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What Does Selenium Do In My Body?
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Selenium is a trace mineral that is important for our body’s function – we all figured out that. First, selenium is a powerful antioxidant and is needed in very small amounts every day. Four to six Brazil nuts would meet the daily requirement of selenium. The recommended daily allowances for selenium is 55 micrograms for an adult. Selenium deficiency is uncommon, as we do get enough of it through our food supply.

As a strong antioxidant, selenium prevents oxidative damage in organs and tissues of the body. It’s been shown that those with low levels of selenium are at higher risk for heart disease.

Selenium may help with cell repair, thus preventing from abnormalities in cell replication.

Selenium is one of the key ingredients – along with Iodine –  to produce a critical thyroid hormone called T3, which regulates metabolism.

Sufficient amounts of selenium in the body contributes to the creation of a powerful antioxidant base that helps the body to detoxify itself and support the detoxification done by our liver.

For your information: Selenium has been researched for treatment many conditions from asthma to arthritis to dandruff to infertility. However, the results have been inconclusive.

The best sources of foods containing selenium are at your disposal. DV stands for Daily Value.

1) Brazil nuts
1 oz (6-8 nuts): 544 mcg (over 100% DV)

2) Yellowfin tuna
3 oz: 92 mcg (over 100% DV)

3) Halibut, cooked
3 oz: 47mcg (67% DV)

4) Sardines, canned
3 oz: 45mcg (64% DV)

5) Grass-fed beef
3 oz: 33 mcg (47% DV)

6) Turkey, boneless
3 oz: 31 mcg (44% DV)

7) Beef liver
3 oz: 28 mcg (40% DV)

8) Chicken
3 oz: 22 mcg (31% DV)

9) Egg – Check more on Egg Benefits here
1 large, 15 mcg (21% DV)

10) Spinach
1 cup: 11 mcg (16% DV)

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    Today is dedicated to a very important trace mineral in our body SELENIUM.

    Very few have heard of its importance. But we do recognize the fact that without it, our bodies would not be the same and feeling well.

    The best way to get your all selenium for the day is from Brazil nuts. Just 4-6 of them will do! It is awesome to know. Yet do know that other sources are important too.

    Check out a few things and facts about Selenium for your to know better your body’s needs, recognize and meet them on the daily basis.

    So happy to see you today here! Come over when you can. AM Coffee is for early birds and not-so, too! It is open all-day-long, as we do have different schedules we live with.

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  2. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says
  3. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says


    Any Risks of Taking Selenium?

    Source webMD

    Again, when we get our nutrients through Whole Foods, it is difficult to overdo on them!

    However those individuals who supplement their selenium, do need to keep in mind the following factors.


    Side effects
    Taken at normal doses, selenium does not usually have side effects. An overdose of selenium may cause bad breath, fever, and nausea, as well as liver, kidney and heart problems and other symptoms. At high enough levels, selenium could cause death.

    Selenium may also interact with other medicines and supplements, such as antacids, chemotherapy drugs, corticosteroids, niacin, cholesterol-lowering statin drugs, and birth control pills.

    Skin cancer
    Selenium supplements are associated with a risk of skin cancer (squamous cell carcinoma), so people at high risk of skin cancer should not take these supplements.

    Prostate Cancer
    A study by the National Cancer Institute shows that men who already have high concentrations of selenium in their bodies nearly double their risk of aggressive prostate cancer if they take selenium supplements.
    Diabetes. One study found that people who took 200 micrograms a day of selenium were 50% more likely to develop type 2 diabetes. So far, it’s unknown if the selenium actually caused the disease. Discuss the risk with your doctor.

  4. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

    am coffee

    Find More About different Nuts Here

    It’s really a quick at-a-glance list that will give you information on key points about different nuts.

    nuts benefits, brazilian nuts, thyroid, walnuts

    • Amanda Alvarado says

      Good info to have handy! Any tips for getting pecans out of their shells?!? We have a pecan tree but have had no luck getting the nuts out of the shells – they always break into itty bitty pieces and aren’t worth the trouble!

    • mary taylor says

      thanks, I eat nuts everyday, walnuts, pecans, cashews, and pistachios and almonds. some times I wonder if I’m eating to much of them

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