DelSol Color Changing Nail Polish Memorial Day Weekend Giveaway

Win Any 3 DelSol Colors!
May24-26, 2014
Open to US

delsol color change nail polishDelSol is one of the most cheerful and amazing nail polish product in the market that I personally adore.

It is user and kid friendly. It is offered in the rainbow of many colors. And it brings many hours of fun and experiment! Little kids absolutely love it!

What makes this nail polish amazing is the fact that the sun light changes color almost immediately. You came out with red nails and they turn into purple or blue or something else. Spectrachrome® color-changing crystals allow this magical change of hues on our nails. The variety and possibilities of colors are simply endless.

If you wish to participate in more prizes today, which we’ll draw at night, just go and make a comment in this #AMCoffee chat of today! The prizes will be some awesome bamboo items from Cariloha.

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  1. constance ralph says

    Yes please..I will be spending memorial day bbqing with my in laws and my family

  2. Amanda Alvarado says

    I would be thankful for being able to take a vacation. Not sure if we are going to or not! I’m also thankful for the 3 weeks I have off. I need the break!

  3. Brianna Ketchum says

    spending time with my family

  4. Karen Hinkle says

    I will be thank for to get all the things I need to get done that I have been putting on hold

  5. Jessica Parent says

    My boys to actually get along for more than 20 mins at a time and learn to appreciate each other alittle more. Id love to actually get a mini vacation in with the family too away from everything!! (Maybe the mountains)

  6. Susan D'Alesandro Wilder says

    I would be So thankful if I could make it down the Ocean/Beach this summer~praying I’ll get there!

  7. Rebecca Swenor says

    I am so Thankful for Laura as she made a complete change in me forever and I have great appropriation for her being in my life always. Thanks you.

  8. wendy c g says

    I’m thankful for my brother and his family coming for a visit this summer. I haven’t been him in 10 years. I will get to meet his kids for the 1st time.

  9. Lauren H. says

    I’m thankful for sunshine after being cooped up with a newborn followed by a LONG, dark winter!

  10. Tina Daily says

    These would be perfect Christmas presents if I can hold out that long!

  11. Tina Daily says

    Can’t wait for summer too be over! BRING ON HALLOWEEN!

  12. Marcia Pasilas says

    Being able to go swimming

  13. Most thankful for mosquito spray

  14. Susan Campbell says

    I’m hoping for a quiet hurricane season, I live in Florida!

  15. I live In Florida Also But I’m Thankful For My beautiful Family And A Chance To Win In this Awesome Giveaway !!!

  16. Roe Clark says

    I would be so thankful if I get to visit with my mom & dad

  17. chantal bell says

    I will be thankful for fresh veggies from the garden

  18. Thankful for the many blessings and spending time with family. TY

  19. Cathy Ferber says

    I will be thankful for finding another house and finally being able to move this summer

  20. Renee Rousseau says

    I am thankful for my health and the health of my family.

  21. I’ll be thankful for a vacation!

  22. I am thankful for nice weather.

  23. I am thankful for all the great men who fought for our Country’s freedom including my brother, ex-husband, sons, brother-in-law, nephews, cousins and so many other soldiers that can’t count. They fearlessly fought for what they believed in and now we have our country’s peace as a result of all their bravery. We get to walk the streets in pride for their actions. They deserve so much more! Enjoy your summer as I will.

  24. maggie barnes says

    I’m thankful that my husband is with me–he is a Veteran from the Gulf War when Ancient Orange was there. He has after effects and is suffering from alot from that era.

  25. I’m thankful for the little things I’m guilty of not always acknowledging .

  26. I would be thankful if summer would last a long time. So we can get a lot of home improvements done.

  27. ellen willett says

    playing with my grandson

  28. I’m thankful for my family. My son is a veteran and fought in Iraq, Operation Iraqi Freedom. He is now home and had a wife and two beautiful children. One of which, was just born on Wednesday night. Good bless all of the veterans and their families 🙂

  29. I am thankful that I get to spend time with my family.

  30. I would be Thankful for a much needed vacation and to be able to take my daughter to a pool.

  31. I am thankful for the vacation my family gets to take every summer … its a great time to relax & be laidback & rejuvenmate

  32. Ali Goff says

    I’m thankful that I was able to find a job.

  33. I am thankful, for my family and nice weather!

  34. Helen Jones says

    I will be thankful for lots of sunny days this summer.

  35. ruby reis wade says

    I am thankful for my oldest son, who is (as of today) out of the ARMY and home.

  36. I kicked cancer this year so time with family while building up my health again is high on my list this year.

  37. Dana Dailey says

    I am thankful for my mother and for my grandon. I could not be here without them

  38. Thankful for warmer weather!

  39. Thankful that for now we have a house with a backyard to spend time in this summer!

  40. Teresa Thompson says

    I’m thankful to have my family back together after my son serving in the marines for 5 years.

