Sports Wear For Women Becomes More Casual With Bamboo Fit

Sports wear for women becomes more and more like an everyday wearable attire. We grab it on first thing in the morning and don’t seem to notice it until it’s late at night that we’ve been running around in our fitness clothes.

womens-bamboo-fitWe wear comfortable clothes to allow ourselves to do a gazillion of things in a most efficient way possible. That is the reason why we look for something practical, yet stylish. Wrinkle free would be a huge plus, too!

Our bodies undergo a huge stress living through the day. Be it a physical exercise or a quick trip to the store, an active time with kids in the park or very meticulous dance around the kitchen – we, women, want to feel and look beautiful.

Cariloha, the Bamboo company, has been on its way to develop some magnificent clothes for us, taking into account our lifestyle, our needs, our modern emancipation cravings. Bamboo Fit is a new line of clothes for both women and men that was specifically designed for busy adults.

Here are Top 3 Reasons Why you should proudly own some of the Cariloha Bamboo Fit.

• Antibacterial Properties of the Bamboo Clothes
Due to specificities of the bamboo fiber, it fights off pathogens that could be harmful to the skin. This is especially important when perspiration could be a welcome heaven for smelly bacteria to multiply. Bamboo prevents it from happening by regulating our body’s temperature.
• Thermal, i.e., temperature regulation
Being on-the-go at all times, your body needs some breather moments. Bamboo fabric provides natural air waves exchange that allows for normal body temperature maintenance.
• Moisture Wicking properties
Whether you’re at the gym or simply running around all day long, the Bamboo Fit clothes would keep our bodies dry and stylish. The perspiration will be channeled away from our skin and allow it to breath better.

Here are some styles from the Bamboo Fit line you might enjoy and celebrate daily.

Bamboo Fit for Women

BambooFit-Cariloha-Women clothesBamboo Fit for Men

BambooFit Cariloha menThe stylish sports wear for women and men have become something that every wardrobe should have as a necessity item, rather than a luxury one.

With the fabulous properties of the fabric, bamboo clothes could become a new trend as a prevalent and dominating source of sewing craftsmanship. Thus bringing us, consumers, more variety in styles and colors.

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  1. Suzanne C says

    Well since I am a runner and the nice weather is approaching I would love a workout tank

  2. Rebecca Swenor says

    I really don’t have a preference because I love them both and would use either.

  3. Jessica Parent says

    I like them all !! Even better that they control body temp and have moisture wicking properties (being germaphobic makes me automatically like anything antibacterial)

  4. Karen Hinkle says

    wow haow cool but I am a large gal I don’t think that they would fit me but I love black tank top

    • Cynthia Dubuque says

      I’m kind of in agreement with Karen. It would be wonderful if they would start to offer larger sizes for women since being fit is important to everyone 🙂 They do offer up to a 2xl for men though, so maybe purchasing it in men’s could be an option.

  5. wendy c g says

    Always warm here so I would love the tank tops.

  6. Can I say both the tank is good but the jacket is good for the on the way to workout or the days when it is chilly

  7. Tammy Schweitzer says

    love the blue one black not bad also thanks

  8. Diana Smith Hill says

    I work out all the time and I would love to use the bamboo clothing line! The antibacterial benefits amaze me! I also have eczema and think it would help me allot! The Moisture wicking would do wonders for me too! Oh sounds like they are heaven sent for me. I like all the colors! Looking for teal and orange this year. Not together but teal tops and orange/tangerine tops to go with black bottoms. Thank you!

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