Top Prevalent Reasons You Don’t Lose Weight #AMCoffee

Why We Do Not Lose Weight Reminders that Make a Difference Hashtag #AMCoffee 'Tis the season to plan to lose weight, the one that is unwanted and done with a grimace on the face. Millions of people are on their way to the gym, implementing a … [Read more...]

Eating Foods That Burn Fat Can Be Delicious #AMCoffee

Foods to Eat to Burn Fat HASHTAG: #AMCoffee Food is our energy, our source for creative and fully-lived dreams. Eliminating foods from our daily diet for some health issues is one thing. When a huge chunk of foods are cut out of your … [Read more...]

There is a First for Everything #AMCoffee #Devotional

A First for Everything Today's Devotional HASHTAG: #AMCoffee When you reach into your deep bag of memory it is easy — and fun — to pull out your 1st’s. Your first time behind the wheel, the first time you were drunk, your first kiss, first day … [Read more...]

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