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Yes, You Can Benefit from Dry Skin Brushing

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Being open-minded to new practices in your life is the key to a better health and more vibrant living.

If you are not familiar with dry skin brushing, then I would like to invite you to reconsider your point of view or what you don’t know yet about it.

Like anything else in the beauty routine, dry skin brushing is one of the elements that could and would enhance your skin health, circulation, and relaxation – all are the keys to a less stress, hence more health in your daily life.

Dry skin brushing is a huge contributor to a better, stronger, and more beautiful skin. Unclogging pores in the skin decreases skin odor and allows for better regeneration of new skin cells. And you know how beautiful those baby skin cells are! They’re bright and contribute to a younger look of the skin and you!

Let’s look at dry skin brushing and thank for this content Global Healing Center.

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dry skin brushing, amcoffe, am coffee, skin health

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  2. amcoffee

    #1 Exfoliates

    Another benefit one can expect is the removal of dead skin cells.

    Advantages that this brings extend beyond the obvious one of removing dry, dead skin that looks dull. When dead cells are exfoliated, new cells form more quickly. Skin not only looks healthier, it actually becomes healthier as dead skin is removed from clogged pores.

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  3. am coffee

    #2 Improved Circulation

    Blood flow increases to the skin following dry brushing, and the normal process of releasing toxins through perspiration is improved.

    Proper exercise, spicy foods, and breathing techniques also contribute to increasing circulation.

    dry skin brushing, dry brushing, skin health, am coffee, amcoffee

  4. amcoffee

    #3 Supports Muscle Tone

    Another advantage offered by skin brushing is the stimulation of the nervous system. Stimulated nerves activate muscle fibers and improve muscle tone.

    This is particularly beneficial to people who have lost weight and are looking to tighten up sagging skin.

    dry skin brushing, dry brushing, skin health, am coffee, amcoffee

  5. amcoffee

    #4 Reduces Cellulite

    The first major benefit that many proponents of skin brushing claim is that it eliminates–or drastically reduces–the appearance of cellulite. This is an important element of detoxifying the body.

    Cellulite is actually composed of toxic fat buildup that results in the wrinkling of the skin. Brushing dry skin is believed to tighten the epidermis and contribute to the breakup of this toxic material. This is much more economical and convenient than liposuction therapy.

    The detoxification process can be further enhanced by taking colon cleansing, liver cleansing, and chemical and heavy metal cleansing supplements and exercising regularly.

    dry skin brushing, dry brushing, skin health, am coffee, amcoffee

    • Virginia Rogers says

      Yes not only more economical and convenient seems like would definitely be more practical!! 🙂

    • like a car we need a radiator flush and oil change…. and a good cleaning great info

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

        You know much more about the cars, that is obvious!
        Yes, I agree with the fact that our bodies need a break – REGULARLY – to renew and offer the well-being to us throughout our lives.
        Cleansing with foods, water, clean fresh air are the best. We just need to find them.

  6. amcoffee

    #5 Immune System Health

    One of the most important benefits of skin brushing is the supposed effect it has on the lymphatic system.

    This is of profound significance to the immune system. White blood cells, or lymphocytes, are actually named after this major body system. Lymph circulates to our cells through channels independent of our circulatory system.

    However, after it has done its work, it returns to the bloodstream through valves leading into the heart. Here, the white blood cells can fight the toxic agents that threaten our health.

    Massaging the skin with a brush, combined with exercise, speeds up the flow of lymph and directly contributes to a stronger immune system and healthier body.

    dry skin brushing, dry brushing, skin health, am coffee, amcoffee

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  8. I know I’m late to the party. Thanks for all the great information. I recently picked up a dry brush and use it before I shower. Any tips on how to actually use the brush? I’ve just been going over my body with Swedish massage-like strokes. Also, do you dry brush your armpits? (Strange question, I know, but inquiring minds…)

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