More of Unexpected Ingredients In Our Foods #AMCoffee

More of Unexpected Ingredients In Our Foods
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Food is our way of expressing our love for life; our way of meeting and greeting our friends; way of discussing things out; way of expressing our creative side – so many ways the food allows individuals to create life around themselves!

Only these days, if food is not organic, it would be nice to know where it comes from and how it was “treated” while on the way to the supermarket.

Here are some more “unexpected” ingredients that you may find in foods that are widely consumed and offered at our supermarkets. Check the individual ingredients we’ve explored yesterday at our July 1 #AMCoffee here.

Scroll down to see some of the most frequently used practices… with different foods.

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  1. CoffeeTime says

    AM COFFEE – Sign In! HELLO, Everyone!

    Good morning, Everyone!

    Yesterday we had a “good” list of ingredients that you and I do not even suspect being in our food chain!

    Well this list is so long that I’ve picked a few more “unexpected” ingredients that could be potentially harmful to our health.

    sign in am coffee

  2. CoffeeTime says

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  3. CoffeeTime says


    It is used for carrying a large variety of flavors —> thus, being used in a huge number of food items.

    It performs a function of a thickening agent and of stabilizer as well.

    You can find it in foods like:

    – Salad dressings
    – Beer

    Though it takes big amounts of Propylene Glycol to induce visible harm to a human body, it is considered safe, though it is used in antifreeze and is dangerous to our furry animals like cats.

  4. CoffeeTime says

    am coffee

    “An article in the Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition said that silicas such as silicon dioxide have a wide range of uses in products, including managing the viscosity of paint and in corrosion-resistant coatings, as well as in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. In food, it’s mostly used as an anti-caking agent.”

    It is used in:

    – Powdered Coffee Creamers
    – Powdered mixes for Cakes or Brownies
    – Seasonings

    They’re still debating re: the Toxicological effect on a human body. Meanwhile, Silicon Dioxide is being used in our food chain.

    Though it occurs naturally in plant-based foods, it is a different quality Silicon Dioxide that that one used in the “unexpected” ingredients!

    • Jennifer Hiles says

      I always figured it was the food we were eating that was giving people certain cancers. This all confirms my belief. It’s disgusting what they are putting in our food. Really makes me want to have a garden year round.

      • kaen hinkle says

        oh man coffee creamer spices that’s not good and I try to bake all my cakes and brownies all from scratch I can make more and they taste better

    • Raye Wiedner says

      Even when we try to do what’s healthier, we run into this issue, it seems. I didn’t know it was in spices.

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      Yep I am going to make my own cake mixes than.

    • wendy c g says

      Wow, if they need to debate it, then just don’t use it.

    • Jessica Parent says

      I’m disgusted by a lot of the additives in todays food …I too had no idea this crap was in spices as well

  5. CoffeeTime says

    These have been widely publicized in the past couple of years. Many companies opt for RBST free animal growth.

    Lots of Organic companies were not allowed to print on their product labels that their products come from the animals that were not fed antibiotics. It was a huge fight, and now we have labels that say that! HOORAY!

    The horror from the excessive antibiotics usage that extends into our food chain is that it promotes the rise of the Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria.

    As the meat growers are lobbying again and again for allowing them to feed their animals – ALL animals, sick and healthy – antibiotics for quicker Growth, the situation is becoming more severe, as we, humans, experience more and more diseases that are… very “weird” and cannot be easily combated by antibiotics, the most potent way of treating many infections.

    Go for Organic in Meats, Dairy, and Wild Fish.

    • Jennifer Hiles says

      Now i want to start my own farm. We get our beef from a friend of my husbands. He raises just a few cattle that are grain fed and given only the best. At least I can eat the food from my garden and the beef in my freezer. Sounds like it’s the only safe foods I have.

      • kaen hinkle says

        Jennifer we all need to start growing our own food so we know what is in it yes they have to give this to make them grow fast because of the demand but it not good for us I love my farm fresh and farm feed meat

        • CoffeeTime says

          Yes, the more we grow, the better off we are.
          We are looking into some very interesting ways of growing green produce even in the comfort of a home. I’ll let you know when this experiment kicks in.

          • kaen hinkle says

            yes its it better to grow your own whats a little bug in your food or a hole where a bug chewed it better then all the chemical that put on them to keep the bugs off

    • Raye Wiedner says

      Just remember to use heirloom seeds to grow your own food. There are lots of GMO seeds on the market.

    • wendy c g says

      I know about this one, very scary and frustrating. I’ve seen videos of chickens who can’t even walk because the grow so fast. It’s horrifying to know they let them be sold to eat.

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      This one never did make sense to me. Why would they not think it would do more harm than good?

