MANTRY Is The First To Cater To Man’s Palette

MANTRY is an evolution from a simple gift box to a crate that targets one man’s palette!

Being put together by some creative minds, MANTRY, which means Man’s Pantry, is a lavishly curated ensemble of artisan foods brought to your man’s stomach from around the country.

Each month satisfies different tastes and themes. Just check out the MANTRY Crates below. The names speak for themselves.

What is great about these gifts is 3-fold:

– Develops Intelligent=Intuitive eating habits
– Specifically designed for man’s palette, hence the name Man’s Pantry = MANTRY
– Sourced from all over the US

Check out the  Man’s Pantry collections are a monthly compilation of different artizan foods specifically targeting and touting the men who are the hardest to please with food delicacies. The MANTRY would do a trick!

MANTRY Bourbon Crate

mantry bourbon crateMANTRY Camping Crate

mantry camping crate

MANTRY Coffee Crate

mantry coffee crate

MANTRY James Beard Crate

mantry james beard crate

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