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Daily Habits of Happy People


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How many times we’ve heard that happiness cannot be bought or exchanged for any extra material good? We all know that even from our own experiences. Remember those times when you thought that a better car, bigger home, new job would add more happiness into your life – yet at the end, it didn’t feel like that?

There’s a constant search and research on what makes people hum and feel joyful. Interestingly, it is a confirmation that money cannot buy more happiness. But what is inspiring and giving hope to all of us is that YOU and I Can Create Our Own JOY with these simple daily habits.

Yes, the emphasis is on Daily and Practice. Check out these amazingly affordable ways to create a happy living for yourself. It will radiate to others once you get into the habit. Your example will fire up someone else. And the baton of happy reaction will continue to travel the earth.


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  1. Laura at AMCoffee says

    AM COFFEE – Sign In! HELLO, Everyone!

    Do you consider yourself a HAPPY PERSON?

    WHAT Do you do daily to make yourself some joy and happiness?

    Thank you for being here!

    Stay with us every morning, win prizes, but mostly, make awesome friends!

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    sign in am coffee

    • Raye Wiedner says

      Hi everyone. I do consider myself a happy person usually. One of my happiness habits is that I keep a gratitude journal-every night I write 5 things I’m grateful for from that day. At first it’s easy (family, friends, home, etc). After a while, you have to search for things in mundane days, and you begin to see the tiny blessings we sometimes don’t notice, or we take for granted-hitting all green lights when you’re in a hurry, the shape of a cloud, a breeze, the sound of a random child’s laughter in a grocery store…. It makes you really see how many things we truly have to be thankful for on a daily basis, and you begin to actually relish the small delights you missed before.

      • Laura at AMCoffee says

        To chime in, when we do write into our journal, we become so much richer in finding ways to express the beauty of life around us.
        I love your way of living!
        Thankful to know you!

      • karen hinkle says

        hello sorry so late but this is the time I could get on good to see you hear Raye I love the ideal of the journal and we all could do more in make our life happier I say we live for the moment and that’s just what I do good to have some of you back sure did miss you all

    • Renee Patterson Travis says

      Thank you for inviting me Laura! It has been a long time since I’ve been here. Not much on facebook anymore as this past year has been a very trying time for a family as a whole. Lost my mother-in-law on August 3rd due to a massive stroke on May 5th. My younger sister was diagnosed with breast cancer on May 18th which would have been my mom’s 82nd birthday. My husband was diagnosed with Lung cancer on November 9th and just had his last chemo treatment yesterday and is still going through radiation. My father-in-law is in grave condition due to the loss of the love of his life. After 46 years of marriage he is lost without her and is giving up. I still try to find some happiness, though it is very hard. It has been a year of sorrow and fighting for survival for our family. #AMCoffee

      • Laura at AMCoffee says

        My Dear Renee,
        What a sadness and difficulties filled year… It is over anybody’s head or comprehension.
        Our group has been really going thru a massive wave of difficulties of all kind: physical, relationships, mental and emotional.
        That is why I would love, really really love, to have all of us gathered here and embrace each other, and hear each other out, and give all our love and support that we know how to.
        I am happy to see you here, GRL!
        Please stop by or at least sing up to get these in your email.
        We are always here and with you.
        Thank you for sharing and embracing us all here.

    • I choose the tone of my day when I wake up. I get up and make the best of the day. If you go out with a crappy attitude the rest of your day will be crappy!

    • Hello ladies I have not been here in quite some time. Life in general has kept me extremely busy.
      I would say I am considered a very happy person. That’s not to say I don’t have sad moments and struggles.
      I just keep moving forward. There is always always something to be happy about
      Even in times of loss and sorrow there are still others around you that can bring you happiness

  2. Laura at AMCoffee says
  3. Laura at AMCoffee says


    #1 Happy People SMILE & LAUGH

    Happy people smile, even when they don’t have much to smile about. It’s part of a state of mind, but more so, habitual behavior. The important part about smiling is that the change in physiology actually triggers a change in psychology.

