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July 26 – Roundup of the Week’s Conversations
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Good Morning!

For those of you who have been out of town and doing your relaxation week, and for those who worked and could not make it daily for our #AMCoffee conversations, here it is – gist of what we were up to during this past week.

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Grab your cup of aromatic Joe and get going! Have a spectacular Day and a relaxing Week-end.

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  1. CoffeeTime says

    AM COFFEE – Sign In! HELLO, Everyone!

    What was the topic of this week that touched your soul or helped you to figure out new ways?

    sign in am coffee

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      Good morning all. I am going to have to go back in due all week I think I missed most of them this week. This week went by fast and I am glad it is almost over. (Wiping forehead)

      • Rebecca Swenor says

        I do remember that I realized i was more a perfectionist than I thought. Which is weird because I am not that organized or anything like that. I beat myself up a lot when things are not perfect though.

    • Katrina A. says

      Hello! I was moved most by the perfectionist post. Saw a lot of myself in it.

    • Karen Hinkle says

      good morning ladies I have been super busy but I did come and see what I missed I say the diet fads oh my tape worm yes so of that I was so shocked by and the other were great as well but that is the one that is stuck in my mind

  2. CoffeeTime says
  3. CoffeeTime says

    You can review all discussion points at the Post of Being a Perfectionist.

    Do you have anything that resonates with you: Belief System of a Perfectionist? Things you do that may remind of being Perfectionist? Anything that you do to change it (if it applies to you)?

    Here are some hallmarks of a perfectionist belief system:
    I would like to invite you to read them all and see if you recognize any of them in you or in the people around you.

    Putting judgement is easy. Helping someone, and yourself included, to get out of this Perfect situation is the key to a better friendship and relationships.

      As a person you are not okay as you are.
      No matter what you achieve, the feelings of satisfaction are temporary. There is always more to do, be, accomplish.
      Things are either black or white- no vaguely defined area of in between or close enough. Things in your life are either right or wrong, good or bad success or failure
      You believe that only by making everything perfect on the outside will you feel peace and serenity on the inside.
      If you continually achieve, acquire and look good doing it, you will be successful and happy.
      When things go wrong or you do not achieve at a certain level, you have failed.
      Effort and intention are not enough. Results must be productive and successful. Focus is on product, not process.
      You are extremely competitive about almost everything.
      You feel secretly judgmental of people who fall short of perfection.
      You imagine others admire and value you only for your high level of achievement and production.


    • Rebecca Swenor says

      I think the only thing that really does applies to me is that toward myself as everything I do must be perfect or I failed. I have been working on this though.

    • Katrina A. says

      This one resonated with me. I’ve been both extremes of perfectionist to major slacker. Right now in my life it’s learning to find the balance between the 2 that works best for me, if that makes sense,

      • Karen Hinkle says

        I thought I was one but as I read I see I am not but I am thinking glad I am not but I do like to have a clean but lived in home

  4. CoffeeTime says

    am coffee
    Effective BEAUTY TIPS That Actually Are Doable, Applicable and Helpful.
    Please see ALL amazing beauty tips in the post by clicking the link above.


    Here are a few for nails, which we often ignore!

    Dunk nails to dry

    “If you have no quick-dry products lying around, dip your painted nails in a bowl of ice-cold water to help them dry faster. It really works!”—Michelle Phan, YouTube vlogger

    Coat cuticles, avoid a mess

    “I rub olive oil around my nails before I embark on a nail-art design. It makes removing excess polish way easier.”—Taryn Multack, Miss LadyFinger

    Hide chips with textured polish

    “Unlike regular lacquer, the glittery kind is supposed to look sort of uneven, so it’s great for fix-it situations. When a nail chips, instead of removing all my polish and starting over, I’ll just slap on a coat of sparkle over my current color. And when I (inevitably) get another chip, I paint on a little more. You can keep a manicure going indefinitely!”—Alyssa Hertzig, The Sparkly Life

    Steam nails for a matte look

    “If I’m making soup or boiling pasta, I’ll put on two quick coats of nail polish. While they’re still wet, I’ll hold my nails for three seconds over the steam coming from the simmering food, keeping them about 5 inches above the water. Then I watch the magic happen: My glossy painted nails turn matte-sexy.”—Michelle Phan

    Topcoat your decals

    “When I opt for nail stickers, I always seal them with a clear topcoat covering the tip of the nail, too. It discourages edges from peeling, makes the decals last longer and gives an authentic painted-on look (so you can pretend you have crazy nail skills!).”—Kathryn Romeyn, Beauty Bender

    Take off glitter with felt

    “I love sparkly polish, but it sticks to your nails like crazy. To remove it, I use felt instead of a cotton ball—it works like a gentle Brillo pad.”—Allison Kratzer, Makeup by Alli

    drying nails

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      It is coming back to me now. I love these ideas because they are so simple and you can save money doing these.

