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Dealing With Procrastination
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Health resides not in our physical ability to accomplish things. It is a complex mechanism of many things: physical, emotional, psychological, sociological. Taking care of your lifestyle that encompasses all areas of a human living would definitely yield more peace and comfort, i.e., good health for you.

Let’s touch upon a few things today like procrastination and living with a positive attitude (not in pink glasses), and how each one of us could tune up, change, re-consider the ways we are doing things (or may be even stuck in doing the same old way).

As we know to reach a different result we gotta make way for a change.

Scroll down for the discussion and please contribute your invaluable experience and point of view.

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  1. CoffeeTime says

    AM COFFEE – Sign In! HELLO, Everyone!

    • Are you notorious in your procrastination? NO? What kinds on things you do to avoid it?

    sign in am coffee

  2. CoffeeTime says

    Food for Reflection, as we move every day through life.
    One of many things we do here is bringing awareness of “weight” situation in our lives.
    Today’s post is the next in the series of the HEART PLAN we started publishing this year.

    – Please go to this post and comment on that post of your thoughts, feelings, emotions. Thank you.

    weight loss surgery

    • This information was interesting but weight loss surgery is not for me, #AmCoffee

    • Amanda Alvarado says

      Posted! That was an awesome article! Would love to know what happened to Anne and if she was able to connect with her dd!

    • kaen hinkle says

      wow power full story

    • Very touching story, and I hope she takes charge of her own destiny. Very informative. Posted there also..

    • I commented there: It makes me sad when people judge obese people. Even if they do eat a lot. There are genetics to factor in, and for my friends mom it’s the result of Hypothyroidism. I can eat whatever I want, which is probably at least close to what these people will eat and I stay in a 20 lb range, because I’m lucky. People are so quick to be “PC” when it comes to race, religion and and other things but they forget to forgive genetics and to forgo judgement. The idea is the same – love every human being and never judge because you will never be in their shoes.

      • kaen hinkle says

        well said Menu

      • CoffeeTime says

        It’s not even genetics that is responsible for the morbid obesity like we see it in this case.
        The chemicals and substances that we are exposed to daily and have been for so many years started producing the result in a new disease – morbid obesity.
        There’s no one answer what can be done.
        Our tiny steps towards eco-clean living and eating and wearing good clothes that don’t have chemicals that would harm us – all that would take its positive toll over the years to come. And we gotta make these steps starting now.

        • It’s not exclusively genetics but they definitely play a part. There are so many factors, and while it’s the little things we do that contribute some people have more of a tendency than others. I do agree that genetics alone won’t cause the morbid obesity as you said, but they contribute. And while each person must take steps to prevent this from happening to them, we do not know the story behind each case.

    • wendi watson says

      I do not agree wight he surgery i have heard many negative things about it but…if you want to do it naturally just have your husband cheat on you and you will lose weight LOL i lost 9 pounds its not the healthy way to do it either but it worked lol

    • Commented

    • wendy c g says

      Sad story, we should never judge. There are many factors in weight gain.

    • Jessica Parent says

      My mom had a lap band yrs ago but it did not “fix” her tendancy to over eat…she is going to be doing a gastric bypass as soon as she can (had the lap band removed 2 yrs ago) Ironically this same momma lost over 100 lbs on Richard Simmons 19 yrs ago,She claims she does not have the will power she had then but I think if her whole lifestyle and eating habits don’t change the weight will still be an issue no matter what she does surgically.

    • Virginia Rogers says

      Commented, very sad story people can judge so easily sadly.

      • Katrina A. says

        Touching. The end almost had me tearing up too. And it’s sad how mean and uneducated people can be about extreme obesity.

  3. CoffeeTime says

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  4. CoffeeTime says

    We all do it, i.e., doing things “later.” The problems arises when such “later doing” interferes with our work load, relationships and ultimately with our success in life.

    It could be many things, but the most common are:
    – Things that are planned tend to be boring
    – Hard to do
    – Time-consuming
    – Lacking meaning
    – Worry that results won’t be perfect

    All of the above could be reasons Why we procrastinate. At the end, when things are not done on time, we feel Guilt and Stress in addition to what what Not Done On Time.

    Real reasons lie deep within human behavior. We tend to view things in the future as less real, thus the risk of Not Doing it is removed from us in time and seems less obvious.