    Smiling fosters a happy state-of-mind, just as a happy state-of-mind fosters the desire to smile. In a study conducted by R Soussignan in 2002, where a pencil in the mouth was used to manipulate a forced or genuine (duchenne) smile while watching cartoons, this precise concept was confirmed.

    It was determined that the people who exhibited duchenne smiles had a more pleasant experience while watching funny or humorous parts of the cartoon, while having a less negative experience during the bad parts. This “suggests that facial feedback has more powerful effects when facial configurations represent valid analogs of basic emotional expressions.”

    Laughter is food for the soul. While happy people might be accountable for their actions, they also don’t take themselves too seriously all the time. They know that good things eventually happen, even if they’re going through a difficult time in life.

    But laughter isn’t only mental, it also has a significant impact on our physiology and mental health. It reduces stress by releasing happy hormones such as dopamine and serotonin into the mind and body, which also aid in systems such as digestion and reproduction.

    • Raye Wiedner says

      I have found if I’m down, I can put on youtube videos of laughing babies, and invariably, I end up laughing as well. I always feel better after that. Physically, mentally, and emotionally……..I notice a true difference after I laugh. Even more so if it’s a good hearty belly laugh.
      My career has always been in health care, and that can sometimes be wearing and emotionally draining. The flip side of that is that when I smile at a patient, and get a response…it perks me up noticeably.

      • karen hinkle says

        oh so true when your down and you see something funny it sure makes life better and with my grand children they always make me laught

    • I have seen it time and time again when someone is sad a simple hug and a smile can make a huge difference.

  4. Laura at AMCoffee says

    am coffee

    #2 Happy People Build and Nurture

    Happy people believe in relationships, and not just the kind that are one-sided and only benefit them. They believe in mutually-beneficial relationships, and work hard to ensure that they build and nurture not only existing relationships, but also new ones as well.

    Happy people know that, in order to truly be happy, the focus can’t just be on themselves; it must also be on others. That’s what community is all about. When the focus shifts from yourself to others, you also move from a state of lack to a state of abundance.

    What your mind is saying, subconsciously, is that you have enough of whatever you need in life, so you want to help others in any way you can. That, in turn, fosters a more happy state of existence and also forms the foundation for a life dedicated to contribution and giving.

    • Raye Wiedner says

      Someone told me recently that I was not just a care giver as an occupation, I was a care giver at heart. I’m the Dear Abby of my ‘tribe’ , I’m the first one there to listen and nurture……I’m the one who runs to a friend’s house to take care of things when they are sick…..I’m the problem solver who says ‘we can figure this out together’ ….I’m the one who can be called at 3 a.m. to come in an emergency…..etc. Those words had a profound effect on me. It was like having sudden sunshine after heavy rains. My spirits lifted, I felt more at peace, and calmer than I had in days.
      During what is a tremendously difficult time in my life, I wanted and needed time alone. My friends and family, and even people I barely know, rallied around me, and checked on me and offered to help in any way they could. It didn’t take long for me to realize that as hard as things are right now, I am so blessed to have touched so many lives, and to have them touch mine. Riches aren’t money, riches are people in our lives…….and I’m a pretty rich lady.

      • karen hinkle says

        oh Raye I love what you said I to am that way I am the one they call or come to now at times I feel so drained but I put that aside and just say its not worth the time to worry about that and I love to help and make people feel better and I to always think about you my friend

        • Raye Wiedner says

          I know just what you mean, Karen. I did have to tell a friend some painful truths about her situation that she didn’t want (but really needed) to hear, and then I also had to tell her later in the week, that I was just not able to be her strength and shoulder right now. As much as I love my people, I am having to set limits on how much I am able to do for them. Especially right now, I’m trying to cope with my grief, and rebuild my life. I’ve forgotten how to take care of just me, how to do things without considering the other person’s needs first–even just carrying a regular purse without loading it with meds and snacks and emergency supplies just feels ‘off’ somehow. We have to learn to set those limits and care for ourselves so that we aren’t drained as you say. It’s difficult for me to set them, but I’ll be no good to anyone if I let myself be sucked dry.