    • Katrina A. says

      I knew a lot of these from my time working in the beauty industry. I never head of the matte steam trick though. That’s pretty nifty!

    • Karen Hinkle says

      gret tips I was looking how to remove the glitter polish it sure is a pain to get off I like the ideal of using the felt thanks for this one

  5. CoffeeTime says

    Please see all discussion by clicking the link above.

    What was your most memorable point of a FAD DIET that is ridiculous, dangerous, or most memorable from point of view of its user?

    Here are a few to remind of some of them.

    ” If a baby can grow up eating the mushy stuff, eating some definitely won’t hurt you, but guess what: You aren’t a baby. Dieters replace breakfast and lunch with about 14 jars of baby food (most baby food jars contain 20 and 100 calories apiece), and then they eat a low-calorie dinner.

    It’s easy to get too few calories for your body to run its best, Ochner says. Besides, who really wants to take jars of baby food to work each day?”

    ” Eat whatever you want – but only five bites of it. On this diet, developed by obesity doctor Alwin Lewis, M.D., you skip breakfast and eat only five bites of food for lunch and five more for dinner. “I’m OK with the idea of eating whatever you want in smaller portions, but you need to round out the rest of your eating with nutrient-dense foods to give your body the fuel it needs,” Caspero says.

    “On this diet, even if you take giant bites of heavily caloric food, you’re still barely consuming 900 to 1,000 calories a day.””

    ” Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet, The Hollywood Cookie Diet and the Smart for Life Cookie Diet all promise that eating cookies will help you drop pounds. Of course, you don’t get to chow down chocolate-chip cookies – you eat about 500 to 600 calories a day from high-protein and high-fiber weight-loss cookies (one cookie company even makes the cookies from egg and milk protein) for breakfast, lunch and any snacks.

    Then you eat a normal dinner, for a total of 1,000 to 1,200 calories a day. If you stick to the diet, you will likely lose some weight, but by depriving yourself all day, you set yourself up for bingeing come dinnertime, Ochner says.”

    ” The alkaline diet – also known as the alkaline ash diet and the alkaline acid diet — requires you cut out meat, dairy, sweets, caffeine, alcohol, artificial and processed foods and consume more fresh fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds. The diet certainly has positive points; it’s heavy on fresh produce and other healthy, satisfying foods while eliminating processed fare, which in itself may spur weight loss.

    But your body is incredibly efficient at keeping your pH levels where they need to be, so cutting out these foods really won’t affect your body’s pH, says Ochner. Not to mention there’s no research proving that pH affects your weight in the first place. The bottom line: The diet is strict, complicated and bans foods that can have a place in a healthy eating plan, such as meat, dairy and alcohol.”

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      I would say they all would be memorable because they are all outlandish to me.

    • Katrina A. says

      The baby food one. Because it only makes sense it’s good for a baby it’s good for you too. SMH They should go back to wearing diapers too I guess.

      • Karen Hinkle says

        I would never try any of them they sound to far fetched and crazy I cant even image so of them so upsetting to even think of doing harm to my body

  6. CoffeeTime says

    Please read and be amazed about the foods that actually improve our focus by clicking the link above.

    Here are just some of them.

    Green Tea

    If you’re feeling drained by mid-day, think twice before grabbing that extra cup of coffee. With those extra sugar additions, it can easily rack up your calorie intake during the day and cause unnecessary jitters. Also, too much consumption of caffeine can cause headaches, which will only hurt your concentration. While green tea has always been hailed as a coffee alternative, no two brands are created equal. Some may have less caffeine than a regular cup of coffee, which can actually be a good thing.