    • Amanda Alvarado says

      For me, I procrastinate mainly because I am being lazy and just don’t want to do whatever needs done! 🙂

    • kaen hinkle says

      I am not a PROCRASTINATer I do what has to be done I cant I must do what has to be done it would bub me to not get things done and in time I also and early for my appointment by half hour or even work I will not be late

    • For me it’s more a matter of destractibility – I get sidetracked with all the other less important things. And I have short term memory issues related to migraine so when I do get up and say “what needs to be done’ I can’t remember and I even forget to check my list. Unless it’s dishes. Those I hate because of sensory problems. I hate wet. And getting out of bed. No excuses for that one. I should try sleeping on the floor. 🙂

    • I do procrastinate on occasion simply because of my health issues and I am flat out exhausted when I get home from work. I do sit for a bit then I do eventually have to get up and do it…We have so many people who depend on us that is my husband and I. That as much as we would like to just not do something it is a matter of we have no choice but to do it.

    • I do put things off sometimes, but I get things done! #AmCoffee

    • wendi watson says

      suffering from anxiety sometimes the procrastination is because of the fear of the unknown when it is supposed to happen i have to know in advance that i have something to do or i can not do it…i have to prepare myself for it!

    • I find myself procrastinating all the time. Going through paper or making phone calls..I do it all the time

    • wendy c g says

      I use to do everything in a timely manner, now I wait. I think mainly because I’m tired all the time.

    • Jessica Parent says

      I am King of procrastination-don’t know “why ” I do it but I hate it about myself and yet still push things off all the time (and am always LATE to everything!) If I show up 1 minute late my sons soccer coach says “Hey You guys are early ” 😉

    • Virginia Rogers says

      So true most of my reasons are hard to do and definitely can be stressful!

    • Katrina A. says

      I’m just too tired sometimes. Or I figure it’s gonna get dirty again so I’ll just clean it later.

  5. CoffeeTime says

    am coffee
    Putting things off is a HABIT!

    We are wired to do what’s easy, thus delaying the unpleasantry of a boring, hard, or whatever-it-is-to-you task.

    How can we break this habit of procrastination?

    • Be concrete. Don’t say, “I’ll start the report in the morning.” Say, “I’ll outline just the three main points of the report while I drink my morning coffee, before I look at mail.”
    • Be realistic about your time. We tend to be optimists about the future and think we’ll get more done than we do. Try jotting down all the things you have to do into your datebook. Include tasks like shopping for food, doing laundry, working out. That way when you make a plan to do something, you can get a true sense of what time you’ll have.
    • “Pre-empt that which tempts,” Pychyl says. Shut off all the things that are a click away from distracting you. Social media and texting require little effort, give you a lot of mood reward, and suck time. Make them a reward after you finish.
    • Know and accept that when the time comes to do the task, you won’t want to — and get past that. Just starting, even in the smallest way, creates progress. Then a sense of progress fuels well-being. “It’s an upward spiral,” Pychyl says.
    • Start with the hardest tasks. Willpower is a muscle. You’ll better resist things that distract when you first get started.
    • “Time travel” in your mind’s eye to when the task at hand is done. Think about how good you’ll feel.
    • Pace yourself. Set aside time to make a little progress every day. College students who had to complete small amounts of work before they could go to the next level did better on tests than those who were given all the study material at once, a 2011 University of Kansas study found.
    • Be kind to yourself. Praise yourself for taking the first steps. Assure yourself that a “good enough” effort is great, and better than putting things off.

    • Amanda Alvarado says

      Great suggestions! I might try some of them out!

      • kaen hinkle says

        I am more of routine person I have my day planed out and that’s what I do and stick to it well I guess this comes from my grandson being autistic and he followes a routine to so this makes for a great day and if something arrises I will deal with it and fit it in

    • I usually have to plan my day in advance so I make sure I can get everyone where they need to be and that I have time to get everything I need to be done. Done… I even plan time for myself to enjoy time to myself.

    • some of these cut right to the core of the issue – “Pre-empt that which tempts,” although I find it so challenging when what I need to do is online and even includes social media. I think that’s my core problem. The tips that have worked the best for me is “time travel” but in my head that converts to “just get it over with”, and pace yourself. Usually I work best by writing small goals for the day, for ex: post 3 things on etsy, make 2 new pieces, and touch up photos for tomorrows posts.

      • Celebrate Woman says

        What even more beneficial when you add some DETAILS or Specifics What Kind of touch ups or pieces you’re going to do.
        Again, our brain, then, zeroes in on the details and gets “dedicated” to fulfill that task and project.

        • yes! I have a list – “make a new line of bridesmaid earrings using such n such beads in such n such color and style”. It eliminates the thought process for my sleep-deprived brain, which is another perk!!

