Skin Health Reminders for Summer #AMCoffee

Anti-Aging Comes With Proper Care
Skin Care Reminders


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Summer is here, and we spend more time outside, in the sun, swimming in pools, rivers and oceans, hiking the mountains and enjoying our time with the loved ones. Summer gives us an opportunity to do more physical activities and get those bursting-with-vitamins-and-antioxidants fruit and veggies grown in season. Go for everything you can do during your Summer time!

While enjoying all activities and vacations, we shouldn’t ignore something that gives us shape and protection โ€“ our largest organ, our SKIN. To support its natural elasticity, brightness and health, we have to do something daily to give it more power and resilience to give us a happy journey through the life’s path.

Today, we’ll remind ourselves about things we know, yet we need an AM Coffee to showcase them one time more. These reminders are a natural course of human nature. The more times we see information, the better a chance we will use it and even incorporate it into our routine.

Dive into our discussion threads and add your precious tips and knowledge about what works for you.


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  1. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says


    Hand Skin In the Summer Time

    Our hands take a huge toll all-year-round. Adding the summer fun and garden chores, our hands need extra care. Wouldn’t you agree?
    With these easy-to-do masks and conpresses, you can showcase your hands to everyone without any doubt or second thought. Your hands is the first thing people may see. But they will envy you by your skin quality and look.

    Take a few minutes for your skin health on your hands!


    To Lighten Dark Spots

    1. Apply raw milk on your skin before taking bath. Milk acts very well to lighten your dark spots on hands and feet.
    2. Grind the dry orange peel and make smooth powder. Now add some milk and apply the paste on your hands and feet. This is one of the best home remedy for dark skin on hands and feet and give you fair complexion.
    3. Add sandalwood powder to cucumber, tomato and lemon juice. Make a paste and apply this paste on the skin. After 15 minutes remove it with fresh water.
    4. Rub Cucumber or Aloe Vera onto your skin to freshen up and lighten a bit your skin, too!
    5. Potato juice also reduces dark pigmentation of your hands and feet.


    Removing dead cells would only improve the rejuvenation process, allowing healthy cells to come to the surface and perform their protective function.

    1. Sprinkle salt on lemon and rub it on your hands. Lemon acts as a natural cleanser and helps to remove dead cells.
    2. Regular oats would exfoliate your skin on hands as well, bringing a softening effect.

    am coffee, amcoffee, skin health, skin masks

    • wow i have never even thought about my hands till just now my poor hands go threw a lot of stuff with the gardening and other things thanks for this tip

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      These are all things that I didn’t know to use for dark spots. I have dark spots showing up on my arms more than my hands lately. I will have to try these remedies. Thanks for sharing the information.

    • Wow!!! Seriously!! I’m not sure i should lighten my skin I’m so fair i might disappear LOL…..but no these are awesome would never think….Lemons are so amazing I read so much about their great benefits!! Thanks again

    • Katrina Angele says

      I have not done a hand mask in years!! I’ll have to re-add that to my pamper myself list. And I never would have thought potato juice was good for anything really. How does one juice a potato exactly? Hahha

  2. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

    am coffee

    Extra Care for Hands

    If you are looking to improve your skin on your hands, you could go for an extra effort and make this hand mask for a few days in a row to give your skin on your hands extra moisture to create that supple effect and even smooth out fine wrinkles.

    Hand Mask with Avocado
    1/2 Avocado
    1 Tbsp olive oil
    1/8 cup of sugar
    1-2 drops patchouli essential oil (or the one you like)

    Mash avocado very well, blend in oil and essential oil, then stir in sugar.
    After your hand mask is ready โ€“> apply it!

    Rub your hands together well, scrub every inch of them! Leave this avocado mask for about a minute on, then rinse under Warm water. Follow with moisturizer of your choice.

    Repeat this routine 1-2 times a day for 3 days!

    • i must give this one a try

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      This mask I will have to try on both my feet and hands. Avocado is so good for the skin. It makes your skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom. ( That is a saying my dad and mom always said when we were little) lol

    • PLEASE watch the right way to cut an Avocado … they are making their way to the top as well!! Fruits and Veggies are my best friends !!! I cold be a rabbit

    • Katrina Angele says

      I really wish I liked avocados. I know they are so good for you. So many benefits. But I cannot even be in the same room with someone cutting one open. Makes me gag.

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

        There are some foods that make you sick. That means your body is taking precaution, and for some reason that food is not good for you.
        Just move on, good-buy avocados!

  3. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says


    Extra Care for Your FEET

    Dry feet is a must for comfort in shoes and spending hours on feet.

    However, our feet do need extra moisture for their healthy skin tone and functioning. Lack of moisture will either cause scaly or cracked skin which may lead to wound contamination and sore feet. We do not want that to happen ever!

    The solution is simple and very affordable.

    All you need is cocoa butter and rub it into your feet on the daily basis. You do not need a lot. Just a tad of it for each foot.

    TIP: Skip the area between the toes.

    For those of us who have a more serious condition with dry skin on their feet, we could go after a night treatment.

    All you need is the same cocoa butter and a pair of cotton socks. Apply cocoa butter onto the scaly, cracked areas and slip your feet into the socks for a night. The socks will create a nice environment for the cocoa to work deeper on the skin healing. Softer skin will follow after your consistent approach.

    feet care, am coffee, amcoffee, skin health, skin masks

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      I do this with my feet every night before bed and after showering in the mornings. It really helps my dry heels. .