    “Green tea does contain a more modest amount of caffeine balanced by the amino acid theanine,” says celebrity nutritionist JJ Virgin. “Studies show theanine improves mental alertness and focus. If you need that afternoon pick-me-up, green tea is your ticket.”


    “This dark red root may be the new kid on the block for promoting better memory, focused concentration and overall cognition,” says Shemek. “Beets contain nitrates that can dilate blood vessels, increase blood flow and oxygen to the brain, thereby improving mental performance. Add beets to salads, roast them or add to juices for optimal brain health.”


    If you’re in a hurry, make sure to grab a banana to consume while on the go. Not only are they sweet and delish, but they can also help boost your concentration. A 2008 study found that students who ate the golden fruit before an exam actually did better than those who didn’t. Bananas highlight potassium, an essential mineral crucial for keeping your brain, nerves, and heart in tip-top shape.

    You could have crunchy, nutritious kale as a salad for lunch, but if you’re looking to change things up, consider trying another dark leafy green whenever the mood strikes. Spinach is known as brain food and there’s a reason why.

    “Spinach is loaded with lutein, folate, and beta-carotene,” Florida-based dietitian Tara Gidus tells Real Simple. “These nutrients have been linked with preventing dementia. I know neurologists who recommend eating spinach at least three times a week.”


    You may be tempted to ditch the yolk when preparing eggs, but some experts actually insist on keeping it. “Whole eggs, yolk included, are a dense source of the omega-3 fatty acid DHA,” says Shemek. “Research has shown that adequate omega-3 intake has a favorable effect upon memory and mood. Eggs also contain choline, a compound that can help maintain healthy brain cell membranes.” To save time, Shemek recommends boiling a batch of eggs for the week ahead to have them on hand.


    • Rebecca Swenor says

      I love the idea of beets being the new kid on the block. I grow up eating a lot of beets and spinach. This is all great information.

    • Katrina A. says

      As I’ve grown up my taste has changed and I do like a lot more of the healthy stuff compared to what I liked as a kid. But I still need to keep trying to get that acquired taste for certain things that are so obviously good for me. Or maybe just resort back to childhood tactics, plug my nose, take a bite and swallow with a big gulp of water. lol

      • Karen Hinkle says

        I love them all but the tea I have never been a tea person but I might have to keep searching to find one I can deal with

  7. CoffeeTime says

    Skin our Largest Organ. Let’s Make An Effort And Make It Flawless!
    Please read ALL discussion points, which are awesome, above by clicking on the link.

    What was your most memorable point that you could use in your daily life from that discussion yesterday?

    Here are few points I really personally value!

    Avoid heavy-duty cleansers

    Unlike your pots and pans, “your skin needn’t be scrubbed or squeaky to be clean,” says Jeannette Graf, MD, assistant professor of dermatology at New York University Medical Center. So don’t overdo it.

    Mild, nondetergent cleansers—milks, gels, foams, or cloths—are your best bet. Scan the ingredient labels of products to see if they contain gentle, plant-derived surfactants (the prefix coco- equals coconut, for example; gluco- equals fruit sugars).

    “The natural source is often hinted at in the name,” says Jim Hammer, a cosmetic chemist with and product-development manager at Pharmasol Corp.

    Make sure acid-laced products are pH-balanced

    This means their pH is in sync with skin, so “they gently remove sebum (an oily substance secreted by the skin) and makeup without stripping natural oils,” Graf says.

    Look for the words “pH-balanced” on cleansers that contain glycolic or lactic acids and on exfoliators, she adds, because some have a low pH, which can cause dryness.

    Choose multitasking moisturizers

    A good day cream juggles two jobs—hydration and protection.

    Pick one that has plant-based moisturizers (natural oils, butters, and essential fatty acids penetrate skin better than man-made emollients like petroleum, Graf explains) and antioxidants (those from natural sources may also contain bioflavonoids and other beneficial compounds not found in synthetic versions, Hammer says), plus nonirritating physical sunblocks, like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

    flawless skin

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      I don’t think I will use anything but my concoction of strawberries, heavy cream, honey, and avocados. It makes my skin so soft and It feels refreshed.

    • Katrina A. says

      I loved all the info given but I think at the stage my skin is I really need to seek the advice of a professional.

      • Karen Hinkle says

        I must say I need to wear gloves to clean I have been cleaning for years with harsh chemicels so I need to stop doing that

  8. CoffeeTime says

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