  41. Spending time with my kids 🙂

  42. I am thankful for the beautiful wild flowers in my neighborhood.

  43. charity dwight says

    I am thankful for being able to spend more one with my son. I have so many big plans, like eee are going to build a race track and find some frogs and race them. I can’t wait

  44. Janice Dean says

    I will and am thankful for my youngest son getting married in Aug to the most beautiful woman! Thanks

  45. Diane Sallans says

    I’ll be thankful that we won’t be getting snow!

  46. Tricia Jordan says

    Im thankful for everything

  47. Lori Grish says

    I am Thankful for all our active and non-active veterans for giving us a free world to live in each and every day. if it wasn’t for them our lives would be much worse off…so please Thank a service man or women every time you see them.

  48. I would be thankful for mild weather this summer! Last year was brutal!

  49. Carol Yemola says

    I am thankful for my health. Had a bad year and so glad that I am on the road to recovery.

  50. Betsy Pauzauskie says

    I am thankful that our family plans to attend a family reunion, with all 3 of our married daughters families planning to attend! I would be sooo thankful if we can ALL make it!

  51. Cara Miles says

    I am thankful for each day that God blesses me with.

  52. Raye Wiedner says

    I’d be so thankful if my house sold in the next month.

  53. I would be thankful if my etsy shop sold a little more.

  54. kimberly bhatti says

    spending more time together as a family.. lately it hasn’t been happening

  55. crystal sheckles-gibson says

    I am thankful that I get to spend more time with my daughter

  56. Cynthia Dubuque says

    I would be thankful to be able to take my 2 little boys in the pool this year and be able to teach them how to swim.

  57. Michelle K. says

    I am thankful my son got a job

  58. Denise Elliott says

    I will be thankful that I get to spend all day with my kids and my nephews when the weather is nice and we can play at the park, go fishing, and go ride our ATV’s and dirtbikes

  59. Cookouts and spending time w my family

  60. I am thankful for the long warm days of summer spending it with my husband and our 2 little boys.

  61. Diane Elizabeth says

    I’m thankful for the chance to slow down and enjoying some time with my son without a strict schedule to follow every day.

  62. My daughter is a teacher. I am soo grateful she will he home and I will no longer be alone with my 2 yr old grandson. 😉

  63. Christina says

    I’m thankful for my family every day of the year!

  64. William Cooke says

    Sunshine for the summer makes me smile

  65. Amy Tripp says

    I would be so thankful if I could make the vacation I am trying to plan actually happen. I really need it to.

  66. Jill A. Collins says

    I am grateful for a loving husband and my two standard poodles.

  67. sherry butcher says

    I’m thankful for the good in the world, there is so little of it.

  68. This sounds so much fun I stop wearing nail polish cause I wa imbarresed with the arthitis then I said what the heck I need my nail polish such fun colors now just love it.

  69. I will be thankful for getting to experience so many of my daughter’s firsts with her! I can’t wait for the kiddie pool and the camping trips.

  70. Kim Pinch says

    I am thankful to have all my kids home for the summer. This may be the last time we are all together.

  71. Constance ralph says

    We went to church then out to eat with the in laws today came home and took a nap while my Air Force Vet husband is watching the race. Tomorrow he is working 🙁

  72. thia Beniash says

    I would be thankful if I can get a reliable running car!

  73. Dawn Monroe says

    I will be thankful for my son being chosen to attend Tim Hortons summer camp in Canada. When they advertise camp day it truly goes for kids. Great company.

  74. Candice Dyer says

    I’m thankful for mine and my family’s health and the time I get to spend with them.

  75. Sleeping late!!

  76. natalie yeoman says

    i am thankful for turning 21 this summer

  77. Alison James says

    the sun, here in the Midwest we had such a long winter and a grey spring until now and it glorious. Sun glorious sun!

  78. Natasha Hunter says

    thankful for not having to hear my daughter complain about going to school….

  79. Lisa Breece says

    I’d be thankful if I could find a job I could be happy with.

  80. I would be thankful for more people in this country to be able to prosper this summer.

  81. Rebecca Wall says

    That my children are happy and healthy

  82. Bonnie Cantrell says

    I would be thankful for all my family and friends to be healthy, for us to find a nice house and a good job..

  83. Time off from work and some staycations with friends

  84. amy rouse says

    a new grandbaby on July 24

  85. Jill McKelvey says

    Family coming to visit staying on tybee island, and having a very important surgery that I’m looking forward too

  86. Being thankful for family & friends.

  87. Being thankful for family & Friends

  88. Elaine Powell says

    a beach vacation!!

  89. beth clark says

    warm weather, spending time with family.

  90. Helen May says

    My son coming out to visit us! Can’t wait!

  91. I’m REALLY thankful for air conditioning lol but seriously, I’m thankful for every day I get with my family, no matter the season .

  92. Elicia P says

    I am thankful that I am a mostly stay at home mom and I am able to send the days outside with my son. Not all parents get to do that and it is something I do not take for granted.

  93. Stephanie Jenkins says

    I’m going to be thankful for a swimming pool if I can get my sisters to put hers up

  94. thankful for family, friends and the troops !

  95. monica johanna says


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