    • Katrina Angele says

      My feet are always bad and even worse in the summer. I make sure to lather those puppies up with lotion as much as I can. I did not know it’s not recommended to apply between the toes. I always do. Now I know.

  4. Amanda Alvarado says

    I like the avocado mask but not sure I want to use a yummy avocado for a mask when I can eat them! LOL

    • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

      Avocados are great for internal consumption and for external masks.
      I do buy small avos for my masks, as I do not want to cup up a big one. Unless I make a huge batch for our girls party!
      Every now and then, I have a movie night here, and my girl-friends do know that I make skin masks, so it is a given to me to be prepared for pampering that day.
      We usually get our boys out for a fun day.
      We have a lot of fun and laughter and sharing our stories.
      We do these get-togethers every 3 months, about 4 times a year. But all of them leave us rejuvenated and energized for more life to live.

  5. Amanda Alvarado says

    when I apply lotion to my feet, I usually do it at night. in the morning, if I am at home, I am barefoot and lotion and tile doesn’t mix!

  6. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says


    SKIN Routines That Help Us A LOT

    โ€ข Regular Exercise
    Sweating helps us to sweat through and eliminate the toxins accumulated in the body. The pores in the skin open up and cleanse as well.
    Blood circulation brings more nutrients to the skin surfaces which improves the brightness and well-being of this largest organ of our body.

    โ€ข Vitamin C
    Take Vitamin C rich foods and apply products with this vitamin. REMINDER is that vitamin C is essential for collagen building in the skin, plus, it is a great anti-oxidant that protects, heals and even helps with re-moisturization of our skin.

    Use vitamin E along with vitamin C to enhance the rebuilding and protection mechanism inside your skin. Both face and hands will benefit from less wrinkles and smoother surfaces of your skin.

    โ€ข Take This Awesome Spritzer With You in Summer Time

    Using home remedies and moisturizes help us achieve a better well-being. For the skin, we need to strive for a balanced moisture content all the time, summer or winter. Here’s a quick recipe you can mix up in your home environment and use it regularly. You can thank yourself for doing a good deed for your skin.

    – Take a small spray bottle
    – Use water + a few drops of these hydrating essential oils –> rose, bergamot, sandalwood
    – Have this bottle handy in your purse

    I have my own spritzer with me with the rose water all the time!

    These mini sprays will help with skin hydration which will help stave off frown lines and general movement of your wrinkles. It seems like a small thing, yet it does work when used consistently.

    You will help your skin to avoid pollutants and outside pathogens, as essential oils are antimicrobial and are natural lubricants.

    NB: The makeup stays longer, too!

    summer skin care, am coffee, amcoffee, skin health, skin masks

    • that is a great ideal

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      I will have to start carrying this spray bottle with the remedy in it for sure. This mixer sounds like it smells good too.

    • Katrina Angele says

      I’m having no trouble with the sweating thing this summer. Hahha Stand outside for 2 minutes and I’m drenched. Good reminder on the rose water spray. I have some I need to put in the fridge so it’s cool and refreshing.

    • Amanda Alvarado says

      Well I don’t really sweat so exercising doesn’t help with that! If I did, all Id have to do was stand outside for a few minutes! Not good I know – I have to make sure I’m not outside too long in the sun without cooling off or I can end up with a heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

  7. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says


    SKIN And Your EYES

    Something I do regularly without any delay –> compresses and quick masks with fresh cucumber.

    Use a cucumber slice all over your face, use both sides of the same slice, just make small cuts on both sides when you use them. This is a rejuvenating and feeding mask for your facial skin!

    Do not rub your eyes ever! The skin under the eyes is so delicate, it reacts with damage, tear and wear every time you rub eyes.

    If your eyes are itchy, apply cold compress or cool cucumber slices and stay for a bout a minute with those slices on your face.

    I taught this my boys and all my nieces and girl-friends. They love it! We actually do our cucumber masks with my kids during the summer together. Every time I make a salad โ€“ I slice cucumbers and we apply those mini masks right away. Lots of fun and unforgettable memories. Yes, we get our skin hydrated, too!

    You Don’t Need A Spa To Feel & Look Like A Queen!

    am coffee, amcoffee, skin health, skin masks

    • i love to go this it is so refreshing

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

        We use the cucumber so often on our skin that doing all this comes naturally.
        I am looking forward to each mask and a minute with my cucumber slices every day!

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      Using the cucumbers sounds very refreshing indeed. I happen to love cucumbers and their smell so this is one mask I will for sure have to try this summer. It would be something fun to do with my sisters and friends when we get together. Thanks for sharing all this great information. It will indeed be very helpful for so many.

    • Katrina Angele says

      You know me….Miss picky eater here herself. This is one way I will actually use cucumbers. I bet my 5 year old will get a kick out of it when I tell him to stick the slices to his face.
      I am the worst at not rubbing my eyes. They always itch. Another reason I rarely wear makeup.

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

        My son has been raised on masks and all things skin in our household.
        I need to find a picture of him with cucumber slices over his eyes.

    • Amanda Alvarado says

      Again another I’d rather eat then use on my body! LOL I am horrible about not rubbing/itching my eyes especially since I wear contacts.

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

        Eating and loving foods is great!
        But you need to nourish your skin from the outside as well.
        It’s a 2-way street…

  8. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says
  9. done!!! Laura I love you!!!! The Info is awesome

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