Important Daily Reminders for Preventing Breast Cancer #AMCoffee

Breast Cancer Awareness & Prevention Reminders


Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention Reminders

I love having Dr. Karen Vieira as our amazing collaborator and contributor on the topics of women’s health and well-being. Though October – the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month – is over, the daily life does not end there. We are responsible for our health and choices we make every day. To educate ourselves on different issues that concern our health is something we do to live a better quality life.

Dr. Karen Vieira, Biomedical Sciences

Dr. Karen Vieira, Biomedical Sciences: Biochemistry And Molecular Biology

Today, we would like to give some powerful tips and reminders when it comes to breast cancer. Not only monthly self breast exams save lives. We need to be aware of additional things that make a difference in breast cancer prevention.

We have been wrongly led to believe that breast cancer is something that we can’t prevent. That’s because we’ve heard about breast cancer genes, especially about BRCA genes.

It is true that if you have certain genetic mutations, you are more likely to develop breast cancer than if you don’t have those mutations.

But you don’t HAVE to get breast cancer just because of your BRCA genes. There’s a lot of little things you could do differently that would reduce your risk for getting breast cancer. Let’s discuss a few of these today.


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  1. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

    AM COFFEE – Sign In! HELLO, Everyone!

    So happy for our revival today! PLEASE SHARE what you’ve been up to for the past months and what you are looking for in this coming Holiday Season! Let’s share. Let’s support our thoughts and dreams.

    So happy to see you today here! Come over when you can. AM Coffee is for early birds and not-so, too! It is open all-day-long, as we do have different schedules we live with.

    Stay with us in the morning, win prizes, but mostly, make awesome friends!

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    sign in am coffee

    • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

      I am so happy to see you all in the group and now here, at our AM Coffee connection.
      I’ve been working on many projects these past months that you will get a sneak peek a bit later.

      Many of you kept staying connected through the email and messaging. Thank you for that!
      Feel free to give us ideas for our AM Coffee Topics and anything that you would like to see here to happen. This place is for you!

      With all my love and gratitude to you. Let’s get it rolling!

    • So excited to start back up again. The last several months has been busy for me. A new baby and my son went to kindergarten. A lot of changes all great ones.

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

        Congratulations on all things new, good new!
        We have a few new babies in our group. We gotta to celebrate them and moms, too.
        What would you like on such celebration?

        • Thanks Laura.. SLEEP!
          or a
          Right now I should be cleaning my house as yesterday was a “hold me” all day, kind of day. Instead I am here with you ladies. I need the chat.

          • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

            It is actually absolutely GOOOOOD to hold your child. I know it can be tiring, we all have been thru this with kids. But as clinical studies show, these babies who are held a lot grow up much more self-confident and emotionally strong.
            We NEED that in our children, wouldn’t you agree!

            And we do need to send you a maid service to make your house look fresh and clean!

            • I do, I have two carriers as well for him. The moby I use in the house and the Boba that I use when we are out and about. My older son was the same way. Things didn’t look better in my house until he started crawling and was able to follow me around. He started crawling at 6 months! I guess he was tired of me walking away from him.

      • Rebecca Swenor says

        Elicia congrats on the new baby. I love the comment of your oldest crawling at 6 months because of you walking away. It actually makes sense. lol

    • Alexis Cuffy says

      We’ve been quite busy too. We are getting to life in Austin, TX and we welcomed our son in April!

      • Congrats on your new addition.

      • Cynthia Dubuque says

        Congrats on your addition!

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

        This is quite a news here!
        Congratulations with your baby boy!
        We need to celebrate the baby and you!

      • Mandi Gilliam says

        congrats!! i have my tubes tied so its unlikely i’ll have any more i really regret that decision 🙁 but so happy for you and yours!

        • I have a friend that had hers tied. She ended up leaving her husband met a new man. Married him and he wanted children. They paid $5000 to have them reversed (had to travel to NC from OH). She ended up having two more children.
          That would be my fear if I ever got them done… wanting more.

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      Good morning to all. It feels so good to be back here. Our group always sticks together and we all try to help one another. I am excited to get the whole family together for the holidays this year.
      My suggestion for AM Coffee topic/subject is having craft ideas and tutorials here that cans be done with family along with friends.

    • Katrina Angele says

      Hello everyone! I too am happy that #AMcoffee is back. My son started pre-school this year so I am adjusting to being a room parent, pick ups and drop offs. Love seeing him grow and learn so much!

    • Mandi Gilliam says

      Good morning miss laura have missed you so much and so happy to see AM COFFEE BACK! AND all of the original am coffee galz as well. sorry I’m late i was trying to stay awake this morning but i was up all night with the election and fell asleep lol. and i would really like an article or chat on how to quit smoking!!! <3

  2. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says
  3. good morning

  4. Cynthia Dubuque says

    Good morning!

