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We are bombarded with messages that emphasize the benefits of different vitamins and supplements for a woman’s body. In the past few weeks we have covered a lot of vitamins, – at least those that are considered well-known and researched and mainstream. We pointed out their benefits and where they come short – via their side-effects when used in excess.

The point to be made is this: Vitamins are an important part of our lives. They have powerful properties. They support our bodies in a million ways. The best way to get those vitamins and nutrients is by implementing an whole foods diet in your life. Food is our medicine, as an ancient philosopher put it. We should not take it lightly and ignore its importance.

However there are times when our bodies can get more benefits when we support our diet with supplements. These days, supplements have come a long way. We have vegan, plant-based, organic supplements that get as close as possible to the foods we consume and fill the gaps where our bodies need them the most.

Let’s run a quick review for us to summarize and place all that we have covered and learned into one basket, so to say.


Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Vitamin E

Vitamin B Group

This vitamin B group is a powerful legion of nutrients that make our bodies hum, and work, and workout, and have energy for everything in the world. But these vitamins B6, B12, and folic acid are especially important.

Vitamin D

It may be called a vitamin, but it actually works as a hormone. It helps to move calcium and phosphorus – important minerals for keeping bones strong – into your bloodstream.

Vitamin K

It plays an important role in keeping bones strong and helping blood clot for older people.

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am coffee, amcoffee, vitamins for women, health

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  1. Happy Wednesday to all!!! Almost the Weekend again ….!!!

  2. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

    AM COFFEE – Sign In! HELLO, Everyone!

    Today is about summation and identifying the KEY vitamins for a woman’s body.

    It is not a complete list from the point of view of our INDIVIDUAL Needs. It is a list for the most important vitamins that have quick expression in our well-being when we become deficient in them.

    Let’s review them and allow our brain to sink the information deeper.

    Thank you for being such an abundant audience for AM Coffee!

    So happy to see you today here! Come over when you can. AM Coffee is for early birds and not-so, too! It is open all-day-long, as we do have different schedules we live with.

    Stay with us every morning, win prizes, but mostly, make awesome friends!

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  3. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says



    This group includes vitamin Aretinol, beta carotene, and carotenoids, – vitamin C, and vitamin E. They appear to play a role in protecting you from tiny particles your body makes, called free radicals, that can tear cells apart.


    Your body changes Beta-carotene to vitamin A, a nutrient that helps eyesight, soft tissue, and skin. You’ll find it in apricots, cantaloupe, carrots, guava, kale, papaya, peaches, pumpkins, red peppers, spinach, and tomatoes.

    vitamin a, vitamins for women, am coffee, amcoffee, health

    Vitamin C

    You may also hear it called ascorbic acid. It heals wounds and helps your body make red blood cells. It also boosts levels of the brain chemical called noradrenaline, which makes you feel more alert and amps up your concentration.

    Studies show that when you’re under a lot of stress, or as you get older, your levels of ascorbic acid go down. You can get vitamin C from broccoli, grapefruit, kiwi, oranges, peppers, potatoes, strawberries, and tomatoes.

    vitamin c, vitamins for women, am coffee, amcoffee, health

    Vitamin E

    It’s also known as tocopherol and includes related compounds called tocotrienols. Your body needs it to keep cells healthy. It may slow signs of aging, too. But you raise your risk of bleeding if you take too much of it every day. You can get this nutrient in foods like margarine, corn oil, cod-liver oil, hazelnuts, peanut butter, safflower oil, sunflower seeds, and wheat germ.

    Antioxidants may lower the risk of some health problems and slow aging. Some researchers also think they help boost the immune system, your body’s defense against germs.

    vitamin e, almonds, muts, vitamins for women, am coffee, amcoffee, health

  4. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

    am coffee

    Vitamin B Group

    This group of B vitamins is so wide! B1, B2, B3, B6, B12.

    Vitamin B6 is also known as pyridoxine. You need it to keep your brain working well and to help your body change food into energy, which is called metabolism. It can be toxic if you get too much of it at once, so your best bet is to eat foods that have this nutrient in it. Try fish, potatoes, chickpeas, avocadoes, bananas, beans, cereal, meats, oatmeal, and poultry.

    Vitamin B12 is also important for metabolism, and it helps your body make red blood cells. You can get it from cheese, eggs, fish, meat, milk, and yogurt. Older adults, people with anemia, vegans, and vegetarians should work with a doctor to make sure they get enough of it.

    Folate (folic acid)
    It helps build a healthy brain and spinal cord. It also makes DNA and RNA, the building blocks of cells, and prevents the changes in DNA that can lead to cancer. Adults and children need it to build normal red blood cells and prevent anemia. But it’s especially important for pregnant women because it helps prevent birth defects like spina bifida.

    Foods high in folate include spinach and leafy greens, asparagus, citrus fruits, melons, strawberries, fortified grains, legumes, chickpeas, black beans, kidney beans, eggs, and liver.

    sardines, vitamin b, vitamins for women, am coffee, amcoffee, health

    • i love my fruits and veggies!!!! and i eat alot of cheese!!! and i was unaware that potatoes had b6 why I’m not sure but i love taters too!!! I think I’m good in all these levels

  5. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says
  6. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says


    Vitamin D But Acts Like A Hormone!

    This is a Sunshine Vitamine! We need to be in the sun 10-15 minutes a day to generate it in our blood stream.

    When your body doesn’t have enough vitamin D, it will take calcium and phosphorus from your bones. Over time, this makes them thin and leads to conditions like osteoporosis, which puts you at risk for fractures.

    You can get vitamin D if you eat eggs and fish, especially salmon, mackerel, and sardines. Many middle-aged and older adults, though, might need to get what they need from “fortified” foods, which have the nutrient added by the manufacturer, or from supplements.

    Because calcium and vitamin D are closely linked, many doctors recommend that older people, especially women who have been through menopause, take a supplement that has both nutrients.

    eggs, vitamins for women, am coffee, amcoffee, health

    • I have been going outside daily now!! trying to come out daily to get that vitamin!!!!

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

        Going outside benefits in many ways.
        Yes to the vitamin D.
        Yes to the movement we need for our lymphatic system.
        Yes to any movement for our muscles, heart included!

  7. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says


    Vitamin K Is So Delicious!

    It plays an important role in keeping bones strong and helping blood clot for older people.

    Vitamin K is a FAT soluble vitamin. That means it needs fat to be incorporated into the blood stream. It makes a strong point against those diets that deprive our eating of FAT, ALL FAT! What a self-defeating act!

    The best food sources include green leafy vegetables, soybean oil, broccoli, alfalfa, cooked spinach, and fish oil.

    A quick reminder: There are 3 types of Vitamin K.

    Vitamin K1 which found in vegetables and leafy greens.

    Vitamin K2 which is present in fermented dairy products and in our gut!

    Vitamin K3 which is a synthetic version of vitamin K – not a good thing.

    vitamin K, vitamins for women, am coffee, amcoffee, health

  8. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says


  9. celebrate woman says

    tempeh can be found in the section of veggies where they add soy and non-meat products. Tofu is usually there as well.

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