Bridal Beauty Tips for Hair, Skin, Make-Up and Prep-Up Routine Before the Wedding

June 26 – Bridal Beauty Tips Before the Wedding
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The happiest day, or one of the many happiest days, in your life is associated with your wedding vows. The day will be filled with family and friends and some splendid experiences. Something that you shall remember for a long, long time and cherish forever.

To make this wedding date with your future hubby the most pleasant and joyful experience, you gotta think through some details. Don’t worry, all is doable and “plannable,” so to say.

As a Bride-to-Be, you want to feel relaxed and soak nothing, but plesantries of that experience on the day of the wedding. Here are some tips you could use and plan while you’re approaching Your Day.

Wedding couple by the ocean waves

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  1. CoffeeTime says

    trong>AM COFFEE – Sign In! HELLO, Everyone!

    Do you remember your Wedding Day and the WEEK Before the Wedding?

    How did you feel and what were you doing to get ready for the Big Day or Date with your future hubby?

    sign in am coffee

    • constance ralph says

      Good morning We didnt have a big wedding, we did justice of the peace

    • I remember I was very excited. I was getting last minute things done.

    • Good Morning, I have been married for 27 years and remember it like it was yesterday. We had a small wedding ,under 75 people. I was thinking the other day, I wonder if I could still get in my wedding dress. Probably not. lol

      • kaen hinkle says

        good morning oh yes I do remember that day almost 30 yrs ago in August at the age of 17 no I was not pregnant LOL and it was at my parents home outside with family and friends real simple and I have no regrets

      • kaen hinkle says

        oh Barbra wont that be great to I sure wish I could

      • Rebecca Swenor says

        That is why most hang in our closets Barbara. lol

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      Good morning all. I only had a week to plan mine. We went to the court house and got married than we had reception. He was working out of town a lot at that time. I was also 1 1/2 months pregnant with our second child and to top it off I was also on bed rest the day we did get married.

      • CoffeeTime says

        No one can beat that experience you went through!

        • Rebecca Swenor says

          Yep quite an experience. Oh yah forgot we had a huge snow storm that night too. We woke up to 3 feet of snow next morning. So yes very unforgettable. 🙂

    • wendi watson says

      Good Morning I am moving slow this morning i dont know why buy my pains are all intensified today! But we were married first on St.Patricks Day and had a cinderella themed wedding with green it was gorgeous!

    • Raye Wiedner says

      I decided on the spur of the moment to get married. Hubby asked me every day for 3 years, and one afternoon, I said okay. He barely let me get my shoes on before he had my arm and was dragging me out the door. He was scared I’d change my mind. We got the license that day, and had a 3 day waiting period. Married by a judge and then went out to eat. No preparations, no party……just the way I wanted it. When we got home, we called everyone and told them the deed was done lol.

    • Jessica Parent says

      Havent gotten married yet but been together 16 yrs engaged for almost 13 😉

    • thia Beniash says

      well, good afternoon to all. crazy few days. had a great overnight trip to see gardens in myrtle beach with my kids. it was fantastic until……the drive home my car overheated…AGAIN. I just paid 400 to get that fixed less than a month ago. grrrr. car is back in the shop. boo hoo. on the up side, i finally got my glasses and boy did i need them! haven’t worn any in over six months because the little bugars are expensive!

  2. CoffeeTime says
  3. CoffeeTime says

    Though a Wedding Cake has its very Last turn to be actively “engaged” in celebration of a Big Day, let’s give it priority in our #AMCoffee!

    There are so many fabulously-themed wedding cakes out there! Hard to choose. Gotta go with the Theme of a wedding and the budget!

    Glance at a new page with Wedding Cake Creations that know NO Boundaries in imagination when it comes to decor!

    wedding cake

    • constance ralph says

      Gorgeous…love that chocolate one and two under it

    • I love the Tiered Extravagant Wedding Cake.

    • Its amazing, what they can do today compared to 27 years ago. We where happy back then with just roses on it.

