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Today’s Discussions:

  • Your Future Aspirations for Yourself and Your Family, Kids
  • Empowering One Another, Rather Than Tearing One Another Down
  • Food Insecurity In This Economy

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  1. CoffeeTime says

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    sign in am coffee

  2. CoffeeTime says

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  4. CoffeeTime says
  5. CoffeeTime says

    AM COFFEE #2

    Your Future Aspirations for Yourself and Your Family, Kids

    I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about how to build a small business, how and where to go for help, and if it is possible at all to create something solid.

    These questions are coming from the community of our women, who desire to build something for themselves and for their families. This interest shows a powerful stimul = motivation to reach for success. I respect this so much.

    Based on the number of such responses, we decided to create a channel where any woman could come and have some resources to fall back onto, including the women who already building and succeeding.

    Be on the Lookout for more things on the announcement board and via email.

    So, what is your Aspirations for Yourself, Your Family, Your Children for the near future and 5, 10 years from now?

    Please share. Having a bigger pictures and more examples of how each one of us thinks and sees the world around brings strength and self-motivation.


    • angela vaught montgomery says

      I fulilled my dream of owning my own business. It was hard work but it did something I wanted to do for many years

    • linda parker says

      Retweeted all….but I have to say anything chocolate is always the winning flavor for me… lol

    • sarah renee harter says

      My dream is to own my own business and not fell i recently got into the organo gold cofffe business basically i own my own businness but its hard everyday i get discouraged I’ve went to a semibar and i see so many sucessful people who make it work any advice to help me achieve my dream me and my husband hope by 5 years we can go full. time

    • Carol Yemola says

      In about 6 years I am looking forward to retirement and traveling! The world is such a big place and there are so many beautiful places to see!

      • Raye Wiedner says

        Carol, I hope to still be out on the road in 6 years……maybe we’ll run across one another.
        Are you wanting to travel the world, or the U.S. or both?

        • Carol Yemola says

          Both! So much to see in the USA alone! Would love to visit all the National Parks and every single state! My dream vacation is Australia!

          • Raye Wiedner says

            Hubby always said he wanted to step his foot in every single state. He has 10 to go, besides Hawaii (we’ll save up for that). We’ll be heading west first, so he can fulfill his dream.

      • I love traveling too. We don’t get to enough so it is in the retirement dream for us as well. I hope you enjoy it and see lots of amazing places!

    • Jennifer Hiles says

      Right now I work for a really great college as a video editor. I like my job a lot and the pay and benefits are nice but it’s an hour away from home and I don’t get to see my kids nearly enough. I feel like I’ve already missed out on so much. I remember before going to college thinking, how am I going to have a career and raise my kids? Well, I still don’t know the answer to that. I guess I’m doing it but not satisfied with the compromise. It would be nice to be my own boss,make my own hours and get to spend more time with my family. I have the skills to be an independent videographer/editor but I don’t have the equipment or the business know how. The equipment I could probably get but I know nothing about running my own business. It would be nice to have a resource for that!

      • Karen Hinkle says

        at this time in my life I have put my career and dreams on hold to raise my 5 year old grandson who has autism so I gave all it up for him and to make a better life for him is hard work but that’s what I am doing yes I wish I could just go do what I want but that would be selfish of me so maybe this is gods great plane for me and my purpose on earth for me if so then be it I gladly take that challenge for him to have a better life

        • Raye Wiedner says

          Karen, that makes me think of the quote “Life is what happens while we’re busy making other plans”.
          I identify with your life so much now. Just when we have things planned out or are on a certain path, life intervenes and sends us a twist. We learn to go with the flow and make the best of each situation, and you sure have.

        • Carol Yemola says

          You have a very important job with your grandson. Very worthwhile!

      • Raye Wiedner says

        Are there any classes at your college that might help with that Jennifer? My sister works for a college as well……and one of the benefits I most envy, is that she can take classes for free. She’s definitely taken advantage of that over the years. She now has her Masters in Education and is working towards another.

        • Jennifer Hiles says

          Yes, they do offer us courses at the college. I’m not sure how I would find the time though. They do not offer master’s programs here but the will reimburse us if we take them elsewhere. We have to agree to put in so many years of service in exchange. It’s something I hope to do once my daughter gets a little older.

