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An eyeliner is a very quick makeup tool that can transform your eyes from drowsy into shining stars. Or if you want you can make them dramatic and and beckoning.

Don’t fret if you don’t get the results you want from the first application. As you know Practice Makes Perfect, and you shall reach your own personal mastery in applying an eyeliner that would do your face that very expression your were craving.

Our eyes are the mirror of our soul. Making them more conspicuous would allow others to notice you and pick your out of the crowd. If you’ve never practiced the art of eyeliner, this is the time to try your hand at this art of self-expression.

Eyes with thin black eyeliner

The Art of Eyeliner Is Hidden in Practicing it Again & Again.

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  1. CoffeeTime says

    AM COFFEE – Sign In!

    • Comment and Say ‘Hello’ to all who will be here with you
    • What is your personal experience with eye makeup and eye liners? Do you appreciate eye liner art?

    sign in am coffee

    • Amanda Alvarado says

      Wow first one here this morning – I’ve been given another week off so I’ll be around this week again! 🙂 I don’t wear makeup unless it’s for a special occasions and I gave up on eyeliner years ago because I could never get it right! LOL I love the way it can make your eyes pop though!

    • Jessica Parent says

      Good morning!! I do appreciate eye art….eye liner is one of the very few pieces of makeup I actually own (but do not wear it often) I love eyes and love ones that stand out (which well done up ones always do 😉 )

    • Morning everyone, just wanted to pop in and say Hi. For anyone effected by the tornados I am hoping that you, tour family and friends are safe.
      I use liquid liner always have since I started wearing it at 15. No designs though just line the top lid and that is all.
      I am not feeling well today and am attempting to get a little rest. Fat chance with my 3 yr old!

      • Karen Hinkle says

        Good morning ladies I like eye art but myself don’t wear to much makeup in my younger days I did but now it rare

    • melissa renee augustus says

      good moring everyone

    • melissa renee augustus says

      good moring

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      Good Morning all. The make-up I usually wear now is just eye liner and cover-up. I just learned a trick of going half way on top lid than doing other half and meeting in middle. You than do same thing on the bottom lid but on the top of lashes not bottom. It was on the Today show. 🙂

    • Rachael Roberts says

      Good Morning everybody, I hope you are all having a nice morning. I love todays topic I have never been very good at putting on makeup but I adore eyeliner art. I only wear a little bit of makeup but eyeliner is the hardest for me to put on ,it takes forever to make it look right.

    • Brianna Ketchum says

      Morning im not good at eye make up but I love it

    • kelly Hubbard says

      Good Morning I am here.. I am 50 and new to make up eyes confuse me and I am told Ihave nice eyes lol.. I can not wait to learn more..

  2. CoffeeTime says

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  3. CoffeeTime says

    am coffee
    Lining your eyes is a form of art, and the beauty can be attained when you pay attention to what works, and what doesn’t, then adjusting your technique accordingly.

    There are different strokes you could use to obtain a certain look expressed with your eyes.

    CAT Eyes To give you a Flirty Look
    cat eye look
    Beginners can benefit from using a flattened angled brush and a gel eyeliner, though the pros go with a liquid eyeliner. What do you do?
    – To give a perfect Cat Look, you gotta define your eyes correctly.
    – Plant the elbow of the arm holding the brush onto the table to steady your han
    – Paint a thin line starting from the outer corner of the eye and working your way in
    – Avoid tugging on your skin to not to create abrupt, uneven lines
    – The flip at the end of the line could be created by with a thicker definition or simply by advancing your eyeliner a bit further of the outer corner of the eye

    What is your preference for eye liner application?
    Anything you could share with us all?

    • Amanda Alvarado says

      I’ve always heard to pull the skin tight to get a smoother line….not sure how true it is but I know if I don’t (on the rare occasion I wear eyeliner), i end up with uneven lines that are thick in places and thin in others and not at all uniform!

    • Jessica Parent says

      Lol- I wish!! This is a very cute look ^ but I’m no good with gel or liquid 🙂 I just have a basic pencil (love navy blue-makes my eyes “pop” but have a black pencil as well)

      • Karen Hinkle says

        I can say looks great but not for me I have sagging eyes and they look like I haven’t slep in years lol I could use so help here

      • CoffeeTime says

        I have a few gel and soft pencils I love using. Once I’ve tested and tried a few colors and techniques, it really is a piece of cake to apply it now.