          • Laura at AMCoffee says

            So well said. It does refer to every single one of us here.
            We need to learn and re-learn how to take care of our needs first, without being selfish. When we are in shape and good to our bodies and minds – everybody wins.

  5. Laura at AMCoffee says


    #3 Happy People Create VALUE

    Happy people are focused on the long term. They work to create value in whatever it is that they’re doing in life. Instead of cutting corners, they go above and beyond the call of duty, so to speak. They always strive to provide more value in their work than what others have paid for it.

    This is just as true for both employees and employers. Happy employees work hard and give their jobs all that they’ve got. They provide more value in their time than what’s paid by their employers. For employers, they create value by delivering superior products and services that help people solve a problem or fill a need in the best possible way.

    • Raye Wiedner says

      I’m looking for a job right now. I am very lucky because I’ve always strived to be the best I could be and give the best at my occupation. I’ve had 3 past employers recently offer glowing letters of recommendation for me without my asking-they contacted me when they heard I was job hunting.
      Doing a good job, going above and beyond expectations is a source of pride and happiness for me. I get a sense of fulfillment that leaves me content at the end of the day. I think it makes a huge difference if you do what you love, rather than just working for a paycheck. Even in positions I didn’t like, I try to find something good about the job. It makes the days easier and more pleasant.

      • karen hinkle says

        I to when I had a job gave it my all but I also loved my job and I was happy to go to work and give my 110% because that’s just how I am I aim to please and I give my job my all

  6. Laura at AMCoffee says


    #4 Happy People Eat HEALTHY

    We’ve all heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” No words could be truer. When we put things into our bodies that help make us feel sluggish and tired, there’s absolutely no way we can approach the day with zeal and absolute energy.

    On the contrary, happy people eat foods that are high in energy, raw, and nutritious. Rather than fill their stomachs with processed and fast foods, they opt for things made from natural and organic ingredients.

    • karen hinkle says

      I say that is true when you are sad u do pick the wrong things to eat and take comfort in that and when your happy food is not as important to you

    • Raye Wiedner says

      I seriously need to start working on getting my food habits back in place. I need to work on forcing myself to eat meals.

    • I might

    • I might have the world’s worst diet. Maybe that’s why my diet makes me happy. I simply eat whatever I want whenever I want and luckily I have the family jeans they keep me proportional. I don’t do a lot of fast food though I just simply don’t like it. I like to make my dinners from scratch. But I am a chocolate fanatic and ice cream Fanatic

  7. Laura at AMCoffee says


    #5 Happy People Live in the MOMENT

    It’s hard to be happy when you spend most of your day worrying about the past or living in fear of the future. Happy people live in the moment. They’re present in the here and now. It doesn’t mean that they’ve entirely forgotten about the past or don’t care for the future, they just know that being present is far more important to their well-being.

    Problems will always exist. In fact, problems are a sign of life. But, living in the moment and being present allows you to transcend those things. Taking up meditation or simply going for a walk in the park and allowing yourself to truly hear, see, and smell everything might allow you to get just a little bit closer to a more long-lasting sense of happiness.

    • Raye Wiedner says

      My grandmother once told me, “You can grow up a certain way ‘because’ of what has happened to you, or ‘in spite’ of what has happened to you. That applies to everyone on this planet.” Whether the past is horrific or beautiful, it’s gone.
      The past is just a foundation to the present. We don’t notice the foundations of our homes, we accept that they’re there, and we live our lives over and above them.
      The future is something we cannot really control. We can plan, work, and reach for goals, but life sometimes takes surprising turns without warning. Those turns can be wonderful or devastating. Worrying about them takes too much energy that could be used more productively in living a fulfilling life today. (another Grandma-ism…..”worry steals energy while you’re doing it. If the worst happens, you’ll need that energy to cope with it. If the best happens, you wasted energy and time that should have been spent enjoying the day.”) That grandma of mine was a pretty smart chickadee!
      My gratitude journal has taught me to live more in the moment. I don’t want to miss the small things- the smell of fresh cut grass, the bliss of that first cup of coffee in the morning quiet, the sight of a cardinal against a snowy backdrop. Life is too short to miss all the tiny beauties we are given.