    • wendi watson says

      lists intimidate me because i feel like its someone telling me what to do! even though it is me i still feel like i dont need to b my boss and that makes me insubordinate to myself LOL so its kind of appointments and routine for me

    • O do find when I make list I get more done

    • wendy c g says

      Great tips

    • Jessica Parent says

      I make a list daily and always set goals of how many things I want to cross off that list but have found I add things I already completed(the night before or that I hadn’t added to the list) just so I can meet those goals sometimes 😉 I def need a new system 😀

    • Virginia Rogers says

      Those are great I do work on pacing myself and starting with hardest first before I get too tired 🙂

    • Katrina A. says

      Making or setting an exact plan and then a “reward” help me alot. Like I need to get x amount things done before 11 and then I can sit and watch my soap.

  6. CoffeeTime says


    It’s not just taking time off from our routinely done life. It is important to spend your time-off in certain areas that would boost your life and electrical charge, recharge you and provide more motivation to every thing you do.

    So when you come back, even being away for a few hours or one day, everybody around you would FEEL a different YOU.


    We get exposed to NEGATIVE IONS! Yep, the ones that are odorless, invisible molecules that float freely in such amazing environments like

    – Mountains
    – Beaches
    – Waterfalls

    Once these negative ions reach our bloodstream, they increase levels of SERATONIN – the mood chemical – helping us to relieve stress, alleviate depression, boost daytime energy.

    Negative ions increase flow of oxygen to the brain, resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness, and more mental energy. That is why we could have a sensation of feeling so good, like on cloud 9!

    Many people are really sensitive and even a woof of fresh air could make them feel much more refreshed without walking into the wilderness. Point is that we gotta get FRESH CLEAN AIR DAILY!

    That’s why we gotta get out into NATURE to be exposed to the NEGATIVE IONS in order to be POSITIVELY CHARGED!
    time off benefits

    • Amanda Alvarado says

      Now if there were any of these close by me, I’d be set! 🙂 We have no mountains, waterfalls, forests anywhere close to here and the beach is over an hour away!

      • same here! by us the beach is a 20 minute walk/5 minute drive but I don’t have a car by day and I won’t walk through the neighborhoods I need to get there…

    • kaen hinkle says

      oh yes this is so important I do take time in my routine to go out and visit my flower beds or just sit on the deck and watch my birds I feel this is a great relaxing for me

    • I gotta leave New York!! lol.

    • wendi watson says

      i love to go for a walk and find a unique spot and just hang out for a few and take in the peacefulness, the quiet, and the non confrontational moments of that time! It does make for a better day and sometimes days

    • I used to go for long walks in the wood..I loved it. It was so relaxing and refreshing

    • wendy c g says

      I just came back from camping in the Sierras. The fresh air, birds singing, cool breezes, Creek babbling. It is very relaxing.

    • Jessica Parent says

      Fresh air does tend to recharge me (when I don’t put it off until later 😉 )

    • Virginia Rogers says

      So true wish could get out more, my daughter is supposed to be taking me to camp in August and really looking forward to getting out for a week!! 🙂

    • Katrina A. says

      I’m so lucky living in Northern California I have easy access to all of these. A few hours to the beach, a few hour to Tahoe and so many awesome streams, rivers and waterfalls around me.

  7. CoffeeTime says

    Life is full of surprises. Pleasant or not, we gotta get up and continue our walk through the path called LIFE. Walk with passion, with peace, and good friends/support.

    Here are some really good points I found at Jen Usche/WebMd writer with which I can easily associate.
    Look at all of them and see what rings truth with you, and what could truly enhance your RESILIENT side of you!


    1. Stay Flexible. Resilient people expect to face challenges at different points in their lives. They are able to adjust their goals and find ways to adapt.

    2. Learn Lessons. “When you have a negative experience, focus on the positive lessons you can learn from it,” says Ani Kalayjian, EdD, DSc, DDL, a psychologist in New York City. When a tough situation arises, don’t focus on who is to blame. Let go of asking “Why me?” and feeling like a victim. Ask yourself what you could do differently next time to have a better result.

    3. Take Action. Think about what you can do to improve your situation, and then do it. “Resilient people work on solving a problem rather than letting themselves get paralyzed by negativity,” Brooks says. For example, if your boss cuts back your hours at work, you could look at it as a chance to explore other job options. In the long run, it could bring about career growth.

    4. Stay Connected. Nurture your relationships with friends and family. When you’re going through a hard time, don’t withdraw from other people. Accept help from those who care about you. Resilient people have at least one or two people in their lives they can turn to for support, Brooks says.

    5. Release Tension. Make sure you have outlets to express your emotions and let go of tension. Kalayjian recommends these:

    – Write in a journal
    – Draw
    – Meditate
    – Talk with a friend or counselor

    • Amanda Alvarado says

      #4 is a hard one for me. I tend to keep to myself (and hubby) when things are hard. I don’t want to burden anyone else with my/our problems when I know they have their own!