          • Raye Wiedner says

            My sister took one class at a time, and took as many online as she could since she started when her kids were little. The online ones were best for her because she could do them when she put the littles to bed. It took her a lot of years, she started in her twenties and is now almost 50 (she’ll kill me if she sees me tell her age LOL).

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      Main thing for myself and family is that we are healthy in 5 to 10 yrs. Second things for my self in 5 to 10 yrs hope that there is a cure for fibromyalgia. Also that both my sons have a great job and their own families so I can have beautiful grandchildren.

    • Raye Wiedner says

      We’re working on following our dreams right now. Moving towards traveling full time in an RV. We’d always talked about it, and when hubby had his accident, it really drove home how life can change (or end) in a split second, so we aren’t putting it off anymore.
      5 years from now, I hope we’re both still healthy enough to continue our on the road adventures. I’ve decided life is too fragile at this point to plan 10 years down the road. I just want to give WS (the hubby), the adventures now while he’s able to enjoy them.
      I make a lot of crafts and jewelry, and eventually, I would like to have an etsy type shop, but for now….I’m content selling them individually and at craft shows.
      For anyone wanting to start a small business, there are so many classes at our local community colleges, and so much information online. I’d say research research research. Believe in yourself.

    • My goals for the near future are simply to keep my family happy and healthy.
      My goal within the next 5 years is to be able to move to an area with better schools for my kids. We aren’t in a horrible location, but I know we could do better.
      My goal for 10 years is to not freak out. My kids will be in high school and driving. I imagine that will be a scary time.

      • Raye Wiedner says

        Good luck in 10 years Amanda. I freaked out LOL. We all made it through in one piece, but some days were a challenge. It’s an exciting time.

        • Thanks, Raye. It is good to know that other moms feel the same way. My boys are the type that run instead of walking. I’m dreading that their driving will be the same. I’m planning on buying a helmet.

          • Raye Wiedner says

            LOL!!! That’s not a bad idea. My youngest daughter scared me so bad, I actually did wear my motorcycle helmet when she drove. I blame it entirely on hubby! He took her to the field at the top of our property and told her she needed to learn to feel comfortable behind the wheel, and learn how the vehicle responded. He had her doing donuts backwards and forwards!! She then came down to the house and ‘surprised’ me with a ride doing that! Ackkkkkk!

    • I aspire every day to be a better person help others that need help and hope that in the next 5 to ten years my Kids will be happy and Healthy. And that my family finds everything they are looking for in life.

    • Valerie Guerrero says

      to have a house that belongs to us, have a car by then hopefully before then, and to go to college so i can get an education for my kids

  6. CoffeeTime says

    AM COFFEE #3

    Empowering One Another, Rather Than Tearing One Another Down

    This question has been raised in several forms through our form where you submit your daily discussion ideas.

    Seeing many variations of how people of the same community behave and create their own environment in which they function, it is vital to place ourselves into a positive environment and surround each other with love and respect.

    We may have different points of view on the same subject. It means we reflect the world from the point of view of our base of knowledge and principles.

    The most powerful ways of Empowering our Women, from my humble perspective and active experience are:

    – Listening to a person and Hear what that person is actually saying.
    – Extend a helping hand to a person who needs it and allow the person to feel support, rather than a hand-out. That lifts an individuality in each of us and makes us stand up and march forward.
    – Allow a decision to sit within for a bit longer. React not, rather allow time to intervene before making any move!

    What are your practical steps and personal experiences that you use daily that help to grow relationships, rather than deny and tear them down?


    • angela vaught montgomery says

      Trust and honesty

    • Shameka Barnes says

      Well, personally right now I’m in a stage in my life where I am trying to find out who I am. So many people give out do much love and forgot to build the most important relationship with themselves. Being truthful to yourself and loving yourself. Building a relationship with others that could last a long time. Takes a lot of work. You have to build a foundation of love, trust, loyalty,etc. How could you have a relationship, if you don’t have or build those qualities.

      • Raye Wiedner says

        Shameka, you’ve hit the nail on the head. If we don’t love ourselves and become our authentic selves, we really can’t truly love and trust others as you should.

