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Wow, what does that mean, Flexing Your Mental Muscle? We have muscles in our brain? NO! However we have an ability to form stronger neuron connections that allow our brain to function in clarity and focus. When we learn to streamline our brain activities, we start building fundamental layers – platforms – for any new activities. And to be good at it, we gotta practice and take action to see it happen.

What are those things that would allow our brain to become stronger and remain in thinking clarity for the rest of our lives? Let’s explore a bit!

Brain, like a physical body, loves variety! When you go tot he gym or exercise at home, you wouldn’t do the same exercise again, and again, and again, would you? Why don’t we incorporate the same principle to our brain? By doing so, we would allow our mental muscle to become stronger with years, not weaker!

That is why engaging in different activities, which we will mention below, would allow us to build a stronger base for our brain circuitry and allow us to expand it into the personal thought, awareness and perception of things around us. Engaging our brain in new learning patterns would provide it with a mental age – a protection from the conditions associated with aging.

Obviously, we gotta combine our mental exercises with physical activity and destressing and good sleep and diet. It is the partaking of every single one of them would lead us on the path of a happier and healthier life.

Here’s what you could do to add to your robust and more vibrant living.

Engage & Enjoy Cooking!

Cooking brings our brain waves to a new level. Food feeds our bodies and our brain. Try something new and experiment with new herbs, spices, nuts and seed, and ideas from different cultural cuisines.

Keeping eating a fun activity would engage your brain in figuring out a food puzzle you would benefit from. Incorporate foods that are “brain foods” and would contribute to your overall well-being.

Learning A New Thing

With expansion of the technology, learning has become so available in all shapes and ways. You can easily take FREE classes at your local university, school, community centers. You could take online classes on the myriad of subjects! Pick up something you wanted to do all your life, but didn’t. Now is the time to celebrate your freedom and ability to engage with something you always wanted to know, to learn, to master.

Another way to learn things is just go to your local library or Barnes and Noble’s store and browse the books and magazines. You would be fascinated to find what’s available out there! I personally do it regularly and take my whole family for such expeditions. The time spent reading and visually absorbing new information and imagery is an absolute dynamite to fuel my thought process and creativity.

Doing Puzzles – Different Types is A Key!

It is not news that puzzles contribute to the strengthening of our brain muscle. What you need to know is to do a variety of such. Alternate among jigsaw and crossword puzzles, try your brain at solving the word problems or making new words out of a few letters, engage in spacial reasoning by doing the puzzles that involve the spacial imagery. These are just a few examples of what is possible.

The KEY is to engage your brain in many different types of puzzles. The brain taps in its different “departments” to solve different types of problems: vocabulary, spacial, visual reasoning among a few.

Pick Up A Foreign Language – What a Blast!

Learning a foreign language later in life does make our brain stronger! What is happening is that we activate the part of the brain that is called hippocampus, which is responsible for converting short-term memory into a long-term memory. In addition, hippocampus does help us to navigate around and orient in space. Learning conversational vocabulary of a foreign language would definitely help each one of us to activate that are of the brain, strengthen it, and support our healthy aging.

The studies have shown that doing any of these activities above would contribute to our well-being and add more protection against age onset conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. The more protection we build, the more resources we allocate towards prevention and fighting these debilitating diseases.

To Your Stronger Mental Muscle – Hip, Hip, Hooray!

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