    • kaen hinkle says

      well that is great advice I will take them to heart and try to give it a shot as a parent of a special needs child I sometimes need to think different and say if we have a bad day how can we make it better and look at the positive and family would be a blessing if I could just get them to help and give me a little break every so often

    • Again straight to the heart. I’ve been so burnt by talking to the wrong people I’m afraid to try again. And I took my outlet and tried to monetize it when can sometimes take away the enjoyment. I do, however, once in a while, make sure to “treat” myself to a new specially designed piece of jewelry which I enjoy making immensely.

      • Thats you I had only two friends growing up and was still choosy about what I told 1 of them

        • I only learned what a true friend was when I was 18. She lives in France so I don’t get to talk to her enough. I also had problems with a bad therapist who almost caused me to divorce my husband right after I got married. (we’re happily married now 4 years later)

    • wendi watson says

      I vent on my cat that way i know that no one is going to hear what i have to say or what i said about a situation etc! People have a hard time not telling someone else what is going on if you talk to them in confidence…so i try to limit myself to those people and stiurations

    • This is a tough one for me..because I try to take control of the situation and get rid of somethings that cause me great amount stress, but my husband does not agree with me….I can not wait to take my life back.

    • Great advice, I always expect something to go wrong when things are going good

    • wendy c g says

      I do yoga for mediation, also I try to stay positive. No sense in worrying it will not change anything.

    • Jessica Parent says

      Great advice!-I find writing in my journal is very helpful at relieving my stress

    • Virginia Rogers says

      I do not do a lot of these I find my time is time spent on computer with friends as my relaxation, as I rarely see any I have and try to spend with family when ever I can 🙂

    • Katrina A. says

      I need to write these down and hang them up on the wall.

  8. CoffeeTime says



    6. Have a Sense of Purpose. Do things that bring meaning to your life. That may be spending time with your family, but volunteering or other work for a cause can also make you feel stronger. People who’ve had a serious illness often find that being in a marathon or walk to raise money for a health-related charity makes them feel better. “Volunteering can help … by giving you a sense of purpose and often a feeling of mastery,” Brooks says.

    7. Learn Healthy Habits. You’ll manage stressful times better if you:

    – Exercise regularly
    – Eat a balanced diet
    – Take time to rest

    “People who stay physically strong tend to be more emotionally resilient,” Kalayjian says.

    8. Believe in Yourself. Take pride in your abilities and what you’ve done. Recognize your personal strengths.

    9. Keep Laughing. Hold on to your sense of humor even when times are tough. Laughter relieves stress and helps you keep things in check.

    10. Be Optimistic. A positive, hopeful outlook will make you much more resilient. Remember that many of the problems you’ll face in life are temporary, and that you have overcome setbacks in the past.

    • Amanda Alvarado says

      These are great tips! I like the keep laughing one! Sometimes you just have to laugh or you’ll go crazy!

    • kaen hinkle says

      I do this every day try to look at the positive of the day and the challenges that I have to over come with my grandson I must say it is hard at times but I know I am giving him the best that I can for him to excel in life I know when we have a bad day and after he is sleeping I have time to look back on the day and try to come up with things that I can change to make the next day better

    • thanks!! these are truly life changing habits and patterns

    • wendi watson says

      I am very good at the resting part! My children are old enough that they do their thing and if i feel overwhelmed or tired or just plain need to reset i can lay in my bed and chill! Its a getaway for me! I am getting better about being secure with me and and my body and my world which has made me a more positive and more happy person sometimes a bad thing in your life can make you 100 percent a better person to yourself!

    • Great tips..I always try to stay positive

    • wendy c g says

      Laughter is huge in our family. My husband is a joker, so we are always laughing.

      • same. My dad is so corny and me and my husband have a sense of humor where we can just look at each other and laugh at the same thing without actually saying it (as in we find humor in similar things)

      • kaen hinkle says

        just went to the strawberries patch nothing like picking fresh strawberries yum they are good

    • Jessica Parent says

      Having a sense of purpose is SO much more important than most realize (and makes you feel so much better about yourself) Sometimes it is hard to believe in yourself but I find when I don’t life is just miserable :/ I agree laughter and optimism is Super important in handling lifes curveballs (but admit I am a pessimist by nature)

    • Virginia Rogers says

      They are all great!!! Definitely keep myself optimistic and am working on changing diet!! 🙂

    • Katrina A. says

      I need to work on my sense of purpose most.

  9. CoffeeTime says

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