  8. Laura at AMCoffee says


    #6 Happy People Set GOALS

    While happy people tend to live in the moment, they also set goals for the future. The goals give them an intended direction of travel. They’re steeped in their hopes and aspirations of whatever they’re trying to achieve in life. It pushes them forward and keeps them focused on whatever it is that they’re trying to accomplish.

    But they don’t just set long-term goals. They engage in daily goal setting, taking short steps forward towards the greater good in their minds. Then, at the end of each day, they can assess their rate of success.

    • Raye Wiedner says

      I agree with this wholeheartedly. When life is going well, I like to look forward to reaching a goal and that feeling of accomplishment. When life stinks, it gives me the anticipation of things being better the next day or month, or year.
      I’ve found that sometimes, when things are bad……just taking baby steps is all I can manage, but those tiny steps towards a daily goal are often enough to keep me going.
      I’ve always kept to-do lists, and marking something off makes me feel accomplished and happy, and gives me the impetus to go on to the next thing………..or to say that’s enough for now. I make daily, monthly, yearly, and long term lists. It keeps me focused. The great thing about those lists is that even if I don’t get everything marked off when I want…….there is no law saying they can’t go onto the next list. (took me a long time to learn that one)

      • karen hinkle says

        I do set my self goals as my grandson care giver we have been setting goals now for 7 years and yes we do achieve them they take longer but we get there and you feel so good when the goals you set you reach them

        • Laura at AMCoffee says

          It is so good to hear it, Karen.
          I have several journals. Now, I just have a day timer. And it does help me to write things down and do what I need to.

  9. Laura at AMCoffee says


    #7 Happy People Are ACCOUNTABLE

    Happy people are accountable. They own up to their actions. For that reason, they work to do the right thing. They’re not looking to get the upper-hand in a transaction or to sneak a win in some unscrupulous way; they’re willing to put in the work and let people know if they screwed up or not and what the reason was behind it.

    By being accountable for their actions, they don’t have to deal with the stress and worry of hiding out or masking their behavior. The amount of stressed placed on us by trying to deceive others and find scapegoats can become overwhelming, robbing us of any potential for happiness whatsoever.

    • Raye Wiedner says

      Guilt and fear are too heavy for anyone to carry for any length of time. “I’m sorry”, “It’s my fault”, “I messed up”………those really suck to say, but they’re freeing once you get them out.

  10. Laura at AMCoffee says


    #8 Happy People Are ADVENTUROUS

    Happy people seek adventure. They know that life’s best experiences happen when they take themselves out of their comfort zone. This isn’t just about traveling, but also about meeting new people, experiencing life through the eyes of different cultures, and exploring and discovering new things.

    It isn’t about spending money on fancy trips; this is about tasting the thrill of life in all its different forms. It includes things like trying different foods or taking a different route home from work than they’re used to. They’re open to doing new and adventurous things rather than living life in some strict box.

    • Raye Wiedner says

      I refuse to live in a rut. At the end of my life, I want to be able to look back and say……..I had so many adventures and experiences, large and small, that I’m amazed I fit it all in.
      Some of my best memories are getting lost on roads I turned down ‘just for the heck of it’…….and finding things I’d have missed otherwise. Treasures are everywhere, but some are hidden pretty well if you aren’t willing to step outside the comfort zone and discover them. (that said……..I still wish I could find the underground spring I ran across during a hike in a forest a few years ago. I know basically where I was, but I’ve never been able to locate it again. It’s hidden by rocks and trees and greenery. Take your camera everywhere people, I would love to have a photo of that today)

      • Laura at AMCoffee says

        I have my phone as my camera. Always with me! I really have become an autopilot of picture taking, so to say. My hubby jokes that I do everything with my camera first.

