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If you are trying to lose weight, to resolve your domestic or business touch situations, deal with the misbehavior in the kid department – all these situations could be easily aggravated by your lack of sleep.

It is no joke that gaining weight and good decision-making are in direct proportion how well you sleep on the regular basis. Obviously, we do have no-sleep nights from time-to-time. However when such situations become a norm, they could quickly become a health issue or relationship issue.

In a word, a person deprived of quality sleep loses her or his ability for quality decision-making, i.e., with adequate reason and soulfulness.

What has been going on for years in the clinical studies world is learning and testing individuals who are deprived of sleep. The researchers are trying to find a solution for those who seem to have a hard time to organize their sleeping habits.

One of the most powerful tools and ways of creating a much better quality of life is with NAPS.

A 30-minute nap proved to reverse the hormonal impact of a night of poor sleep! Can you imagine that? The study that tested this hypothesis showed that “napping could restore biomarkers of neuroendocrine and immune health to normal levels.”

If you feel like the world is melting under your feet and you seem incapable of bearing anything more on the shoulders – head straight for a powerful, or should we call it POWER NAP!

Immune and Endocrine systems seem to get so much needed recovery after those short power naps. What it means for your health is that your thinking is more clear, your decision-making is more based on adequate situation and evaluation by you, your physical health gets a boost, as positive pheromones are released into the blood stream. What Not to like about those short Power Naps?!

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    Who said that NAPS are for little kids only?

    Regular naps extend our energy trail during the day and make us feel happier, more rested. They allow us to focus better and even not to get upset about little stuff.


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    What’s The Best Time For A Nap?

    Because of the natural cycles of our circadian rhythms, we are at our most tired twice during a 24-hour period. One peak of sleepiness is usually in the middle of the night, so the other, 12 hours later, falls smack-dab in the middle of the afternoon.

    “It’s not that [there’s] a good time to get the nap, it’s that’s the time you’re going to be sleepy,” explains Dr. Epstein. “It’s a physiologic basis for a siesta,” he says, and also why so many of us feel a slump around that time and head for the coffeemaker.

    If you get enough sleep at night, chances are you won’t be bothered by the mid-afternoon peak of sleepiness. But if you’re sleep-deprived, you’ll feel that “sleep debt” greater in the afternoon, and be more inclined to nap.

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  3. am coffee

    How Long Should You Nap?

    Maas’s definition of the power nap calls for only 10 to 15 minutes of rest, but Dr. Epstein says even up to 30 can still be beneficial. However, sleep much longer than that and you’ll enter deep sleep, leaving you feeling groggy when you wake up, warns Maas.

    If you really need more than 15 minutes of shuteye, you’re better off shooting for a full 90 to guarantee waking up feeling refreshed, as that’s how long it takes your body to complete an entire REM cycle, he explains. So set a cell-phone alarm and then get back to business.

    daily naps

  4. amcoffee

    Where Should You Nap?

    “The more comfortable you can get, the easier it is to fall asleep,” says Dr. Epstein. That could mean closing your office door and dimming the lights, or finding an unused conference room, parking yourself on a common area couch, or even just putting your head down on your desk, he says.

    But sleep-chasers should also get creative. Many large companies, especially in their headquarters, have infirmaries or other first-aid offices. Maas suggests calling to see if they have any available beds. Or, in warm climates, lie down for a few minutes on a bench outdoors. Desperate? “Even restrooms give you an opportunity to sit for 10 minutes,” he only half-jokes.

    Better still, try heading out for a nap on your next “lunch” break — no one has to know you’re not actually eating! “A lot of workers are kind of sneaky in these naps, they’ll go out to the parking lot and take a quick snooze,” says Maas, but most are allowed (if not legally required) to take a break during the day.

    Or, head to a local spa that provides nap rooms for a fee. Locations are popping up in numerous cities, reports CNN Money.

    daily naps

  5. amcoffee

    What Else Do You Need?

    The same sleep hygiene rules apply to naps as to nighttime rest, namely that you want the environment to be quiet, dark and cool, says Maas. That might mean bringing an eye mask or ear plugs to work, he says, especially if you’re opting for a nap on a communal couch.

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  6. amcoffee

    Should You Skip Caffeine?

    “Caffeine acts as a way to avoid sleepiness, but it’s not a replacement for sleep,” says Dr. Epstein. If you have a big project to focus on in the afternoon, caffeine can help you power through the work, but it won’t do anything to chip away at your sleep debt, he explains. Plus, if you resort to caffeine too late in the day you risk messing with your nighttime sleep.

    As long as you’re four to seven hours away from bedtime, there’s no real need to skip your afternoon pick-me-up, even if you’re going to steal away for some zzz’s. In fact, caffeine can even improve your performance later in the day. It takes some time for the caffeine to kick in, so some experts suggest what’s been dubbed a “caffeine nap” – drinking a cup of coffee before a 20-minute nap, then waking up to “maximum alertness,” says Dr. Epstein.

    daily naps

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