Where Are The Beets, There’s Life #AMCoffee

Step Into The Day With A Beet! Reminders that Make a Difference Hashtag #AMCoffee Our life is worthy celebrating. Let's celebrate it with a BEET today! Beets are a very interesting root. Wide-spread, very inexpensive when purchased at the … [Read more...]

How-To Fight Dementia? First, Know Dementia Risks! #AMCoffee

Know Risks of Dementia – Lower Them! Reminders that Make A Difference HASHTAG: #AMCoffee Do you know the pain when a person you love and care about does not recognize you any more? Do you have those days when you shed your endless tears about … [Read more...]

Skin Health Reminders for Summer #AMCoffee

Anti-Aging Comes With Proper Care Skin Care Reminders HASHTAG: #AMCoffee Summer is here, and we spend more time outside, in the sun, swimming in pools, rivers and oceans, hiking the mountains and enjoying our time with the loved ones. Summer … [Read more...]

Younger Skin Through Exercise – Myth or Fact? #AMCoffee

Skin + Exercise = Younger Looks HASHTAG: #AMCoffee Skin, skin, our precious skin. What wouldn't we do to make it younger-looking, brighter and healthier? As a matter of fact, we do a ton of things that, according to our humble opinion, help our … [Read more...]

5 Anti-Aging Hacks That Are Simple To Do, Yet Powerful in Effect #AMCoffee

Anti-Aging Hacks HASHTAG: #AMCoffee The year has kicked off with some amazing developments in your life. Do you remember to take a few moments for yourself – daily? Do you actually indulge into a moment of sipping your tea or coffee or just … [Read more...]

Aging Gracefully With Time And Your Body #AMCoffee

Aging Gracefully LIVE 10:30 AM EST HASHTAG: #AMCoffee Be Daily Part of #AMCoffee Conversations & Prizes Grab a cup 'o Joe and share what's on your mind for an hour today Our daily routine can really suck up not only our efforts, but … [Read more...]

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