        • Raye Wiedner says

          I do wish I’d had a cell phone back then. I have one now and almost always carry it. My daughter bought me a battery pack to cure my habit of grabbing the phone and heading out without charging it. I need to take a habit of yours and start snapping those photos as they come, rather than later wishing I’d thought of it.

    • The best thing I can do for my happiness is to take off for a day or an overnight and photograph what I find beautiful. Sometimes that will bring me deep into the woods and sometimes I’ll just drive around aimlessly looking for beautiful buildings. Either way I’m a much happier and better person when I have the alone time with my camera

  11. Laura at AMCoffee says


    #9 Happy People Think POSITIVE

    The mind gets whatever it is that it focuses on. It’s very much like a camera’s lens in that aspect. So, when we focus on problems, we tend to see more problems. They become bigger and brighter, and take more a forefront in our minds.

    However, when think positive, and look past problems and negativity, not only do we feel better mentally speaking, but our minds are better able to process the here-and-now. In fact, positive thinking is not only the basis for being happier in life, but also for being more present.

    • Raye Wiedner says

      I agree……..negativity grows and feeds on itself. If things are really bad, and I can’t seem to shake it, I give myself permission to wallow in it for a certain length of time. I can cry, yell, moan and groan for that period. Then I insist it’s time to move along. I get busy (activity always seems to help) doing something. If the negativity creeps back in, I say out loud “You had your time for the day, it’s over and done.” Then I force myself to think positive thoughts, even if I have to recite gratitudes out loud.
      Those little voices in our heads can be our downfall. When the voice is mean and miserable, it brings us down. That’s when we have to consciously replace that grumpy voice with the positive one. I’ve struggled with this many times, but the more I do it, the easier it becomes. I just read articles about how our brains grow and develop to make it easier to stay positive. Science has proven that the more we look for the positive side, the more our brains actually reinforce that and automatically gravitate to a good outcome. Unfortunately the same holds true for negativity……..so we have to be aware of what we allow ourselves to think. I posted the article link on my wall……..I found it really interesting.

  12. Laura at AMCoffee says


    #10 Happy People Embrace CHANGE

    While some people shy away from change, unable or unwilling to alter something they’ve become accustomed to in life, happy people embrace it for all its worth. Not only are they okay with certainty, but they’re also okay with uncertainty as well. And, a potential for major change in their lives won’t scare them off.

    By embracing change, happy people are embracing life for all its worth. They know that all things change over time, and they’re not afraid to just run with it, so to speak. Whether it’s getting a new job, moving to a different city, or getting married and having kids, happy people are okay with change in all its forms.

    • Raye Wiedner says

      Change is inevitable. Sometimes it’s horrible, but sometimes it’s delightful. I figure since it’s going to happen with or without my agreement, I may as well embrace it and always try to find something good in it. More often than not, I’m pretty pleasantly surprised. That’s made me open to taking chances and making changes on my own, rather than just accepting the ones I can’t control. If it bombs, well, I learned something new………if it succeeds, well, I also learned something new.

  13. Laura at AMCoffee says

    David Bowie, the Legend in music and creativity he expressed his life’s positioning, died January 10th.

    Rest in peace, David Bowie.

    [caption id="attachment_1588" align="aligncenter" width="530"]David Bowie wrote his own epitaph with 'Lazarus' (Photo credit: "BowieRaR87" by Elmar J. Lordemann) David Bowie wrote his own epitaph with ‘Lazarus’ (Photo credit: “BowieRaR87” by Elmar J. Lordemann)[/caption]

    • Raye Wiedner says

      My favorite Bowie quote seems a fitting epitaph for him as well as a guide to life for everyone.
      “I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring”

  14. Laura at AMCoffee says

    Also check out our #12DaysOf Healthy Recipeshttp://celebratewomantoday.com/?s=12daysof!


    • Raye Wiedner says

      Good timing on the recipes. I haven’t been eating well, and trying some new things in an effort to spark my appetite. I not only forget to eat, when I do remember, I’m just not interested in food. New recipes are my saving grace right now.

  15. Karen hinkle says

    Hi all some reason I can’t comment and when I use home computer I can’t see what I typed I am trying to figure this our

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