eCloth Adds Chemical Free Living to the Luxury of Health of the Entire Family

We don’t invite more chemicals into our daily living. We seek products and companies that support our lifestyle with quality products that are built with integrity. eCloth is one of the pioneers in the consumer industry that promotes Chemical Free Living.

ecloth chemical free living

Offering their patented technology of microfibers that perform a multitude of tasks and incorporating it into all categories of products for our homes – that’s the company to applaud.

Look what eCloth offers with each and every product

– With just water, e-cloth removes dirt, grease and grime; and is proven to remove over 99% of bacteria including Listeria and e.coli
 – There is no need to bring in harsh, noxious chemicals; and the need for paper towels is gone, which clears up our already overflowing land fills
 – e-cloth gives better results in less time than traditional cleaning methods
 – Cloths are specifically designed for tough cleaning challenges in the home including windows, stainless steel, floors and in the kitchen and bathroom
 – Cleaning with an e-cloth is safer for your family and better for the environment
 – e-cloths are reusable and are guaranteed for up to 300 machine washings – if washed once per week, that’s nearly 6 years of cleaning

ecloth kitchen bundle

Clinical studies by independent 3rd party Silliker Group confirmed that eCloth products remove 99% of bacteria including E.coli and Listeria using water! The tiny fibers lock them away where the bacteria stay until the cloths are rinsed. After a rinse with warm water, just 0.01% of bacteria is reintroduced onto surfaces.

Mind this fact. Household cleaners were the third largest category of substances associated with calls to poison control centers. Over half of the calls were regarding an incident involving children six years old and younger. Eliminating chemicals is good for you and your family.

Using eCloth you contribute to the health of your family and the Planet at full scale! An eCloth and just water greatly reduces the amount of consumer waste that is being produced while you clean. In six years, how many paper towels, wipes, spray cans and bottles will you go through? Those materials go down our drains and remain on surfaces in our homes. The paper towels, cans and bottles end up in our landfills forever. An e-cloth and just water avoids all of this mess.

Look what eCloth has created for a consumer like you.

– Personal care line
– Pets line
– Cleaning for Floors, Windows, Dusting, Stainless Steel, Stove & Cooktop, Showers and Tubs, Electronic Devices, eyeglasses and Lens, Glasses and Dishes, Car

Call to Action – Add eCloth to your Chemical Free Daily Living and Enjoy the Luxury of a More Vibrant Living!

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  1. Karen Hinkle says

    oh wow that would make my life much more easier with my grandson he is always making the perfect mess for me to clean LOL but he keeps his grandma busy that is a wonderful demo

  2. Jennifer Hiles says

    One of my goals in life is to eliminate the chemicals from our home (cleaning. food, laundry, everywhere!). I am always looking for good products to help me with this journey. It sounds like ebody is the perfect solution to many of my problems, from the chemical free cleaning to the face mitts which will eliminate the need for make-up remover. Now that I have kids, it’s even more important for me. I would love to get some ebody products to incorporate into my daily life!

  3. thia Beniash says

    i would love this! germs are not my friends and i am constantly spraying antibacterial on my kitchen counters but i often wonder if that is safer. what exactly am i spraying on my counters? a cloth with no chemicals? that just sounds so great for my family!

  4. Raye Wiedner says

    I’ve been working for the last few years on being more environmentally friendly, and now with hubby’s health, I work even harder to keep chemicals out of our lives. I absolutely love the idea of being able to clean away harmful bacteria without even using soap! What a marvelous product!!!

  5. wow, these house cleaning products look perfect for us!! I would love to try those! I hate it every time I spray a cleaner – I feel like I’m compromising one area of health for another!! especially those that come in contact with our food.

  6. Virginia Rogers says

    They sound Amazing E-Cloth, would love to try as love the fact that they provide true Chemical Free Cleaning. We all could use more of these products and less chemicals in our lives!!! 🙂

  7. E – cloth sounds great. I would love to they. They have so many great qualitys

  8. Cynthia Dubuque says

    I try very hard to live with as few chemicals as possible, not only for my health, but for the environment. I have 2 little boys that need to live healthy lives on a healthy planet.

  9. Rebecca Swenor says

    I love this and the fact that they also have a pet line along with cleaning is totally awesome. I love the kitties whom seem to enjoy this also.

  10. Jessica Parent says

    Cant beat “more results” in less time! I love that there are no harsh chemicals (or any for that matter) needed to clean efficiently! I’d love to see if they could really last me 6 years (but have a feeling Id need to wash them at least twice a week …most likely cutting their life span in half 😉 )

    • CoffeeTime says

      Still, nothing beats the results of a cloth that lasts for so many years! I had to replace my window eCloth after 3-4 years. I did only windows with it. Loved it and got another one.

  11. Katrina A. says

    I want this to make my household more and more chemical free. Now that I have a son these things matter to me. I realize the spray I use to clean is actually bad for us.

  12. I just need to pamper myself more.

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