  5. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

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    • Right after our second son was born I was speaking with my husband. He had to update his will and we were speaking about how I did not have a will and with our addition I need to make one.
      (side note: since my dad died my mom has been looking for something affordable to revise her will. I will be passing this site onto her)

    • Cynthia Dubuque says

      I don’t currently have a will but have been considering it a lot lately. Recently, my health has taken a turn for the worse. Being a single mom of 2 young boys, this twrrifies me. I need to be proactive.

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

        This document is a huge peace of mind. It is necessary to make arrangements in just in case. We never know when disaster strikes.
        Again, one more way to assure your children are being taken care of.
        In my case, all I want is that my kids have guarantees to do be raised up in a way I want it to see happen.
        Think about it with positivity. We buy warranties, insurances and alike.
        We get calm and peace inside to do what needs to be done when we have A Will done.

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      Hello and thanks so much for sponsoring our AM Coffee today.
      It is so important to have a will especially if you have children. It really does indeed bring peace of mind knowing they are cared for encase something happens to you. I don’t have one but I know I need one. A will is not just about what you material things. It is also about what you what to happen after your death too.

    • Katrina Angele says

      Now that I have a son me having a will is very important. I have been thinking about it more and more. It would be nice knowing everything was in writing.

    • Mandi Gilliam says

      retweeted and ugh i don’t even want to think about a will but it is necessary so i will at some point. better to be ready and prepared!

  6. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says


    Breast Cancer Prevention Reminder #1 – GO WITHOUT ANTIPERSPIRANT!

    These reminders were compiled by our amazing Dr. Karen Vieira, who is a contributor to our health and well-being section.
    If you have any questions to her – ASK here!

    Antiperspirants are linked to breast cancer. They prevent sweating and if toxins aren’t sweated out via the underarms, they remain in the lymph nodes next to the breasts, increasing the risk for cancer. By not wearing antiperspirants every day, the body can release these toxins.

    • Don’t know how well I can do with it but I can say this. Having a new addition there are days I do not shower and totally forget to reapply my deodorant. But I did not know about this. I learned something new today.

    • Cynthia Dubuque says

      You say “every day.” There are most certainly days I’m able to stay home and avoid wearing deodorant, but there are also those days that I wouldn’t dare go without it. How effective/helpful would it be to go say half the time without deodorant?

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      This is actually something I didn’t think about. but it really is one way we release toxins in our bodies. This is something I will have to share with others.

    • Katrina Angele says

      Very interesting! That totally makes sense though. My aunt was just diagnosed and it was right around her armpit area. I do try to go with less on days when I can get away with it. No make up, ect.

  7. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

    am coffee

    Breast Cancer Prevention Reminder #2 – USE ANTIPERSPIRANT WITHOUT ALUMINUM!

    Antiperspirants contain aluminum, which is a toxin. There are other cancer-causing toxins in most antiperspirants too. Women often shave their underarms and then soon after apply antiperspirant. Shaving causes tiny cuts in the skin that allow the toxic aluminum into the bloodstream, where it can drastically increase the risk of breast cancer. Apply antiperspirant at different times than when you shave your underarms or try one without aluminum.

    breast cancer awareness

    • Good tip to know. Anyone have good deodorant suggestions (I have tried the crystal before and it just made me sweat and feel slimy under my arms)

      • Cynthia Dubuque says

        I love most Tom’s of Maine products

        • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

          I LOVE their toothpaste and deodorants as well. Using them for myself and kids all the time.
          My son even refuses to switch to any other brand of toothpaste. Such a positive addition to this great quality product.

          • I do use Toms for toothpaste. I have a deodorant sitting in my extra as I got it on sale a while ago. I just can’t let go of my Secret. I think I am going to have to try the Toms and see how well it does.

    • Cynthia Dubuque says

      While I was checking into my brand, I came across this…

    • Cynthia Dubuque says

      I’m surprised at how many aluminum free choices there are when I google it.

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      This is awesome information and I will be getting new underarm deodorant now for sure without aluminum.

    • Katrina Angele says

      I will have to check mine! And look for one to buy without. Good tip on waiting to apply a bit after shaving. I will share that with my girls.

    • Mandi Gilliam says

      oh wow! now this also speaks volumes to me because I’m always wondering why i get these hard (deodorant filled small cysts) under my arms. I mean it comes out the same color as the deodorant and smells like deodorant. so it much be seeping into my pours!! now it totally makes sense! doesn’t cold water shrink your pores. so say I take a shower and then run cold water or warmish cold water under my arms would that help prevent that from happening?

  8. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says


    Breast Cancer Prevention Reminder #3 – DON’T WEAR A BRA AT HOME!

    Wearing a bra for long hours decreases blood flow in the breast tissue, which slows the body’s natural removal of toxins from the area. The more you wear a bra, the higher your chances of getting breast cancer (and even worse for wearing bras with bone). Go without a bra when at home or even more often if is comfortable to leave home without a bra.

    Breast cancer awereness and prevention

    • Sadly, I can not adhere to this tip. Even without breastfeeding I am a natural 34F. When I do not wear a bra the girls hang lower. The last thing I need is the girls to hang lower! I even sleep with a bra on, nursing or not.