    • CoffeeTime says

      All depends not only on the artist’s skill, but also on the ingredients each cake is made from!
      Some of the decorations are not that palatable to eat.
      I’ve eaten so many extravaganza cakes in my life, and only a few struck me dead in my feet with their TASTE!
      The DECOR is Always Gorgeous. But the taste… you gotta be prepared for surprises.
      But we are shooting for the emotional eye candy in these wedding cakes.
      So, all of them are STUPENDOUS!

      • kaen hinkle says

        love the chocolate one to but you are right it has to taste as good as it looks in most cases my arnt that pretty but the taste is good and we forget about what it looked like

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      This one is the prettiest to me. I adore it.

    • wendi watson says

      very very gorgeous and tideous work wow! i like the extravagant and the bridal as well as the one buttercream beautiful

    • Raye Wiedner says

      These are all very lovely. I have to say I agree about the taste. Our family tradition uses the same bakery for all important cakes; weddings and wedding showers, baby showers, and graduations. They not only make beautiful cakes, they’re all delicious. I’d give my eye teeth for their icing recipe, it always gets raves from guests! (They won’t give it up, I’ve asked many times through the years)

    • wendy c g says

      Wow, those are gorgeous. Love the yellow one and the chocolate.

    • thia Beniash says

      they are absolutely beautiful! i make cakes and would love to expand my skills. cant find any local classes. someday i will travel and take a class from some awesome decorator. thanks for sharing the beauty of these cakes. they are very inspirational!

  4. CoffeeTime says

    am coffee
    Depending on the bride’s and bridesmaids’ outfits, the Nails gotta be pampered and decorated to the fullest!

    Take a look at the Summer 2014 Nail Polish Collections by SinfulColors! They’ve got some amazing hues and can be woven into the wedding routine as well!

    sinfulcolors nail polish collection summer 2014

  5. CoffeeTime says

    Skin And Hair Care Tip for Brides
    Courtesy Skin Sheen

    – Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to stay hydrated. To nourish skin from within, have at least 2 glasses of mint-carrot-beet- tomato juice every day.

    – Avoid very oily food and switch to a regular cleansing- toning and moisturising routine before going to bed.

    – If you are using soap to wash your face, switch over to a face wash which has cold cream content.

    – Sign up with a beauty parlor for a weekly head massage and hair spa treatment. Though costly, this treatment is worthwhile as it is a major de-stressor.

    – It has been seen quite often that brides with short hair attempt to grow their hair before the wedding. If that is the case, do not forget to go in for regular trims to maintain the shape of the hair.

    – Stick to the regular hair and skin products, including makeup, which you are used to. Try to avoid experimenting with new brands of hair and skin products, just before the crucial day.

    – If you colour your hair, ensure to complete the hair coloring treatment at least a week before the date of the wedding.

    – Before going out in the sun, apply SPF 15 or higher half an hour before to avoid sun damage to the skin.

    – You can try vitamin supplements of A, C and E to add a natural glow to your skin as they helps in warding off the damage causing free radicals from the body. Also you can take fresh oranges or lime water.

    bride with long hair
    Photo: Chandra & Daniel

    • constance ralph says

      Great tips

    • Very good tips!

    • Good trips.

      • kaen hinkle says

        that’s all great for us to know good luck to the brides today with all they have to do to prepare

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      Great advice and I think I might have to try the mint-carrot-beet- tomato juice.

    • wendi watson says

      i have never heard of the mint carrot beet tomato juice but i would love to try it sounds very healthy! and yes dont mess with your hair right before you could really make a mess of things! let your hairdresser take care of you at least one month to make sure your color and all is perfect my girl scheduled me once a week to make sure nothing was out of place or to just try a hairstyle it was fun

    • Raye Wiedner says

      All great tips. I have one daughter who has passed out from dehydration a couple of times now, I constantly remind her to drink! For the other daughter’s wedding, we had hair, nails, and makeup done at a salon 2 weeks before the wedding, so we had time to decide if we liked it or not. It was a fun girl’s day in the middle of hectic wedding plans to just sit and be pampered and relax together.

