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Thinking the ADHD is only prevalent in children would be a misconception. As the medical science knows it, ADHD develops in childhood and is the result of GENE EXPRESSION.

It is estimated that 5% to 11% of children have ADHD. Interestingly, many of them are GIRLS. Some children outgrow the ADHD condition, but over 3/4 of people with ADHD continue to have it throughout their lives. So, you may know adults with ADHD. And if you don’t, you may know someone who does things differently.

It is stated that ADHD is easier to diagnose in boys than in girls. That is one of the reasons why we see so much more boys officially recognized with ADHD around us. For some reasons, the ADHD symptoms are much harder to spot in girls. For the same reasons, it is much less known about this condition in grown-up women than in men, as there’s isn’t nearly as much research on ADHD in females as there’s in males. Many women do not even suspect they have ADHD until they’re in adulthood. And many do not find out about it at all.

The question is how different is ADHD in females than in males? What are the manifestations of the condition that appear in girls first and transcend into adulthood? What can parents and teachers do to spot the condition in our children and make a difference in their lives from early on?

Jump into discussion threads to get familiarized with different information that we dug out from WebMD and share it with you. The more we know, the more powerful we are at home and in our local communities we live in.

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  1. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says


    ADHD: How Does It Show Up?

    Common symptoms of inattentive ADHD include:

    • Lack of focus and trouble listening and paying attention
    • Being easily distracted, disorganized, and frequently forgetting and losing things
    • Failing to follow through
    • Making mistakes that seem careless

    As with boys, girls with ADHD often have trouble in school. But they’re less likely to get in trouble for acting out. Girls with ADHD tend to be seen as daydreamers. They may have a harder time socializing, too.

    For adult women, ADHD can make it hard to stay on top of a job and handle the stresses of day-to-day life. Women with ADHD might struggle to manage personal finances, complete household tasks, and care for children.

    adhd in women, am coffee, amcoffee, health

    • Amanda Alvarado says

      My training last week covered ADHD in children and teenagers. Boys tend to act out and with girls it’s more social is what we learned.

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

        We need to hear more about this training!
        Please share what is relevant to us!

        • Amanda Alvarado says

          I don’t know how effective it will be for the general public – it was for law enforcement in schools and how to interact with children with special needs/disorders. Most LE officers come from the streets to a school setting and the way you interact is completely different. Texas has finally realized this and has a mandated 20 hour training for LE officers that are in a school setting to make them aware and give them tools on how to interact with these kids.

          • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

            This input is already so helpful and an eye-opener.
            NOT many of us know that Law Enforcement officers at schools are hired from the STREETS!
            Without education, experience and special training, these people are allowed into a school setting.
            20 Hours of HOW-TO at school is not a lot, but a positive movement in the right direction.

            • Amanda Alvarado says

              Oh it wasn’t! Much of it could have been stretched easily into a full day instead of half a day but it did give the basics which is better than nothing! Luckily I have a minor in psychology as well as a dad who is a psychologist so I had a some background in it when I went into law enforcement back in 1999.

    • my son was diagnosed at age 6 in school we were skeptical to put him on meds but it was a life changer for him i was shocked to see the difference

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

        With being as attentive as you are as parent, it is possible to bring a huge relief of symptoms to a child with ADHD.

    • Katrina Angele says

      I always wondered if I had/have a form of this. The social thing and now the household and childcare things. I have always managed with everything just have always had an issue more than others I know.

  2. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

    am coffee

    ADHD And Its Emotional Tall

    Girls with ADHD are more likely than boys with the disorder to blame themselves when they have problems getting things done. Having ADHD can also make it hard to read social cues, which can make some girls feel insecure. It can interfere with their ability to make friends.

    That can leave them prone to depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. Girls with ADHD are more likely to develop anorexia or bulimia than girls without the condition.

    A diagnosis is the first step to getting the right treatment. Medications and behavioral therapy can help you manage ADHD.

    If you see signs of a problem, talk to a doctor. Teachers don’t suggest ADHD evaluations for girls nearly as often as they do for boys. If a teacher refers your daughter, take it seriously. If your child has ADHD, it’s not going to go away.

    adhd in women, am coffee, amcoffee, health

    • Amanda Alvarado says

      My brother was diagnosed with ADD when he was a senior in high school. He isn’t hyperactive at all but has a hard time staying focused and following through on things.

      • Amanda Alvarado says

        Oops hit post comment too soon – my point was, if he would have been diagnosed earlier in his life, he probably would have done better in school instead of just barely getting by and graduating.

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

        As we know now, different kids express the symptoms differently.
        And yes, early diagnosis helps in a huge way to support such children and streamline their activities and future careers, too.

    • Katrina Angele says

      Wow. This sounds like me almost to a T. Really interesting. Guess I have something to add to my list to talk to the doc about. She is going to think I am insane!

  3. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says
  4. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says


    ADHD And Hormones

    Symptoms can change over time. But hormones can make them change, too. You might find that hormonal changes – during your menstrual cycle, while pregnant, and as you enter menopause – impact how well medications work.

    If you notice a difference, talk to your doctor. She should be able to adjust your medication as needed.

    Check out our amazingly informative AM Coffee mornings with Chia Chia, foudner of Damiva. We talked about hormonal changes during peri- and menopause, and ways women could handle such. If you have not seen those chats – head over and browse through them to learn and get inspired, get motivated to live your life in a joyful mode.

    These AM Coffee conversations are built with one thing in mind – to EMPOWER each woman with tools, facts, and inspiration to live a self-fulfilled life.

    Having ADHD can be a challenge, but it’s one that children and adults alike can learn to handle. Although there’s no cure, people who get the right care can reach their potential and enjoy a happy, fulfilled life.

    adhd in women, am coffee, amcoffee, health

  5. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says


    ADHD And Social Media

    Though social media has made it so easy to connect with the rest of the world, our friends and relatives, and colleagues, it has become one of the most powerful distractors from living our own lives as well.

    Changing focus from one task to the social media management and the flow of information out there calls for DISTRACTION hundreds times a day. Getting back where you left off is a huge thing – our brain tries to backtrack hundreds times a day what we were doing before we got distracted!

    For people with ADHD it can become a huge culprit staying focused on what needs to be done. Allowing kids freely access their social media outlets on their own can add a huge frustration element to the existing ADHD.

    How to handle it? Time needs to be allocated to focus on just one task they need to do First. Then allow them to do their social media as a separate activity. This way, they learn to focus on one task well done.

    adhd in women, am coffee, amcoffee, health

    • Amanda Alvarado says

      I think even without ADHD, this is good advice especially for younger children. It teaches them to get the important stuff done and out of the way first and then “play”.

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

        We ALL need to follow this ONE focus at a time!
        I remember when on our resumes many years ago, the line that talked about “being able to multi-task” was a very VALUABLE addition.
        These days, getting things done is one of the top priorities. And social media million-breaks-a-minute does not help!

    • Katrina Angele says

      I have to do this all the time with myself. Internet has always been an issue with me. Especially socially. I’d rather chat online than in person.

  6. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says
  7. Katrina Angele says

    Love all your giveaways! Good luck everyone.

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