    • Cynthia Dubuque says

      It takes a lot of restraint for me to even make it through the front door before ripping that sucker off lol

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      Now this is another think I didn’t know. I do however only put a bra on when I leave the house or I know I am having company.

    • Katrina Angele says

      I too have very large breasts and find it uncomfortable to not wear one. On…I feel uncomfortable pressure and squeezed in. Off I feel floppy and out of control. lol 32 years old and have yet to find a good bra for me.

    • Mandi Gilliam says

      wow that was a myth buster!!! i have fibromyalgia so it hurts too much to wear a bra anyways and I’m not but a A-B cup lol so i usually don’t wear one anyways but very interesting. they used to say that wearing a bra would keep you from getting cancer i will share this with my friends. thanks for the insight laura.

      • Rebecca Swenor says

        I know the feeling Mandi with the fibromyalgia and wearing one does hurting at times. This is a reason and now the preventing breast cancer is another reason for not wearing one at least at home.

        • Mandi Gilliam says

          amen rebecca!!! and i hate to hear you know my pain and millions of others…. it hurts to put on clothes.. it hurts to be tickled or poked… ugh.. the list goes on and on…. sending all my love thoughts and prayers. and yep we are killing two birds with one stone!

  9. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says


    Breast Cancer Prevention Reminder #4 – GET SOME SUN!

    Vitamin D prevents and treats cancer, but most vitamin D supplements are synthetic and useless against cancer. The cheapest and best cancer supplement is a few minutes of sunlight per day. 15 minutes of direct sunlight on the face and arms is enough.


    • Cynthia Dubuque says

      If wearing sunscreen, does your body still absorb the vitamin D? And what about milk? Does that provide enough?

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

        Even wearing sunscreen, we do get vitamin D!

        Milk is a contradictory option for vitamin D, as when we consume a lot of it, our bones get de-calcified! Make sure you eat a ton of green leafy veggies during the day when you drink milk and eat a lot of protein!

      • Rebecca Swenor says

        Cynthia them were excellent questions and thanks for the great answers Laura.

    • This is where I wish I lived in a warmer climate. Our naturalpath mentioned to me when I took my son in a few months back that because we live in NE Ohio we should still be taking Vit D supplements even though we may be outside all the time in the summer.
      He said that we still don’t get enough sun here.
      On a side note: D3 helps with immunity as well as possibly preventing schizophrenia if taken while pregnant towards the unborn child.

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      This is great advice indeed. Going for walks is a great way to get Vitamin D and exercise. Up here in the U.P. of Michigan during the winter months the sun however loves to hide.

    • Katrina Angele says

      I live like a vampire and hate going out in the sun. HATE it! But luckily I live in sunny California so I get it weather I aim to or not.

    • Mandi Gilliam says

      i know i definitely need to get more sun I’m with karina on this one! lol. except i live in SC so not so sunny here right now but not cold either. win win!

  10. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says


    Breast Cancer Prevention Reminder #5 – RAISE YOUR MELATONIN LEVELS

    Melatonin is a hormone that the body produces in response to dark – it makes us sleepy. High melatonin levels mean a lower risk of breast cancer (and other types of cancers too). Sleeping in the dark with the TV, night lights, alarm clock lights etc. off increases melatonin levels. Taking a melatonin supplement before bed may be a good idea too.


    • Cynthia Dubuque says

      I take melatonin nightly, about 20 minutes before bed. I sleep so much better than without.

    • About three years ago I got rid of the night lights in our upstairs. My son started to sleep better. My new son hates the dark so I had to put the salt lamp on in our room since he was two weeks old. I don’t get sleep anyway but at least he is sleeping better than without it.

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      If I can’t sleep I do take melatonin. I do sleep with the tv on but I am going to switch to radio which I used to do when I was younger.

    • Katrina Angele says

      I want to get that supplement. I have a horrible time sleeping. I do generally leave a night light on since I co sleep with my son. I’ll have to try to faze that out.

    • Mandi Gilliam says

      i love melatonin! such a great alternative to prescription medication!

  11. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

    I know a lot of you LOVE CRAFTS. This Holiday Season, you can actually involve your children to help you out.



    • Cynthia Dubuque says

      Looks like a good project for the boys and I to do this weekend!

    • That is the cutest project. Wonder if the dollar store still has these pots.

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      This pot would make for a great fun activity for the kids and a great decoration for Thanksgiving too. Thanks for sharing the craft idea.

    • Katrina Angele says

      I love that I can get all of these supplies at the dollar tree!! Would be a cute little gift for the grandparents too.

    • Mandi Gilliam says

      that is so cute. i used to love doing this with my grandfather. we used to do arts and crafts all the time. and my 3 year old is starting to love it. so this could be a really good project for us. thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  12. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

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  13. Rebecca Swenor says

    This pendant is gorgeous and I would love to win it. The natural stones make for beautiful pieces of jewelry.
    I would love to have the gifts that the kids can use their creativeness and imaginations. BRIO makes great toys for my niece’s kids along with my little nephew. I commented on the BRIO post.

  14. Katrina Angele says


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