    • wendy c g says

      Good tips

    • thia Beniash says

      Great tip about suntanning! Brides do not get tan lines with a sleeveless dress. Also stick with your makeup or have a trial a month before, you dont want to get a reaction and get a rash.

  6. CoffeeTime says

    Courtesy SkinSheen

    An ideal beauty package includes body cleansers, facial peels, anti-dandruff and various hair fall therapies. Take care of the following tips before starting with any beauty package:

    – Go for deep hair conditioning once a week. Here the beautician will give you a protein hair mask that you have to apply for half an hour along with oil massage. This helps in in-depth conditioning of your hair.

    – Don’t forget your hands and feet. Go for regular professional manicure and pedicure. And do some pampering at home, too.

    – Go for body polishing every 10 days, if you are doing something really extravaganza wedding!

    – 2 days pre-wedding go for final facial, scrubbing, waxing and body massage.

    – Most important to note is that don’t experiment anything new on the skin. This can lead to disastrous results.

    wedding bouquet

  7. CoffeeTime says


    – Finish off with your exfoliation and waxing sessions at least 3 days before the wedding.

    – Oil and shampoo your hair, just a day before the wedding. Ensure to condition your hair, to avoid fly away strands.

    – Try out your hair do, after donning your bridal outfit well before the wedding date to avoid last minute harassment.

    – In case of traditional Indian weddings, the bride wears flowers and ornaments in her hair. Ensure that your wedding make up kit contains plenty of U Pins and clips to keep the hair ornaments and flowers pinned in place throughout the ceremony.

    – The hair do for the after wedding reception should complement the outfit. Keep the hair do simple and easy to manage, particularly if the outfit and jewellery are ornate and heavy.

    – Modern brides aim for a natural, glowing look with makeup. Traditional heavy layered make up in bold colours has given way to light, sheer make up shades. Use of a bronzer instead of blusher lends a natural, glowing look to the makeup.

    – If your wedding is planned in summers, then go for water proof make-up.

    – Red shades of lipstick look good with traditional Indian wedding outfits besides making the teeth look whiter.


    • constance ralph says

      My sister had hers outside in oct and it was still pretty warm

    • Remember when everyone wear there hair in beehives for wedding, anyone else remember that style.

      • CoffeeTime says

        I do when I was little, all women were actually wearing those beehives in their daily lives, too.

        • kaen hinkle says

          I to remember the beehive my mom would do my hair like that to wow I had forgot about them aww I just got a great memory of my mom thanks

      • Raye Wiedner says

        I remember that, @Barbara. And they always looked to me like they’d break if anyone touched them. It makes you wonder what future generations will think of the styles now.

      • wendy c g says

        I remember the beehives

    • June is a very hot time here.

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      My sister had hers last Oct too. She planned for pictures outside but in case it was cold we would do them inside. Which here in the U. P. of MI it is second to second on weather. lol

    • wendi watson says

      Great tips and the wedding season is really starting to hit now through summer and fALL i think a lot of other ladies need to get in here and read this stuff its all great stuff

    • Raye Wiedner says

      The two best tips here to me, are first, the waterproof makeup (I attended a summer wedding where the bride had raccoon eyes from melting mascara. I cleaned her up before she walked down the aisle, and we set her mascara with translucent powder. It lasted through the photos afterwards, thank goodness) The second is make sure to try on all accessories before the big day! My daughter had tried on her veil with her stylist a week before the wedding, but we still had to adjust it because the hair was just slightly different on her big day. A couple of big curls made all the difference!
      I carried a wedding kit with pins, needle and thread, hair pins, nail repair kit, tape, scissors, and extra flowers. Every single one of those items came into use. It was a big wedding and I was running around doing damage control all day.

    • thia Beniash says

      i still think it is georgeous when a bride wears her hair up. it is just so elegant!

  8. CoffeeTime says


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  9. when I got Married in 1984 we didn’t much money so I borrowed a dress then later the friend gave it to me I still have it.

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