        • Jessica Parent says

          Its actually been at least a couple yrs since I wore more than a lip gloss or stick -but I am overdue for some new eyeliner 🙂 Maybe I will try a gel one of these days-I hear great things about it- I just haven’t been a “makeup girl” since about 6 mos when I was 14 😉

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      What I said above. Do half the eye lid than the other half but meet in middle. It really works without stretching skin. Do the top and bottom but always above the lashes. It looks much better this way.

    • Rachael Roberts says

      I use the soft pencils & gel kind too. I do use liquid once in awhile,when I am going somewhere important but I am not very good at it& it takes twice as long but looks really good. I pull the skin tight like Amanda because that is how my sister taught me. I also do my both top & bottom, I just like the way it looks.

    • Brianna Ketchum says

      This looks cool but i always make a nono or an oopsy doing eye things and i always flinch or move with eye stuff

    • melissa renee augustus says


  4. CoffeeTime says

    Here’s one More of the Classic Eye Liner Techniques
    SMUDGED Eyes
    smudged eye look
    – Skim your pencil along both top and bottom lash lines, not worrying too much about precision
    – Smudge the color into your lash lines with a sponge-tipped smudge brush, taking great care to work quickly before your liner sets
    – Clean up any excess with a Q-tip dipped in makeup remover to ensure the look doesn’t get too mess

    Have you ever tried this eye liner application on yourself?
    What were the results?

    • Amanda Alvarado says

      I’ve never tried this before. I am horrible with applying eyeliner under my bottom lashes though! I always end up looking like a raccoon!

    • Jessica Parent says

      I never tried it on purpose but find my eyeliner gives itself a smudged look a few hrs after application 😉

      • Karen Hinkle says

        no but I have poked my eye with trying to use the pencial

      • CoffeeTime says

        I love smudged eyes well done.
        It’ requires some practice, but at the end, it can be done, especially when you play with different hues and colors. The shadows can be stunning, even when done at home!

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      I have only smudged the top cause I don’t like the smudge on bottom. To me it looks messy.

    • Rachael Roberts says

      This is one is my favorite, I love the smudged look but it can be hard to get it just right. It took me some time to be able to do it right so that it doesn’t look messy. I also like to try different colors plain black or brown can get boring to me. I like to use colors that compliment my green eyes or it might be because my sister used so many different colors on me in the 80’s.

      • CoffeeTime says

        This is my favorite, too!
        The shadows and colors we can create that go with our eyes are simply endless.

    • Brianna Ketchum says

      i have never tried this but ill try it sometime soon 🙂

    • melissa renee augustus says

      i dont use eye liner it make me eyes water

  5. CoffeeTime says

    “For instantly defined eyes and thicker-looking lashes, line the inner rims of your lower lash lines—which is called “waterlining”—and the inner rims of your upper lash lines—which is called “tightlining.” A swipe of basic black waterproof liner would do the job.”

    Here’s an Eye Makeup Diagram by Makeuputopia
    eye makeup diagram

    It is a very interesting technique that could be improved with practice! The results could be stunning!
    Wanna try?

    • Amanda Alvarado says

      I used to do the waterlining all the time in Jr High and HS! Never knew it has a name! Never tried the tightlining!

      • CoffeeTime says

        At some point in our lives, we gotta attempt to do things that may never worked out before. Life changes, tastes change, our looks change too.
        This could be one of the most dainty things ever, waterlining and/or tightlining we’ve ever done. When done with mastery, which comes with practice.
        I’d encourage you to attempt it again!

    • Jessica Parent says

      I get frustrated with makeup and never had the urge to take the extra time to “play” with my makeup to perfect it-so I just didn’t wear it much -never heard of either of these and have been told I do not apply my eyeliner right (I put it right on my lids-lol cuz I don’t like how it ends up looking otherwise)

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      I think I have tried the tightlining when I was younger and first started applying liner. May try this again. The waterlining I have always done. It for some reason I feel brings out the green in my eyes.

    • Rachael Roberts says

      I have tried both waterlining & tightlining. This is one of my favorite ways to do my eyeliner because when you do it right it looks amazing!! If you have never done it ,it might take some time to get it right but it is so worth it.

      • CoffeeTime says

        Agree with you totally!
        It could be such a dainty and very elegant thing to add to the eye expression.

    • Brianna Ketchum says

      this sounds so awesome i would love to try it!!