    • sarah renee harter says

      Honestly i live so far away from family and friends so its hard for me i found facebook as my way to connect. i call text and write people daily to show i care and when i try making a new relationship with anyone i try to relate to them get to know there personality I’m not a negative person but i do understand some personalitys for some people are hard to get along with bottom line that’s just a few ways i build a relationship

    • I try to treat people the way I want to be treated back. I also always offer help in hopes one day when I need it that the gesture will be returned. I talk to my kids daily and my husbands side of the family. The only one I have trouble getting threw with is my own Husband he is stubborn and does not like to talk he keeps it all to himself.

    • Carol Yemola says

      Communication. Be an attentive listener and provide useful feedback. If criticism is necessary, start with a positive statement, offer the constructive criticism with sounding belittling, and finally finish with another positive comment.

    • Jennifer Hiles says

      I have to agree with you that letting something marinate in your mind for awhile before reacting is a very good idea. I don’t know how many times I made a decision or said something that I wish I hadn’t. Only to sleep on it and see things from a different perspective the next day. I think that’s how to help grow relationships. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes and try to look at things objectively. It’s not an easy thing to do because it means admitting to yourself that you might be wrong! 🙂

      • Karen Hinkle says

        I want to be treated with respect and kindness as I would do to other and keeping in touch with family and friends is great but I have found so great support groups here on facebook as well I spend a lot of time here as I explained in my earlier comment about my grandson so social life not so good but with pages like Laura has it has helped me connect with ppl all over the world

      • Carol Yemola says

        I am guilty of “diarrhea of the mouth” myself. It is always best to take a step back before saying the first thing that comes to mind.

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      I listen to people when they have a problem. I am the go to person and suggest options for them to take.

    • Raye Wiedner says

      Listening is key in building a relationship. I find some people who half listen, while they think about what they’re going to say next. instead, we need to really listen and hear what the other person is saying
      Often, if I want to help someone out, I phrase it as a problem solver, with their involvement. If you form it as a problem to be solved, they become involved in finding solutions, or seeing what they can do with the money/time/suggestions that you’re offering and realize it’s a hand UP not a hand out.
      That taking time out before you react……..oh my goodness it took me lots and lots of years to learn that one! I used to jump in feet first with any new ideas I had, only to sometimes land on my bum. I used to react to what I perceived as criticism or harsh words with instant anger (redhead temper). I’ve found if I wait and think things through, I’m not falling flat or creating negativity as much.

      • Rebecca Swenor says

        Well said Raye. No one wants to be told what to do about anything and a lot of times people just want your opinion or suggestion. Taking time out before you react is something we all learn later in life I think.

      • Listening IS key! I used to be guilty of what you described and really had to focus myself. I was always so afraid of saying the wrong thing that I would miss something important. I’m huge on teaching my kids proper communication and I stress listening. I often make them repeat something back to me when I know they weren’t paying attention.
        I really like your problem solver idea and I’m also guilty of reacting first 🙂

        • Raye Wiedner says

          Having them repeat back is an excellent communication tool. I’ve found a lot of times, when I repeat back to someone, I hadn’t really understood them the first time and they can then explain or expand on what they were saying.

          • Very true. It was a skill I learned in Therapy and I still use it to this day. With my husband, repeating things back and forth like that can avoid arguments.
            With my kids, it is simply that they have better things to do than listen to me. Of course, they haven’t figured out yet that they don’t have to listen to me as long if they just pay attention in the first place, lol.

          • Rebecca Swenor says

            They also hear what they are saying and sometimes realize they over reacted or took something someone had said or did the wrong way.

    • My husband and I went through therapy a while back. We were both stressed about outside forces and it was effecting our relationship. We learned how to communicate better by repeating what the other person says before answering. It sounds dumb, but it can really help sometimes.

      The main outside force that stresses us is my husband’s job. I used to try to give suggestions, but in the end found out that what he really needed was to vent to someone who would just listen. So, I’ve become an open ear for him. It’s amazing how much more support he feels from me when I just take it in and tell him I understand. Then, after he has gotten it all out and has had some time to feel better, we discuss things that can help him.

    • I so agree with Raye I have learned I have to have patience and understanding. I always acted first. Now I’m learning to relax, listen, and understand.

    • Hmmm… what I posted isn’t showing up. When I try to repost it, I get a duplication error.

  7. CoffeeTime says

    AM COFFEE #4

    A few questions came into the submitted ideas for discussion about FOOD Insecurity.