    • Jessica Parent says

      I wish they would make organics the same price or cheaper than the garbage food

  6. CoffeeTime says


    “Castoreum is a “yellowish, unctuous substance … secreted by beavers from castor sacs located in skin cavities between the pelvis and the base of the tail”. In other words, it’s taken from their anal glands. ”

    Castoreum is used in perfume industry and in food as well.

    It enhances raspberry and strawberry flavors in products ranging from Yogurt to Iced Tea to Gelatin to Ice-Cream.

    How about those raspberry or strawberry gummy bears you love so much, ah? Appetizing yet?

    “A report in the International Journal of Toxicology found that castoreum has resulted in no reports of adverse human reactions, despite its long history of use in food. It even has a weak antibacterial component. Good for that, but still—you’re eating things that have secretions from beaver’s rear ends.”

    • Jennifer Hiles says

      Oh gross! Wonder who was the first person to test that? How did they even discover this!

      • CoffeeTime says

        They discover things via different ways: from known chemical reactions (chemistry), from local people who’ve been using natural resources for centuries, and from just… discovering thinks unexpectedly!

    • kaen hinkle says

      that is for sure gross I dont want that stuff in my food I am sick now thanks Laura for the eye opener

    • Raye Wiedner says

      My grandie likes raspberry lip balm, and tells everyone he’s wearing ‘beaver butt’. Little boys don’t seem to mind the ‘gross’ aspect of this as much as we do lol.

    • wendy c g says

      I just gagged, that is so disgusting.

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      Yep and of coarse I love them or now did. Don’t think I want to love butt. lol

    • Jessica Parent says

      There goes the joy in the few sweets I actually do eat (I only like Strawberry and raspberry candies-LOL)

  7. CoffeeTime says


    It is a chemical compound known as an “improving agent.” What does it improve?

    Well, it sure is well used in “foamed plastics, synthetic leather, and a blowing agent in the rubber and plastics industries.”

    Appetizing yet?

    “According to an article in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry that assessed the use of azodicarbonamide in flour and flour products, it’s used both as an improving and bleaching agent.

    When heat is applied, it partially degrades to semicarbazide, which apparently shows carcinogenic activity and has been known to cause tumors.

    When they studied four types of flour products, they found that the presence of semicarbazide was higher than in flour, and in particular, it’s higher on the outside of the flour product than the inside.

    This is one of the nastier ones we’ve come across for the carcinogenic factor alone; that blows beaver rears out of the metaphorical water.”

    • kaen hinkle says

      ok you are blowing my mind now I think this is why we have all the cancer and I will say Autism to we never had all this crap in our food because we lived off the land we went out and weeded the garden not put chemical on it

      • CoffeeTime says

        What blows my mind is that the people who create the ways these ingredients are to be used Do Have Families.
        Don’t they care about Their health, Their well-being? They are living in the same food chain as we are. ???

        • Raye Wiedner says

          Laura, I’ve been involved in protesting GMO’s for quite a while now. Monsanto actually serves organic food in their cafeterias, and according to reports, their executives espouse all organic for their own homes, yet they produce and fight for GMO products. Seems a little backhanded to me.

    • Jennifer Hiles says

      Lol, beaver rears! This is scary. I use flour every time I bake.

    • Raye Wiedner says

      I do believe the changes in our food over the past few decades is what has caused certain illnesses and conditions to become more prevalent.

    • wendy c g says

      Oh my gosh this is just crazy.

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      I didn’t know even half of all this info. Thanks for sharing. That is a close call between the two almost. lol I would rather do without both of them.

    • Jessica Parent says

      I agree with Karen that this crap in our foods is most likely the cause of the high cancer rates-we need to boycott this crap so they stop using it…I personally hate eating-even our milk is messed with and ice cream has so many additives I cant pronounce it scares me (same with hamburger helper)All natural and organic is better but not affordable -usually at least a dollar more…I wish they would change that

  8. CoffeeTime says


    Here’s some candy for your EYES and SOUL today.

    As we are nearing a huge celebration with FIREWORKS AND FAMILY AND FRIENDS AROUND, check out how creative people become!

    4th of july cupcakes

    • kaen hinkle says

      they were all beautiful but them hotdog ones were way to cool

    • Jennifer Hiles says

      Wow, so many neat ones. I love the 4th of July Cupcakes with the chocolate covered star on top!

    • Raye Wiedner says

      Love those! My grandies would have a blast with the kabobs. I’m wondering if the rock candy cupcakes uses pop rocks, they’d love that.

    • wendy c g says

      So cool, but I’m thinking about what is in all those cupcakes. What chemicals.

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      I think this are so gorgeous. I love the fireworks ones. They are so beautiful. Thanks for all the great information today. Laura.

    • Jessica Parent says

      I wish I had an ounce of their creativity 😉 Love the firecracker and fire works cupcakes!

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