5 Healthy Foods to Earmark for All of Your Cooking #AMCoffee

5 Healthy Foods for Your Kitchen


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More and more people discover they may be allergic to something. Be it gluten or pollen, animal dander or milk – all these allergies call for changes in our lifestyle. And food is one of the critical elements when it comes to allergies.

Even if we do not experience allergies in a severe form like many others around, it is wise to start an exploration of foods that could either reduce and/or prevent severe allergic reactions in our body. The foods that lower inflammation inside our bodies and allow us to live a happier life.

Obviously, we cannot touch upon all the options available, but we can do it consistently and step-by-step.

Scroll down to see what can make your food preparation joy and a very flavorful alternative to the old staples in your kitchen.


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  1. Laura at AMCoffee says

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    Check them out and, more importantly, try them out. The benefits are awaiting you.

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    • thia beniash says

      hello ladies,
      i am going to try and get back to a routine that allows me to chat here more often. i have had a really trying year. two of my friends have been going through chemo and radiation for cancer. one is doing well and the otherr just passed away. i could use some chat about anything that does not have to do with doctors, hospitals or cancer related stuff.
      i have been out of the am coffee loop and not sure if things have changes. is it just for the morning now or is the chat for the day.? are there still cool prizes? if so how do we see the list of winners and when are they chosen?
      my computer time is late in the evening before bedtime because during the day i am still caring for a friend.
      if you actually read this short story… thanks for your patience and time. hugs.

  2. Laura at AMCoffee says
  3. Laura at AMCoffee says


    #1 HEMP

    Hemp seeds have become one of the top foods that are being consumed all by itself or as an addition to various dishes and recipes.

    soup with hemp nuts

    I remember when hemp – food grade that is – wasn’t allowed in this country. The yummy hemp seeds and hemp milk were imported from Canada. At home, we do not consume any other milk, but HEMP MILK. It is full of Omega-3 essential acids, protein, and healthy fats. And it is of plant origin as well.

    Do include hemp seeds or hemp nuts in your cereals, soups, salads, yogurts – anything that allows to sprinkle and mix these precious and nutritious seeds into your daily food options.


  4. Laura at AMCoffee says

    am coffee

    #2 CHIA

    I remember trying these tiny chia seeds about ten years ago at one of the healthy food shows in Anaheim. At that time, they were almost unheard of. The recipe I was offered at that time was a mixture consisting of chia and some additional nuts and fruit pieces mixed with hot water.

    In a few moment, the mixture has grown in size and offered a yummy snack. I fell in love with this seed and use it in my kitchen almost daily: smoothies, yogurts, salads, and cookies, too!

    If you practice raw bars – these seeds belong in there!

    Protein, amino acids and micronutrients – you need all of these goodies in you. And the variety of sources increases the success of how these nutrients are absorbed inside your body.

    Add some CHIA to your daily food options! You will grow to LOVE it!

    As always, because these are seeds, it’s better to go after ORGANIC OPTION when buying chia products in store.


    • thia beniash says

      i absolutely love chai tea. i have a recipe for chai flavored cake and its wonderful but there is no actual chai in it.

  5. Laura at AMCoffee says


    #3 SORGHUM

    This ancient grain is also GLUTEN FREE. I love it in my amazing salads and as a side dish with veggies and herbs. Try it with pilafs, too!

    With Sorghum flour, I bake some awesome cookies and make some dumplings. Your imagination is the limit what you can do with it!

    Coming to our society from Africa, sorghum is nutrient-rich and awesomely versatile! You can easily pop the whole grain the same way you pop popcorn! Try it in your popping machine, then spice up with herbs or whatever flavor your occasion calls for.

    Make room in your pantry for this delicious variety of grains this year!

    Photo: Istockphoto

  6. Laura at AMCoffee says



    I personally grew up in the family where sauerkraut was the king. We added it to soups, side dishes, salads, or just consumed all by itself.

    And we made our own sauerkraut that was yummy and full of flavor.

    The misconception that comes from the fermented cabbage, i.e., sauerkraut, is that it smells bad and taste no better. What you need to understand that sauerkraut has as many flavors as many people who make it. As this society does not have its own traditions for sauerkraut, you may very much would like to consider to learn more about it and incorporate into your recipes and dishes.

    Like yogurt, sauerkraut is a powerful probiotic – the good gut bacteria – that is responsible for development of your total immune system. Just that benefit is worthy to open your mind and your taste buds to new flavors this year.

    Read more about sauerkraut and its benefits and even get a recipe here.

    Go after ORGANIC options when buying in store!


  7. Laura at AMCoffee says


    #5 MATCHA

    Matcha originally comes from Japan and made from green tea leaves which are finely ground. With such powder, either tea is made or it can be added to many recipes, both liquid and baked.

    Being one of the top foods rich in CATECHINS – compounds in green tea with beneficial health properties – this potent food could become one of your favorite ingredients to cook with.

    The color that it provides to cookies, mochi, pasta is stupendous! Or make a tea and spice it up with fresh lemon for additional flavor. All these foods made using matcha could bring the benefits of drinking green tea into your life.

    Do keep in mind though that matcha contains CAFFEINE. Cup for cup about half as much as a brewed coffee and twice that of black tea.

    Check out MATCHA green tea powder on Amazon or your local store. Go for ORGANIC!


    Photo: Istockphoto

  8. Laura at AMCoffee says


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  11. There are so many amazing new foodstuffs out there! I’ve tried chia and some of the others you mention, but not all of them, and I am intrigued as I love cooking and baking and trying things that are new!

  12. I’m definitely trying to eat healthier food options this year. I love matcha green tea powder and would love to find more recipes that incorporate it into healthy desserts!

  13. My mom always make homemade sauerkraut when I was growing up and I loved it. I’ve never made my own and I usually just buy it pre-made. This post has inspired me to make my own.

  14. There are some foods here I haven’t tried before – especially Matcha. I’m not a huge green tea fan but I’d like to give this a try.

  15. I love chia seeds! One item I would love to try is matcha!

  16. I love Chia seeds with my morning cereals. I have not tried hemp seeds before though but will definitely look to giving it a try!

  17. Thankfully we have very few food sensitivities in our family, which makes life much easier. Still, it’s nice to add to our usual diet with new foods. We’ve never had chia seeds or hemp seeds, but we should give them a try!

  18. I am definitely trying to be healthier this year. I already use some of these. Definitely need to start using the rest.

  19. Some great options for good eating habits. My daughter needs gluten free products, so this a great reminder to stick with it and stay gluten free.

  20. I don’t know why I’ve never had this before but I need to change that. I’m not getting any younger so I need to start living a healthier lifestyle.

  21. There are some foods here I haven’t tried before but I love chia seeds! I will try others too!!

  22. I am trying to eat healthier and healthier. Chia has become my best friend 🙂

  23. I haven’t heard of a lot of these. Guess I need to start doing my research. I need to start feeding my family healthier!

  24. I’m really trying to eat healthier these days. I have a teenage daughter that has a great reunite and good habits. She’s a great influence on me.

  25. I include almost all of these foods in my diet on a regular basis! I especially love chia seeds and hemp hearts

  26. Chia seeds are so good for you! I sprinkle them into recipes sometimes, you can’t even taste them. My husband loves to put them in smoothies.

  27. I actually read that sauerkraut is a good food to combat my PCOS. I’m going to look into these other foods, too.

  28. I am allergic to trees, weeds and crafts as a result some foods trigger my allergies. I suffer all year long but their of food I stay away from when my allergies are really bad.

  29. Utterly indited content material , regards for information .

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