    What would you suggest to these people to be more on a peaceful side and what tips to grow Food Stability in the family?

    In this economy, things can and they did change overnight. Food Insecurity is one of the utmost relevant topics people are talking about.

    To regain peace of mind and create a stable food environment at home, we could look into these options:

    – Learn how to save: coupons, discounts, online shopping
    – Outline a plan of “food staples” that could be stored and replaced every so often
    – Put ourselves on a healthier diet – it would change how you think and what you do about food choices, allowing you to live on amazingly simple, yet nutrient dense foods

    What would you add to the list of raising Food Insecurity veil?


    • Shameka Barnes says

      Well, some people slip on trying to eat healthy. One thing I would at is something hat means a lot to a person. Whether its a inspirational quote, support group, picture, write down feelings. I would try to Learn more about the foods I eat because you would be shock at what’s in food no adapt. This is my answer. 🙂

    • sarah renee harter says

      I am a bargian sgopper for sure coupons when i can and sales sales but honeslty after readind qbout gmo yesterday. i want to change my familys eaying habits any advice? I shop regurally at flea markets farmers markets for my fruits and veggies but I’m not sure if its gmo free…..

    • Carol Yemola says

      Don’t impulse buy and don’t buy more than what you need. This only leads to waste and therefore a waste of your valuable dollars.

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      I would add maybe growing your own fruits and veggies especially to save money. You can always freeze or can both also.

      • Karen Hinkle says

        that’s what I do we have a huge garden and I freeze a lot to get us threw the winter says money and better for uyou

    • Raye Wiedner says

      Being in a very rural area, you’d think there would be ample opportunity to find fresh food from farmers, but it’s not. I’ve joined a produce coop online that only buys organic from known sources. I have to drive quite a distance to pick up the produce, but it is worth it. I save money on fresh fruits and veggies that are healthful and GMO free, and I get a bigger variety than I could find here. Check online, I’d be willing to bet there’s something near you.
      If you have the space, grow your own if you can, from heirloom seeds. Be sure to check those seeds!! A lot of the seeds you can purchase now are GMO!
      One thing that has helped me as far as making sure our pantry is always full, is when I see a sale, buy at least one or 2 extra items. If you do that on a regular basis, you’ll find you’re stocked up fairly quickly for the times you can’t shop or can’t afford as much. Freeze or can any fresh fruits and veggies you might find on sale, or use them in recipes you can freeze or can. (Apple butter and pear butter are big favorites here)

    • I always tell myself I’m going to freeze things, but I never get around to it. Since some other people have mentioned freezing too, I would add that to the list. A guide on how to freeze things the best ways and how long they would last would be something I’d be interested in.

  8. Nicole Flynn says

    I need and love my morning coffee.

  9. angela vaught montgomery says

    I have learned to be more conservative with things we don’t have to have

  10. I am one who is crazy about using coupons. I also have so many health problems and take many meds to stay alive so I do have to be mindful and careful with what I eat and buy. They only problem lately one of my kids moved back in and does do a lot of shopping and I have found myself not watching what I eat like I used to. I feel the affects of not watching what I am eating and what is in the product.

    • Raye Wiedner says

      Tammy, I know just what you mean. Since we started eating more healthfully, I really feel the effects if I have food that isn’t really good for me. I stopped drinking soda a few years back, and I had one the other day. I couldn’t finish it, and I felt nauseous and bloated all day. I guess if we really listen to our bodies, they will signal us that some things just aren’t good for us.

  11. Jennifer Hiles says

    The worst thing that I do is going to the grocery store hungry! It seems to happen way too often. Everything starts to look good and I end up with a cart filled with junk. My best advice is eat before shopping!

  12. Karen Hinkle says

    eating while being down and depressed is a big one so when I found face book and the ppl I have met it has helped me not feel so alone and be able to chat with them ok yes don’t shop when you are hungry and don’t buy more then you need I know you see a sale and by more then you should well how much of that are you going to use stick to sale items and coupons and look at the ads from stors walmart here has price promise one stop shop

  13. Good morning. I’m late, but just found this party, so I’m about to catch up.

  14. Use coupons, don’t buy things you really don’t need. Use fresh fruit and vegetables. I’m able to make most everything from scratch. It is a little more time consuming but worth it.

  15. Brownie bites

  16. Christa L. says

    Good morning!

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