    • melissa renee augustus says

      net idea

  6. CoffeeTime says

    Colored Eyeliner vs Black/Brown Eyeliner

    Have you seen some colorful eyeliners that just do not go along with the whole outfit and person’s character? Well, tempted be not to pick your favorite color and run with it! Could be funny indeed.

    – If you have green eyes – go for deep purple
    – If you have brown eyes – go for olive greens
    – If you have hazel eyes – purple will bring out any green in your eyes
    – Hazel eyes would be more radiant with deep Pink
    – Blue eyes look really nice with a very dark blue or with a copper color.

    Look at this combo for Blue eyes with copper and blue hues, photo Glamour.

    blue eyes with copper liner

    What is your preference of applying a liner or an eye shadow?
    Do you have any favorite brands?

    • Amanda Alvarado says

      My problem has always been finding the right colors. I have fair but warm skin that ends up tanning during the spring, summer and fall. My eyes are a cross between brown and green (most people think they are green when I am in natural light but inside they look brown so that’s what hazel?). I’ve tried colors that are supposed to go with my coloring but they never look right! I usually stick to browns! For shadows, I prefer a mineral one – no specific brand.

      • Karen Hinkle says

        wow dint know that well I would say I have used the pencil my daughter just started selling Mary Kay I am sure she will use me and get me some help to do some of her facial so this will be good info to pass on but she might not know

      • melissa renee augustus says

        niece to know

    • Jessica Parent says

      No fav brands but my fav color liner is definitely navy blue (I prefer the “softer” pencils)

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      This is funny my eyes are either brown or they are hazel depending on my mood. The colors are like for liners are like navy blue and a dark green. I do have a deep purple one too. This is interesting thanks.

    • Brianna Ketchum says

      Im a blue eyed girl but i love my purple and blue 🙂 but thats cool

  7. melissa renee augustus says


  8. Libbi Cooksey says

    Good morning, I wonder do you have any advise do people like me with very sensitive skin? Eye makeup makes my eyes water and most makeup breaks my skin out!! So I’m stuck going natural most I the time.

    • Amanda Alvarado says

      Have you tried mineral makeups? They are the only thing I can use on my face that won’t break it out!

      • CoffeeTime says

        Yes, mineral makeup is one of the best things ever. You gotta watch for any additives into the mineral ingredients! Many companies started adding some stuff that does not belong there. Beware and read the Ingredients label before you buy!

    • CoffeeTime says

      Also try some brands that are not Mineral makeup brands.
      My skin and eyes are also very sensitive. I was able to get adjusted to NYC soft pencils. I’ve been using them for years. Try one and see if they work.
      Also, I’ve used ELF with their soft eye shadow/pencil. It works wonders for me. No irritation. You gotta try it as well. It is not that expensive either!

  9. CoffeeTime says

    Using different eyeliners could be fun and very rewarding to the looks.
    eye liner

    Tip: Using too much of Black Eyeliner could make your eyes appear Smaller.

    Gel And Cream Eyeliners
    Strive for a continuous line along the base of eyelashes
    Not recommended to use on the bottom lash line – use Soft Pencil instead
    For a softer line use soft pencil and then smudge the line with your finger or use a brush

    Liquid Liner
    Start in the middle of the eye and move backward to the outer corner
    You’ll be able to build a thicker line by the outer corner and thinner line towards the inner corner of the eye.

  10. Rachael Roberts says

    I have similar problem like Amanda but my eyes are green or sometimes green/blue the opposite of blue/green with a light golden hazel. They change shades from dark to light green depending on what colors I am wearing or with my mood. It can be hard to find the right eyeliner color because my eyes are strange because the center is the golden hazel, it kind of looks like the color of the stone Tigers Eye & the outer circle is green . I use brown/black or dark brown but just love blues,I prefer the darker ones. I also love green in just about any shade except the really light shades but I prefer eye shadow. Eye shadow is my all time fa;

  11. Rebecca Swenor says

    Thanks all for the tips. I am going to have to use so different tricks. I love any kind of art. 🙂

  12. Thank you for representing diversity. Sometimes when i am blog surfing i feel like i am the last woman of color left on the planet. Also thanks for the makeup tips. After years of not wearing any makeup i am woefully out of the practice. and the makeup game has changed so much!

    • Celebrate Woman says

      Thank you for your warm comment.
      As far as makeup goes, you gotta venture out and try something different. Why not? Do it Today.

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