunscreen line is a must to use and safe to live with!

Bravo Jennifer Taylor, the owner and a woman-entrepreneur who stands behind and by her product!

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true All Natural Sunscreen – EWG Safe Since 2011

true all natural sunscreen
Goddess Garden Organics – Huge Variety of Natural Sunscreens
for Babies, Toddlers, Family

goddess garden organics natural sunscreen

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