Top Prevalent Reasons You Don’t Lose Weight #AMCoffee

Why We Do Not Lose Weight Reminders that Make a Difference Hashtag #AMCoffee 'Tis the season to plan to lose weight, the one that is unwanted and done with a grimace on the face. Millions of people are on their way to the gym, implementing a … [Read more...]

Your Body is Already Perfect – #AMCoffee Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks for the Perfect Body I Am HASHTAG: #AMCoffee It is amazing how different every body is…as in EVERY BODY. No two bodies made the same. The only ideal bodies are manufactured, cut, filled, and photoshopped. Nothing real is perfect. … [Read more...]

Eating Foods That Burn Fat Can Be Delicious #AMCoffee

Foods to Eat to Burn Fat HASHTAG: #AMCoffee Food is our energy, our source for creative and fully-lived dreams. Eliminating foods from our daily diet for some health issues is one thing. When a huge chunk of foods are cut out of your … [Read more...]

There is a First for Everything #AMCoffee #Devotional

A First for Everything Today's Devotional HASHTAG: #AMCoffee When you reach into your deep bag of memory it is easy — and fun — to pull out your 1st’s. Your first time behind the wheel, the first time you were drunk, your first kiss, first day … [Read more...]

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